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Everything you need to know about reborn baby dolls

Reborn baby dolls are known as under the radar products. While most of the people have seen them numerous times in their lives, they don’t realize what the difference between these dolls and regular ones is. The fact that reborn babies are hard to find in your regular stores makes it even harder. In fact, most of the collectors buy them either online or through conferences and conventions.
Even though they are rather “underground” they increased in popularity significantly during the last few decades. This only shows how unique reborns are and that they are small artistic masterpieces.
What are reborn baby dolls?

Oftentimes called lifelike dolls, these products were made almost to replicate real babies. Like all artistic dolls, they have lots of details and in order for an item to be regarded as good, it needs to be as realistic as possible.
First ones were created by taking existing, mass-produced dolls and redoing them. Artist would disassemble the dolls, repaint it several times, improve the details that were lacking and would also add weight. These products are very similar to real babies not only in appearance but also in size and weight.
Another important thing is quality. Materials such as silicone, vinyl, fiber, and acrylic are used during “reborning” process. Some of these materials are also important for adding realism. For example, silicone can be a great for applying color. All in all, doll is supposed to last for a very long time so as long you don’t damage it. Still, due to numerous details and several application of paint, it can be rather susceptible to elements (water and heat) as well as scratches.

Perception of media

Unfortunately, their biggest attribute is also their biggest drawback.
There were several attempts to introduce these dolls to regular departments stores over the years and they all failed. The general consensus is that they are “too creepy”. Parents would often feel uncomfortable walking down the aisle where these dolls are placed. Because of that, they always remained a niche product popular among limited group of people.
Truth be told, due to globalization, development of the internet and e-commerce, you can easily buy one of these dolls. However, there are lots of people that don’t even know what they are. It remains to be seen if they will ever become as popular as some of your regular toys.
There is another, even darker side to them.
As it turns out, due to their realism, many women who lost a child or whose children left the home have turned to these items. They are being used as a mechanism for coping with stress and trauma. There is split opinions about that: some medical professionals think that this is the same as avoiding the problem, other believe that this can be beneficial during a rough period. It is hard to say at this point as there haven’t been enough research confirming or denying these things.
Another thing that makes people uncomfortable is that these women love to bring the dolls everywhere. It is not uncommon to see a woman with a reborn in a shopping mall. This makes the overall perception of the dolls even more negative.

Reborns as an art form

Regardless of their appearance and our personal opinion, these items are made by highly skilled craftsmen. It requires lots of skill and dedication to make a perfect doll which made them almost cult items. In fact, collectors see reborning as an art form and refer to craftsmen as “artists”.
These dolls are rather unique and once you create one, you can rest assured that no other exactly the same item will be created. This also affect their price: the most expensive ones are sold for thousands of dollars. Because of this, they may not be an ideal present for a child. However, it is hard to neglect the fact they have value for real doll lovers.

It remains to be seen how we will see reborns in future. At this point in time, most of the people are not even aware of them so in order for reborns to become properly recognized, they will need some more coverage.


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