Premier Allergy scholarships change lives!

Students rely on scholarships on a daily basis! There are a select few amazing individuals out there that offer scholarships and Premier Allergy is one of them! Dr. Summit Shah, a deeply respected allergist, clinical researcher, and medical school professor, is the founder Premier Allergy in Columbus, Ohio. A patient-focused medical practitioner, Dr. Shah believes in the importance of giving back to the Central Ohio region in which he was raised, educated, and supported throughout both his youth and his professional career as the founder of Premier Allergy.

Do you know why the scholarship is important to students? Here is a look at why the scholarship is important to students:
  • Academic Attainment: One of the main objectives of Scholarships program is to reward a student’s academic attainment and educational development. Students can gain educational development if they can receive scholarship back up.  Scholarships make available a chance for a lot of people to receive an education or earn a degree.
  • Perform Well: Scholarships assists students to perform well because they don’t have to be worried about financial troubles and they can fully focus on their studies. Receiving a scholarship is a big achievement since it can aid your studies and let you perform well.
  • Enroll In Programs: The increase in the cost of college, school, and the university fees is the main reason for students who are financially unfit to skip their education half way. So, scholarships are supportive for a student to enroll in degree programs as they don’t have the headache of financial issues. If you get a scholarship program, you don’t have to worry about the increase in the tuition fee. So, scholarship programs are advantageous to enroll in programs and maintain a student to come out of all the financial pressure.
  • Open the Way: Getting a scholarship can help the students to open the way to a variety of educational opportunities. Many of the students lose their educational opportunities because of financial stress. But, if they can get financial support from a scholarship program, the doors will be opened to many educational opportunities.
  • Instruments of Encouragement: For international and non-international students, scholarship programs are the tools of strong back-up for educational goals. Winning a scholarship will be useful to a student for several years of their studies.
  • Lead Students to Study: Students don’t have to skip their dreams of studies due to the financial burden if they can get a scholarship program. Scholarships assist students to go into high education with no student loan. Scholarships can help you through your college programs along with school and university education realization.
Dr. Shah founded the Summit Shah Scholarship for students currently enrolled in or accepted to a college, university, trade school, or design school. The scholarship requires eligible applicants to submit a brief essay of no more than 500 words discussing how the lessons learned through failure can ultimately support one’s future success. Applying is easy! Complete the short essay prompt and fill out each section of the form to be eligible If chosen with Premier Allergy, you will need to be able to provide proof of enrollment in your chosen college or university By submitting an application, the applicant gives Dr. Summit Shah consent to use their essay, photo, name, and information for marketing and promotional purposes.

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