Friday, July 18, 2014

Pixel Jewelry by Alex Toys {#Review}

If you read my blog regularly, you would see that I mentioned Alex Toys a few days ago. Lydia is working with them on a few reviews for some really neat items! If you haven't heard of them- Alex Toys has been known since 1986 for their quality art supplies and art kids for kids. With over 300 rewards from Toy Experts and Magazines, their products including baby, bath time, preschoolers, pretend play, spa, fashion, jewelry and active play- are sold in over 80 countries. They are also known for POOF Toys, Slinky, Scientific Explorer and more!
Lydia received this cool Pixel Jewelry by Alex Toys for a review. It comes with so much! You can make 17 accessories with this kit! It comes with 1500 melty beads in 12 bright colors, design board, 50 sticky gems and pearls, 10 full color pattern sheets, plastic black chain, metal keychain, 2 satin cords, 16 jewelry findings, 3 rings, 2 hair clips, 4 sticky felt shapes, 2 brooch pins, wax paper and easy instructions.
 Making the items is pretty neat. I love how it comes with the accessories and just enough to make what she needs!
To make one of the accessories, you simply choose a pattern sheet and add it under your design board.
 You add the melty beads onto the board. The template has the colors that you need. I love this!
 After you get it together, you add the paper over the beads and iron for 10 seconds. I helped Lydia with this so she didn't burn herself. You peel the design from the paper, place the paper on the other side and repeat.
 You now have an awesome pixel creation. Now, I am aware that she messed up and didn't add the correct bead. BUT this teaches her she should pay more attention to detail.
 The instructions told us how to add it to her clip so she can wear in her hair. How cute?!
Lydia also made a ring! It is adorable!!
She is in love with it! She also made a brooch and I had to make myself a key chain. 
We saved the rest of the beads for a rainy day. We didn't want to make all of the projects at once! As you can tell this is a ton of fun! I am happy that Lydia received this for a review! I would recommend using tweezers to pick up the beads. She kept dropping them and it made her frustrated. Other than that, it is great!! If you want Pixel Jewelry by Alex Toys for yourself, you can find it on their website for $19.95! Check out their store locator on their website to find a store that carries their brands near you. Alex Brands has so many products to offer your child! Check them out for yourself! This will make a great Christmas or Birthday Gift! You can also visit Alex Brands on their social media below!
*Disclaimer: The Small Things received Pixel Jewelry by Alex Toys to facilitate this review. All opinions are our own*

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  1. These arts and crafts kits are wonderful. My girls love all of them.


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