Thursday, January 25, 2018

Shopping For A Vehicle IS EASY!

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Buying a car when you have a child can be hectic. It isn't all about you anymore! You are always looking for ways that the car can be great for them too! For example,  I am looking for a new car and I want something that my tween will also be comfortable in for our road trips to Kentucky! has everything you need to know when you are looking for a vehicle! Here are things that I look for when *I* want a new car.
  • Mileage- If it is a gas guzzler, it isn't going to work for me! This is the FIRST thing I look for when searching for a car.
  • Appearance- Come on, I want something cute and in style, don't we all?!
  • The REVIEWS- Look at the reviews for the type of car you are looking for! You don't want something that has a habit of always being in the shop!
  • Back seat space- If my tween is going to be in the back seat for hours, I want her to be COMFORTABLE! There has to be plenty of room and plenty of trunk space for our luggage!
  • The PRICE- Price is a factor for sure. If I am going to make monthly payments on something,  I need to know what I am getting myself into first!
  • USED CARS- You don't always have to buy a brand spanking new car! Used cars are good too because they are great if you have a low budget to work with!
What do you look for when you are looking to purchase a new vehicle for yourself?


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