Tuesday, June 20, 2017

DIY Indoor Wall Water Fountain

An indoor wall water fountain is a charming addition to your room. Furthermore, the sounds of dribbling water are relieving and calming. If you resist the idea of buying a fountain, you can easily make one on your own. These water bodies are not costly, neither they are difficult to make. With patience and the possession of a few inexpensive supplies, homeowners can create an indoor wall water fountain all by their own. The plus in DIY method is that homeowners will be having complete control over the outlay and other details involved. They will have full authority over color, size, materials, and a lot more. However firstly, they will need to think of the target space to make an appealing design, collect the required materials and, set up the frame and pump.

Build up a Design for an Indoor Wall Water Fountain

First thing a homeowner must do while making an indoor wall water fountains is plan the design for the body. The water fountain should act as a focal point; yet it should not be too flashy or detailed. In addition, it should be both alluring and relaxing. The floor space is a primary concern for building up an indoor fountain. If the wall has a fireplace, then a design can be crated which will go on both sides of the hearth. For a lesser space, a small fountain can work in the middle of the walls without occupying too much of room area. However, a dramatic effect can be created in case of large ceiling to floor water fountains.

Materials Used for an Indoor Wall Water Fountain

Once you are done planning the design for the fountain, you will need to assemble the supplying to manufacture it. Luckily, the supply list is basic, and you would not require too specific hardware to construct it. Here is the list of supplies you require for building an indoor water fountain:
  • Sheet of Acrylic
  • Planter
  • Water Pump
  • Plastic Tubing
  • Ceramic Tiles
  • Treated Wood
Regarding appearance, the most critical selections are those of ceramic tiles. These are attached to the acrylic to make a fascinating and fun design. Crafters use the waterproof adhesive for attaching these tiles to the acrylic frame. They construct a wall prop out of treated wood to guarantee that it has the support and constancy it needs to hold tight the wall.

Hang the Water Fountain Frame

Once the acrylic frame and support base are put together, you would want to hang it on the wall. Considering its size and weight, make sure to fix it on the studs drilled into the wall. You should use a level to ascertain that the fountain is even as this will let the water stream uniformly over the whole fountain. Attach the planter beneath with the frame set up. The base of the frame must go inside the planter to avoid spattering.

Connect the Water Pump

The pump brings the water from the planter to the fountain top so that it can pour down. You must put the pump in the base of the planter and insure it utilizing a suction cup or an adhesive. The plug must be feeding behind the planter and to the outlet. Followed by that, join the tubing to the pump and run it along the fountain back to the top. Secure the tubing in place using waterproof adhesive. You will require more than one pump for water fountains going on both sides of a fireplace.

Fill the Water Fountain

Once you have installed water fountain and connected the water pump, you are now ready to fill it with water. While tap water is fine in many cases, you may want to settle on distilled water if you are living in a hard water area. This averts rust, build up and corrosion from the mineral deposits in the water. Make sure that you have filled the planter with sufficient amount of water to cover the pump. The water will dissipate after some time. So, you should keep checking the water levels and add more as required.
And you are done! You may want to look up for some tutorial videos to get yourself a more visual idea on how to DIY indoor wall water fountains.


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