Signed up with Uber Eats and forgot to add your referral link? NO WORRIES!

Signed up to drive Uber Eats and forgot to add that referral link to get your bonus? NO WORRIES! I HAVE YOU COVERED!

UBER EATS has given me the freedom to make money when I want! You can go online 12 hours a day! You are guaranteed to make at least $145 in total payout for your first 30 trips when you sign up and drive!  Here is the problem that most people have- they don't get that guaranteed payout because they go straight to the Uber website to sign up and they don't usually make as much! $145 is AWESOME for your guaranteed payout! If you signed up and forgot to use a referral code, I have you covered step by step!

Go on your app and click your profile picture and then click help!

Now click account and payment

Now click referrals

Click invited driver- Report my missing or incorrect diver referral

Now add this information and you are ALL SET!

Invite code BRENDAB1874UE
Friends name that referred you: Brenda Brown
Phone Number: 757-383-0737
Email of friend that referred you:

Tell them you forgot to use the sign up code and hit submit and within a few hours they will get back to you and you are all SET!

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