Thursday, September 1, 2016

Find Disney Princess Grapes at Walmart Today!

I am always looking for a healthy snack for my kiddo! She is in 4th grade and lunch is at 10:30 at her school. By the time she is getting out of school, she's still hungry! That is when snack time comes in handy. Little did I know, you can find Disney Princess grapes at Walmart! She loves grapes! We love finding ways to make snack time fun, as if Disney Princess Grapes were not already fun enough, check out these cute snack ideas that include grapes! 

You can also get festive for the holidays! For example, Halloween is right around the corner! How cute is this?!
Lastly, you can put a spin on things and make caramel grapes, just in case you have the picky eater in your household, it will put a spin on things!

The possibilities are endless when it gets to having your child eat healthy! If you didn't know, Disney was the first major media company to establish Nutrition Guidelines (in 2006) to associate our brands and characters with a more nutritious portfolio of foods. Six years later, Disney became the first major media company to set industry-leading food advertising standards in the United States. 

How cool is that?! The Mickey Check helps families easily identify healthier choices that meet Disney rigorous nutrition standards at retail outlets, at our domestic Parks and Resorts, and online. If I didn't love Disney, this is even more of a reason that I do! I am so thrilled that Disney is committed to creating healthier generations by making healthy living fun and simple. If you didn't know, Disney is launching a new Be Your Best Campaign – to partner with parents and inspire kids to eat better, be more active, and be their best this school year and beyond. Get involved in giving your child a healthier life today! Visit here for inspiring content, recipes, and more! Don't forget to visit Walmart to score your Disney Princess grapes too! 


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