Friday, May 29, 2015

Hair By Elyse- My Mommy Makeover {#Review}

Hi everyone! As you all know I have black hair. Well, I can say now that I have awesome hair. My hair was recently transformed from BLAH to OHH YEAHH! I visited Moni Monee's salon (2500 Cayer Ln Columbia, Tennessee). It is close to Nashville and about 30 minutes from Murfreesboro. Elyse did my hair (You can find her on FB via Hair by Elyse) and I have to say that I am SO AMAZED! Elyse is SUPER sweet and professional! She foiled my hair and did some caramel highlights. She touched up my black and also added red in my hair!
 Well, yes I look silly as all get out.. however 3 hours later... Ta da!
 I did a top shot to show you before and after.
Here is the overall look. I LOVE IT! I mean LOVE. When she turned me around I started to tear up because I have never had a what I call "Mommy makeover". I am amazed at the transformation she did with my hair. She trimmed and styled it as well. I will go to her about every 5 weeks to get it touched up! This process would cost about $135 to get done by her. Worth every penny and hour spent there! I can't wait to go back next month for my touch up! I also wanted to mention that Elyse also took the time to tell me what she was doing and why. She also explained the hair products I do and do not need to be using anymore. I also learned to go SULFATE free to avoid stripping my color. =) Visit her Facebook page in the link above to see her pictures. You won't be disappointed! As a refresher- Ask for Elyse at Moni Monee's Salon (2500 Cayer Ln Columbia, Tennessee). Thanks for reading!! =)
*Disclaimer: The Small Things received this service free of charge in return for this post. All opinions are my own*


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