Monday, January 22, 2018

Puppy Barking

We all find it adorable when our puppies learn how to bark because it shows their characters. Sometimes puppies grow tired of barking constantly, but others don’t.

My puppy didn’t, and I couldn’t tell if he was barking at a stranger or a fly on the wall. Here’s what I learned eventually.

The Reasons Why Puppies Bark

Sometimes a puppy barks because it wants to tell you something. What is it?
  • He wants attention

  • Want to relieve itself

  • Wants to sleep with you at night

  • He is lonely

  • It’s barking at strangers

As you may know these are completely normal. If you don’t establish a routine and discipline it, your puppy will bark all the time. It won't know good barking behavior.

I learned this mistake with my first pup. When I got my second puppy, I made sure it didn’t develop the nasty habit of consistent barking.

You must intervene at the stage where the puppy starts barking constantly. This is where the fun begins.

Don’t Bark Back

We all wish we can have conversations with our puppies. Then we can bark back at them as a way to talk to them. Though you think it’s a precious moment, it shouldn’t be done. It may entice it to bark more.

Speak to your puppy in a calm voice and also communicate with body language. Puppies are smart and can pick up on certain social cues.

Sometimes your puppy shows excitement through barking. In a calm voice give it attention. If you yell, your puppy may bark louder.

When your puppy barks don’t go running to give it affection. Rather, in a calm manner speak to your dog and tell it “hush”. When it stops, give the dog a treat.

If he or she continues to bark simply turn your back. Your puppy will sense something is wrong and will quiet down to get your attention because its previous method didn’t work as planned.

Define Barking Limits

Let your puppy bark three or five times and then acknowledge its barking. Praise your pup with a toy or treat after the set number of allowed barks. These rewards make it difficult for your puppy to bark further.

Make the Environment Fun

Did you know a puppy barks out of boredom too? I used to stop what I was doing and rush to my barking puppy thinking it needed to go outside to relieve itself. Many times I went into the room and saw it was simply bored and wanted to play.

But you don’t have all the time in the world to play. Prevent boredom by leaving toys for your puppy to play with in all rooms where it’s allowed.

What also helps is leaving the radio on. Soft music and voices will prevent the puppy feeling lonely. Yes, this is another reason why your puppy barks.

Make Your Puppy Get Used to Driving In the Car

If you want to take your puppy on trips it may also bark in the car. Can you imagine driving with your puppy barking for the full 40 minutes trip?

Before you hit the road give your puppy a long-wearing treat. Your puppy will be too focused on the taste to bark. Keep a toy in the car too for your puppy to play with.

Increasing the volume of music won't help. Puppies can be startled by the noise or see it as competition. This will only make it bark louder.

Yapping Puppies

There are certain puppies that have the attitude to yap constantly. Smaller and active puppy breeds tend to be the ones that bark at everything such as a Pomeranian.

Even these puppies can be trained to only bark when necessary. That’s what I got right with my Miniature Pinscher, but remember it’s your responsibility as owner to research breed traits before you get your new puppy.

Are you prepared to teach him or her well?


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