Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Lydia's Haircut & 1st Day Of {2nd Grade}!

Lydia came to me the other night and said she wanted her hair cut. I was in shock but not surprised. It was in her face constantly and the knots were crazy all the time. We ended up at the salon the following day. She donated her hair to kids with cancer. I am so proud of her for this! 
 She couldn't stop giggling! The first salon did not do it how we liked so we went to the same salon at a different location.
 And they fixed it to this! Isn't it cute!!?
 She kept telling me if feels better. I am sure it does!
I had several people telling me they did not want me to cut her hair.. but she is old enough to make her own decision and they can just not put in their opinion- because she is MY child. lol
This morning was her FIRST day of 2nd Grade!!! My 7 year old will be 8 next month too! AH! Why is my baby growing so fast?!
 The camera fogged up and I realized it later on.
 She is always telling my husband he is the best step daddy every! So sweet! They had the idea of holding up two fingers for second grade.
 I love her SO much!
 Jon and I walked her to class. She asked me to not embarrass her at school with pictures, so I didn't. I just snuck this one on the way out! She is at the table in the right- far back.
Even though she is only there for half a day, I can't wait to hear about it!!!


  1. I totally get her wanting to cut her hair. Mom has shorter hair and it's cute, so it her long hair was a nuisance.. she made the right choice. Plus it looks absolutely awesome! WTG Lydia on your first day of 2nd grade! Best of luck!

  2. What a cute hair cut, and perfect for the first day of school too. I'm glad the second salon was able to fix the hair cut, good for you for going back until it was fixed.


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