Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine’s Day Idea for Singles

Are you dreading Valentine’s Day this year because you just broke up or just because you are single and dread it any way? Would you hate the lovey-dovey pictures that you friends would put up just after the great celebration with their partners and you would be home alone. Well here an exciting way to celebrate your V-Day in a thrilling manner and you won’t need a partner to do so. Well it’s by playing bingo that too in Game Village Bingo. A fun online bingo site which has lots to offer in terms of bonuses, freebets, scratchcards and many more.   
There was a time long back when I was single and yes I admit I never used to feel elated to be home alone. During that time online bingo was not so popular and hence there wasn’t much choice but to sit back and watch some mindless stuff on television. But times have changed and now singles can have fun and being single is no longer a sad thing.
Online bingo give the perfect platform to meet other singles, play games and win exciting prizes and all from the comforts of your homes. At GameVillage Bingo you can win great bonuses starting by simply depositing a £5. You would get a whopping 400% bonus. This means you get to play with an amazing £25 along with getting a chance to Spin the Fortune Wheel for some extras in terms of cash bonuses and bonus points.
Well bonuses are there but you must play their special Valentine’s Day games like Hot Ball 14, Return of the Idiot, Threesome and 14 Valentine Ball. Each of these are unique games available only in GameVillage Bingo. For example win a hot ball during any of the bingo games and let the customer support team of GameVillage Bingo know and enter into the prize draw to win one of ten prizes of £50. While you play your favourite games look out for Wally who would call a name of a player randomly and the quickly you call Wally the more amount you can win. Also bingo on a ball numbered 14 and you could win a share of the prize money of a cool £500.
Well gamevillage has lots to offer and with just a day to do for V-Day you must join them for all the excitement.


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