Thursday, May 15, 2014

Graduating? Where to go from here!

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So, you just graduated from college and you need a job.  Most jobs require two or more years of experience which you don’t have because you were taking 17 credits a semester and working a night job with no room for growth because it’s the only type of job that worked around your school schedule and allow time for studying as well.  What do you do?  Where do you even begin to look?
MICHE has the perfect business opportunity for you!  As a MICHE Representative, or Michenista, you have a flexible schedule and get business experience.  Keep looking for the perfect job while making money and building your own business.  You get the opportunity to introduce this amazing company to your family and friends, make connections with other people and make a name for yourself in the business world.  It may turn out this IS the perfect job.
For the price of a night out, a shopping spree, or two tanks of gas, you can launch a fun, time-flexible, financially-liberating fashion business.  The MICHE Starter Kit comes with all the tools you need to jumpstart your business and start partying. It’s your business in a box.  Have one of your friends host a party and let the MICHE bags do the rest.  With all the versatility and interchangeability of MICHE, everyone wants one and your business will take off in no time.  Hang out and party with your friends while making money. 
MICHE is the innovative purse company that offers interchangeability and fashion at a very reasonable price.  Just get a Base Bag and change the Shells to match any outfit.  The change can be made in as little as three seconds because there’s no need to take out the contents of your purse.  Buy one bag and the possibilities of colors, prints, styles, and textures are endless.  The fact that you can change the look of your bag in a matter of seconds is very appealing to both busy and non-busy women alike.
Interchangeable jewelry is also a great part of MICHE.  Not only can you change your purse quickly, but now you can magnetically add different pendants to necklaces and earrings.  Rings, bracelets and other accessories are also available to enhance your look.  In addition to the interchangeable bags, MICHE also has hip bags, clutches, and wallets.  Going for a hands-free look this summer?  Sling on a trendy hip bag and you’re good to go.
When you start your business with MICHE, you give yourself and others the opportunity of expansion in their own lives.  As your business grows, you receive all the benefits and discounts MICHE offers.  You get deep discounts on purses for your personal collection and special offers that nobody else receives.  You can even earn free trips to fun, exotic destinations. 
Start your business with MICHE today and see all the ways to be fashionable and business-savvy at the speed of life!


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