Wednesday, March 1, 2017

What To Wear To Your First Horse Race

I don't know about you, but I get excited when the horse races come along. Not only is it fun, but the fashion is amazing! The dresses, the shoes, the hats and more! When you are deciding what to wear, you need to find out the most important thing of all! "When is Grand Opening Day 2017?' Find out and get your tickets ready! You can then start figuring out what to wear! 
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When looking for what to wear, you need to find a hat and dress with matching shoes. Color coordinate it all so that you match. You can dress your age, and still look stylish! Find out the colors that are IN for the season, and go from there. What is the print for that season? What are the colors for that season?
You need to buy before hand, and not last minute. This is so that you can be sure that you will have time for alterations if needed, and so that you can have time to get a custom hat made! You want to stand out from the rest and be unique! 
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The race is always fast, and it goes by fast, however, the parties can last all night long! You want to be able to dress to impress! Don't be intimidated, there are different styles for everyone, and you can have fun trying stuff on and finding what fits your body style! Put on a smile and have fun! Enjoy yourself, and enjoy the races!


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