Sunday, April 22, 2018

5 Things Not on the School Supplies List that Your Child Will Need

The school supplies list is something most parents dread but most kids love…For parents, it means spending money and a long trip to the store. For kids, it means new My Little Pony folders and colorful boxes of tissue to claim as their own.

While the school supplies list might seem to go on and on for days, there are still a few vital items that are missing:

  1. Lice comb.

    Parents, this is mainly for you:

    Unfortunately, with each new school year comes a new round of illnesses and bugs – lice, stomach bug, the flu, and all the other fun things that end in several trips to the doctor.

    Start the school year off with a lice comb in hand so you can check your child regularly. Other parents will thank you for catching it earlier, rather than letting it spread.

  2. Stickers and other learning aids.

    The whole point of school is for your child to learn, right? That’s obvious.

    But, it is important that they are also equipped with tools to help them continue practicing what they learned at home or during afterschool care.

    Things like colored alphabet letter stickers or flash cards can help them practice what they have been learning in class.

  3. Lanyards and key chains.

    House keys and USB drives can be easily lost…

    And small items such as these have a small chance of ever turning back up.

    However, by providing your child with a lanyard or a key chain they can keep their house key or USB drive around their neck or even clip it onto their backpack or lunchbox for easy access.

  4. Labeling supplies.

    It can cause both your child and the teacher a lot of stress when the blame game begins…

    “That was my colored pencil!” or “I bought this construction paper!”

    Children can get very possessive, especially when it comes to brand new school supplies they spent valuable time picking out.

    Ensure that you provide your child with the accurate labeling supplies so there is no mistaking what is rightfully theirs.

  5. Protective book covers.

    A torn up and tattered workbook is no good. Lost pages can mean missing assignments or the inability to follow along in class for a valuable lesson.

    Furthermore, you don’t want to end up being charged for the damaged text book.

    Before your child ever lays their precious fingers on their new textbooks, invest in a few protective book covers to help keep your child’s textbooks looking brand new.

While the school supplies list already seems pretty extensive, these last few items are still vital to a fun and productive school year for your child.

When you are grabbing pencil cases, construction paper, and hand sanitizer, remember to check these last few items off your child’s school supplies list to help them succeed and make your life that much easier!


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