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The surprising benefits of taking your child to the horses

It is surprising just how enjoyable a family day out can be at the horse races. You are right to be skeptical. We all have this image that the horse races are made up for adults. But while that is a certain component of the races it is by no means the collective whole. Most tracks offer family friendly areas so you should never even encounter the party race goers, while the jovial atmosphere at the track is something you really do not expect. For those who do have family, here is why you should certainly consider going down to your nearest course.
Family Friendly

As previously mentioned, racetracks are family friendly. They have to be, otherwise they are missing out on a hugely lucrative market. A lot of courses have numerous amenities for children to partake in. For example, at Chester race course, on the outside of the track you have the older people who are there to bet. Meanwhile, in the inner ring you have the fairground rides, bouncy castles and face-painting people to make your child’s day as enjoyable and memorable as possible.

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Even if you go to a course that doesn’t have bouncy castles, you and your children will still have plenty of fun. With the sun beating down, it is hard not to enjoy yourself. Whilst you and your partner sit back on your picnic blanket, your children can make the most of the green space they find themselves in. As long as there is room for them to run, your child will have some fun.

What’s more, you’ll be just one of numerous families at the course. It is not as if your children will be the only kids there, far from it in fact. At most meetings there are an abundance of children with parents, all of which make perfect potential playing partners for your children. This high concentration of children playing outside is second only to the local park. None of us want to encourage our children to gamble, however, when you are at the races you do feel a certain urge to go and place a bet. It makes the experience all the more exciting. Thankfully- you can still place a bet without having to do so in front of your kids. With mobile betting becoming ever more advanced, it has never been easier to lay a discreet bet. Simply download one of the many betting applications and bet on your favorite in the horse racing betting, while your child devours their ice cream.
Pulsating Action

The main attraction of going to the horses is actually seeing the horses. Before they make their way to the stalls all the horses go to the Parade Ring. Here you and your children get to see the horses who will be in the next race close up. This proximity to the horses is something that brings much excitement to any child.

 Then there is the racing. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time at a course or your 50th, the exhilaration of a race never wears off. If you have allowed your child to pick a horse, expect to see them clinging to the rail  and vociferously urging their horse to victory. If the horse wins, it will send your child euphoric. If it doesn’t, then it teaches your child a very good lesson about winning and losing. Considering a horse can reach speeds over 40 MPH it is by no means slow. The fine beasts are quite simply phenomenal and seeing them gracefully charge round a track is quite an experience. If you are at a course with jumps, then the sport is even more impressive. You need only look at the amount of skill and talent involved for a horse to complete the Grand National, which is Britain’s premier jump racing event and it is held at Aintree racecourse.

Getting our children involved in sport is hugely important. In the States, 18 per cent of 6-11-year-olds are classed as obese, as are 21 per cent of 12-19 year-olds. However, certain children like certain sports and many may not have an interest in the normative sports like football or baseball.

Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License   by  Paolo Camera  - AP McCoy; the greatest jump jockey in history.

If that is the case, then take your youngsters down the track. Seeing a jockey chase around a course at considerable speed is hugely impressive and could leave a lasting impact on your child, inspiring them to pick up the reins.Just because a racecourse has a large emphasis on gambling does not mean that it is the wrong environment for your child. A trip is not only a fantastic way to soak up the sun, but it can really have an advantageous impact on your child.

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  1. We have taken the kids to the horse races before! They honestly couldn't get enough of it! Plus there was a small carnival and some super cute shops, but besides the fact, they loved the new experience!


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