Monday, June 26, 2017

How to design interior of your living room

There are numerous things that can be said for living rooms. They are definitely space where we come to rest after a long work day. We also use them for some quality family time. In a way, this room is the lifeblood of the house. With all that being said, it is normal that we would like to feel good while sitting on our favorite couch.
Living room is not only about relaxation or family time; it is about feeling that room as a whole provides us. This is why proper decoration is a must. We need to feel good when we see all these colors and shapes. Otherwise, there is no point in coming to relax here.

  1. Using the right colors
Although you may feel differently thinking that living room should be official or neutral, it is not so. Colors are important for our mental state and you should always go for combinations that are soothing for your brain. No matter what, you should disregard your guests and simply use a patterns that you feel is right. One thing to note: make sure that colors used are not too intense. You can always use some funky color such as green but do not overdo it as the intense colors may have adverse effect.

  1. Picking proper furniture
Homeowners love a big cozy sectional. But is this the only thing you should consider for your living room? The truth of the matter is that we are rarely all in the same room. It is becoming harder for families to group up and have some quality time together. This is especially noticeable since the Internet became so popular. There is no real reason to huddle in front of TV. Anyway, this fact gives us a lot of room to work with. You can get items you would never dreamt of getting such as settee or ottoman. Pair them up properly and make some interesting combinations.

  1. Mirrors for your walls
Paintings were always a common decoration for walls. But, art in general is not that popular anymore. Instead homeowners would rather use posters or professional photos. There are simply so many different options to choose from and paintings are no longer a necessity. Mirror is one of these options. In this case, mirror will have a purely decorative purpose. You can go for something intricate such as Hollywood mirror or just get a plain mirror. Frames are another element that can add charm and variety. If you're considering of buying  Hollywood mirrors for your home you should check this website. Their collection of such mirrors is amazing.

  1. Getting the right carpet

So, I’ve mentioned colors for your walls. But even if you get something that really suits you, make sure to create nice contrast with your carpet. Carpets are not so noticeable as walls or furniture. Yet, with peripheral sight, you can easily detect colors that are used for them. Make sure to create a nice combination between walls and carpet. One can be used as the main color and the other as its counterpart.


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