Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Falling down stairs and Er Trips.

Hi all.  I thought I would update on some personal stuff. Sunday afternoon I grabbed my camera and Geek Fuel box and headed down the stairs to take photos for my review.. I ended up catching my pants on my big toe and tripped down the stairs, missing THREE steps completely. I landed on my ankle and I am in so much pain. I had two ER trips. Nothing is broke, but I was told I tore tendons and I need to see an ortho ASAP. I will be calling around this week for that. 
Here is what it looked like when it happened:
and I have to wear a boot for now:
and this is what it looks like now. The picture doesn't do justice. It is SO bruised and bad. =( 
I was told this is going to be a long recovery. Go figure. I get a ton of work out items for review so I can start my weight loss journey, and this happens! =(
Wish me luck! The good thing is.. I get to stay in bed and elevate.. so lots of blogging! 

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  1. I will now be walking very slowly down the steps in my home. That picture looks very unpleasant.


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