Monday, August 11, 2014

Check Out My 10 Dorm Room Essentials With Kleenex! #KleenexStyle

*Disclosure: Thanks to Kleenex + Walmart for sponsoring today's discussion*
It is that time of year again! School time! With that said, not only are the little ones headed to school  but the college kids are too! Walmart has everything you need to get your new college space set up. They have comforters, lamps, towels…..And Kleenex Expressions Oval Facial Tissue! Check out my top 10 essentials that you need to have the perfect dorm room!

1. Kleenex Expressions Oval Facial Tissue- Kleenex Expression Oval Facial Tissue chevron designs are only available for a limited time at Walmart Super Centers! You can find them in the Back to School, Back to College, and/or tissue section of Walmart Supercenters! They come in 4 different colors to spruce up your dorm room! This gives you the chance to stick to a color scheme and make your space all YOU! 
2. Bedding Comforter Set- Let's face it! This pretty much makes your room stand out. When you live in a dorm, the majority of your study time is going to be spent on your bed so personalize it to your taste!
3. A Rug- Yes, you NEED a rug. That cold dorm room floor isn't going to feel too good on your toes! Besides, a rug makes a room look better and "homey".
4. Electric Griddle-  You need a griddle. Dorms don't have room for stoves. There are so many things that you can cook on a griddle! From breakfast to dinner- it will have you covered! 
5. Bath Towels- This is self explanatory. You don't want to share! You want your own. Afterall, shower time may be the only time you can relax when it comes to finals!
6. Mini Fridge-  YES, a mini fridge WILL come in handy! Throw in some cold foods and bottles of water. You will be good to go! Some yogurt to get you going first thing in the morning will be good too!
7. Floor Lamp- A floor lamp will come in handy to use when your roomies are asleep! You will more than likely not have the same classes and study time will be at different times! Very inexpensive to buy too!
8. Disposable Plates and Silverware- You will more than likely not have a sink in your dorm room. Who wants to do dishes anyway??
9. Laundry Hamper- You NEE THIS! Don't carry your laundry in a garbage bag. It will be a waste of time folding because you will end up with wrinkled clothes. A hamper is much easier to carry! Find one with wheels if you can!
10. Storage Container Drawers- This will come in handy for your belongings and clothes! Not to mention the three drawer ones are stack able! This saves room too!

As previously mentioned, college students need to stay healthy by having Thick and Absorbent Kleenex Facial Tissues around.  Pair your dorm room essentials with the Kleenex Expression Oval as one of your dorm room essentials! This 2-ply facial tissue is available in 64ct oval boxes! 
What are one of your dorm room essentials? Have you purchased the new Kleenex at Walmart yet?


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