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LADIES! Let's talk about something for a second. Our sex lives. Let's face it, it isn't a topic that many would like to discuss, however, it is my duty to bring your attention to these amazing products that will give FIREWORKS to your bedroom life. Have you heard of the brand LELO?  

LELO started in 2003 in in the front room of a Stockholm townhouse with three designers. They are now in their second decade or producing the most refined and luxurious products. What makes them stand out from anyone else? The designs! Their products don't look "average". They are different! They also won 36 major international design & industry awards.
Fun fact: 16 million LELO products have sold since 2016.
If you haven't, you are missing out! LELO carries products for him, her and sex toys for couples that are great for the bedroom. I wanted to bring your attention to a few of them. Now, I don't know about you, but when we were trying to conceive, it seemed more like a chore. I thought to myself, what can I do to spice things up? Then I came across LELO. I received a really neat product from them to feature here, and yes these photos were taken before I used the product!
 I bring you the LELO ORA 2. This product is MIND BLOWING. This product is an oral sex simulator. It comes with the product, charger, warranty card and storage pouch.
 As you can see, the size is perfect. It is small and able to be held easily. What makes this different than the average oral sex? Ladies and gents, this has 10 settings. YES. This baby does things that a tongue cannot do!
 It is also 100% waterproof. You can use this in the shower, hot tub or even when you are alone in the bath. What do I love about it? EVERYTHING. This baby is rechargeable. Gone are the days where you have to change batteries. With the ORA 2, I don't have to!
How to use

You press the + to turn on, and press again to increase intensity/vibration strength.You can press the button in the middle to cycle through the 10 simulation modes. You can use SenseTouch with this product too! This means that simulation begins on contact with skin. You just hold for 5 seconds to activate this. To reduce vibration, press the - button and you can press and hold it to turn it off. You can view their website for the video with all of the simulation HERE

Real talk

Because of all of the functions, the LELO ORA 2 allows for more of an intense orgasm in my opinion. When you hold it, it isn't heavy at all. I like the silicone feeling of it too. The noise is very little. You can't hear it with a closed door. I am very pleased with this product and I know that you will be too! The design is pretty. Can I say that a sex toy is pretty? Because it is. 

The LELO ORA 2 comes in three colors. Pink, Midnight Blue and lastly, black. You can purchase this product on their website for only $189. The shipping is discreet. So if you aren't home when this baby is delivered, don't freak about your neighbors seeing it! This product would also make a great bridal shower gift too! You also get a one year warranty when you purchase!

We have a resource page where we share tips and guides on romance and sex toys including vibrators, dildos, and more. Check it out here: https://hustlerhollywood.com/pages/sex-toy-guides

LELO also has a new condom product that I want to share with you. HEX condoms are the newest addition to their collection of products. Be sure to check this out. This product looks pretty neat! Visit LELO to see other products they have to offer! You can also visit LELO on their social media to stay up to date with the latest! 
Do you own LELO products? Will you give this product a chance? 

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