Monday, October 30, 2017

How to Make Your Bathroom More Accessible for Kids

Children should always be considered when planning and designing the rooms in your home, including the bathroom. Their height and the fact that they are growing and are establishing more independence should give you an idea on how to accommodate their daily bathroom needs.

It is important to make it safe and secure by adjusting the water heater, choosing non-skid tiles, putting no-slip strips on the bottom of the bathtub, cushioning the water faucet, and many more. But aside from this careful set-up and the fun kiddie theme of bright colors, creating a child-friendly bathroom is also about making it more accessible to them.

Below are easy yet helpful ways to make bath time more fun for the youngsters who now want to be able to reach everything on their own.

Have a sturdy stool

Something very basic, a stool will be of use on an almost daily basis. This will come handy when the kids are brushing their teeth, washing their hands or face, and getting in and out of the tub.

Be very sure that it is study enough, ideally with side rails. A wooden stool can be a good choice too as it is solid. A plastic step stool would also make a good choice as your kids can proceed to take one step down when they grow. If you want something that can be stowed away for when there’s company, find one that can fold flat.

Lower down the towel rack, holders, and hooks

These ones are often installed high on the wall, but consider having some of them lowered down so your kids can reach and hang up their towels and washcloths by themselves. Perhaps repurpose an old ladder if it’s difficult to hang a low towel rod. This is a good chance to be creative.

A little effort will go a long way in encouraging your kids to be more self-reliant. For instance, they can now better enjoy washing their hands with a towel they can conveniently reach on their own.

Make some storage reachable

Your children will have personal items to keep in the bathroom, so make sure you give them a space to store them. Items such as toiletries, hairbrush, and even bath time toys can be placed in a cabinet where they could reach them. Just keep in mind to store the medicines, razors, and cosmetics in high, locked shelves.

Install a kid-height toilet

Learning to use the toilet independently is an important milestone for any child. Choose a toilet kit that is more accessible to kids like the saniflo sanicompact. It’s an upflush toilet which means it can easily be installed below traditional toilet locations due to its flushing mechanism. And because it does not have to follow traditional plumbing requirements, the seat can also be set at a lower, more kid-friendly height. That way, if your child is still small, he or she won’t have to try to climb to the toilet’s seat.

Put everyday toiletries in a bucket

Instead of a usual rack in the shower or bathtub, pick out a metal bucket or basket in which you can put all the kids’ everyday toiletries. This way, shampoo, soap, and bubble bath are easily accessible during bath.

Choose shampoo bottles or tubes that are also easy to squeeze. You can make it more fun and personal by having different buckets with your little tots’ respective names.


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