Thursday, April 27, 2017

The financial benefits of using microfiber for cleaning

I clean my house every day. I use so many cleaning supplies, and I used go through rolls and rolls of paper towels a week. THEN I discovered microfiber for cleaning. Let me tell you, this is life changing. I never realized that I can clean so much in my house with a microfiber cloth. I bought mine over at Microfiber Wholesale, a family-owned business working to produce and distribute quality microfiber cleaning products worldwide. There are so many financial benefits when it comes to using microfiber for cleaning. These cloths can be used for cleaning many areas in your home. They can be used for other projects too.
  • Clean your car
  • Clean glass. They can hold 7x their weight in liquid. So you can use one cloth instead of using an entire roll of paper towels to clean an area!
  • You can scrub bathrooms
  • Clean anywhere!
They have microfiber cloths for glass, mops, car care, dusters, lens/optical and more. What is a financial benefit? You save money using these cloths because you don't have to spend money on all kinds of supplies or paper products to clean. I used to have to clean with paper towels. These are one time use, so the money added up quick. 
With these microfiber cloths, you only need one cloth for each project. Why? They last a thousand washes. YES that is correct. How crazy is that?! These cloths will save you money because they last. When your towel is wet, it works great on smudged dirt, grease and stains. You don't have to waste money on paper towels because they work great for streak free cleaning on windows too! 

These towels are not only affordable, but will last you so long that you will be asking yourself "Why didn't I buy these long ago?!". Do you clean with microfiber? I would love to hear!


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