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Fight Obesity with a Ketogenic diet

Are you tired of being obese? If you have found the inspiration to change your body and your lifestyle, then pat yourself on the back. Getting in shape and dropping the weight may seem like a tough challenge. However, with the right diet strategy, you can get rid of those excess pounds of body fat. Have you heard about the benefits of a ketogenic diet? Here is a brief overview of how this diet can change your life.
Ketosis Explained
Ketosis is a metabolic state in which the body uses fat sources for fuel instead of carbohydrates. Carbs turn to glycogen when they are digested and this glycogen fuels our body and mind. When carbs are eliminated from your diet, you will experience lethargy and foggy thinking for a few days.
On or around the fifth day of being carb-free, your body will be depleted of glycogen and starving for fuel. At this moment, your brain signals your liver to produce ketones from body fat stores and food sources to fuel metabolic function.
Ketogenic diets for Fat Loss
Ketogenic diets for fat loss have been incredibly effective for many people. Since the ketogenic principle uses fat for fuel, it’s possible for your body to turn adipose tissue into fuel. This metabolic function cuts the fat off of your body quickly and efficiently.
Ketogenic Diet Benefits
Going keto has many different health benefits. Here are some advantages which you can expect to see over the course of your keto diet program.
#1 Drop the Carbs
Eliminating refined carbs and processed foods from your diet will change your life. Carbs, especially refined carbs like sugar and HFCS have been linked to many different adverse health conditions such as heart disease and excessive cholesterol levels. By dropping the carbs and replacing them with healthy fat sources, you can change your bloodwork and prevent disease.
#2 Improve Energy Levels
Going keto and eating a diet rich in healthy fats will provide you with a sustained energy release throughout the day. You will not experience the crash that comes with eating too many carbs. Instead, you can expect to feel vital and energetic throughout the day.
#3 Burn Body Fat Faster
As we discussed, in a ketogenic state, your body burns body fat for energy in a caloric deficit. Therefore; this helps to burn body fat faster than traditional dieting strategies.
#4 Boost Thyroid Function
A ketogenic diet has the potential to cure ailments, diseases, and health disorders. Research has proven that keto diets can destroy certain types of cancer cells, preventing them from multiplying and spreading throughout the body. Thyroid disorders are common in obese individuals, using a keto diet in conjunction with your thyroid medication from your Thyroid Pharmacist will restore your natural thyroid function.
#5 Stop Inflammation
Inflammation of the GI tract due to consumption of refined carbohydrates leads to a disruption in the healthy function of your gut biomes; the trillions of live bacteria that live in your gut. This inflammation prevents your biomes from assimilating your food efficiently. Instead, your body stores these excess calories as adipose tissue and excretes the rest. By eating a diet that has plenty of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, your body will experience lower levels of inflammation.
In Closing
Obesity is a challenging health condition that needs to be immediately addressed to prevent serious diseases from developing in your body. Using a ketogenic diet to drop body fat is a scientifically proven approach to rapid fat loss and a healthy lifestyle. Read up more on this life-changing diet with this Keto Resource.


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