Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Happy Girl loves SCHOOL!

Just a small update! My daughter LOVES Second Grade so far!! She has been SO excited to get up every morning to get to school! I have never seen a kid this excited!
 She is going to have homework every day except Fridays.
Max likes watching her do her homework too. I think it is super cute! Lydia starts softball practice this WED too!! I will post an update then! XOXO


  1. Now, that's just the best start on a new year. There is nothing more wonderful than an exciting child, I hope your daughter is going to be just as happy all year long.

  2. That's great that she's liking school! Here's wishing her a wonderful school year. My kids start next week.

  3. Love the bow in her hair! Hope that she is still loving her new haircut! It's so important that she likes school rather than being dragged down. I hope the zeal for doing her homework continues!


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