Friday, October 14, 2016

Fashion trends of prom dresses

A memorable event in the life of every girl is graduate prom. Graduation is the one trait that separates childhood from a new adult life. Leaving school or university we would like to celebrate this special occasion that would be remembered for a lifetime. On a day everyone wants to look not only irresistible, but also feel a gentle, feminine.

Each princess will need some required items but the most necessary is of course evening dress to the prom. Do not hesitate - it will play the most important role for you, will emphasize the dignity, make you irresistible. But how to choose a dress for the prom? Over the years, the tradition of graduation balls did not set a specific dress code, but there are unwritten rules that have to be observed. Frank neckline sparkling decor and bright make-up are also misplaced.

Long modest dresses for the prom are the dream of many girls on the eve of the grand event. But on the other hand, the average length of the dress will emphasize youth and slenderness of your body. The elegant models with a variable-length skirt are very convenient for dance and active evenings. A dress should be selected depending on the skin tone, color of eye and hair. For example, brunettes can dress in gold, beige, bronze and peach shades. Blonde beauties with pale skin can safely choose the aqua, turquoise, green, blue, black, emerald green or red color. Red-haired girls would better pay attention to the yellow, orange, dark blue, green or copper shades.

Furthermore, we should also take into account fashion trends . For example, in 2016 the stylists do not recommend the use of over-the sparkling fabrics, incredibly lush skirts, flashy design and abundance of chiffon. At international shows multivariate dresses for prom were shown, so to choose a few is not difficult. Particularly suitable models: all pastel colors like burgundy, milk, deep blue, cornflower, coral, beige, gray, black, turquoise. They were recognized as the most relevant for school balls. Graphic is very welcome designs on fabrics, while floral prints were faded into the background - they are not a trend now. The lack of deep and wide cuts, open neckline is welcomed. The most popular will be:

  • cut direct style;
  • Greek style;
  • sliding light material;
  • multi-layer fabric;
  • A-like silhouette;
  • transparent inserts;
  • lace;
  • flowing textures. 
The fabric should be selected guided by the other parts of the image which must necessarily include jewelry, makeup and shoes. Stylists of modest clothing at Twirl Dress Boutique say that monochrome dress with contrasting elements in the form of decoration would be in favor. The average length successfully fit in the gala evening format. The perfect alternative - bias cut skirt. Asymmetrical bottom perfectly solve this problem, as it will appear as an element of a mini-dress or gown to the floor. Also, there are many other options that do not just help out in this situation, and will be a vivid demonstration of refined taste.

Changes in the evening fashion is not so swift and sudden as is the case with normal clothing. Strict conservatism allows you to create amazing patterns, from which is adored by beauties.


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