Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I love my new Cariloha Bamboo Sheets & Duvet Cover! Check it out!

Everyone loves to be comfortable when they sleep. I haven't ever really had a COMFORTABLE set of sheets. There is always something wrong and you just deal with it. Recently, Cariloha was kind enough to let us review a set of bamboo sheets and a bamboo duvet cover on my blog. I am so excited to share these with you! If you have never heard of Cariloha..Cariloha is a premier, luxury-brand retailer of products made from bamboo, offering apparel and accessory collections for men and women.
 I received the Cariloha Duvet Cover in Blue Lagoon. 
 And I also received the Resort Bamboo Bed Sheets, in Hawaiian Sand.
 First, I want to talk about these sheets! They are SO comfortable! Each set includes 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, and 2 pillowcases. Fitting your mattress up to 18" deep. They are Ultra-soft and have a Sateen Finish. They are also Thermal regulating, and they have smooth and durable advanced box-stitch seams.  A Queen set can be purchased for $239.00.
 The duvet is also SO comfortable! It has a Hidden wooden button closure, as well as a soft and smooth Sateen finish. It is also 3 degrees cooler than cotton.
 The duvet cover comes with 1 duvet cover and 2 pillow shams. It can be purchased for $219.00! You can find them both in a Queen and King size! They are made from 100% Viscose from Bamboo. 
Why Bamboo?
  • Soft: Cariloha bamboo apparel, bedding and bath goods are twice as soft as cotton. 
  • Cool: Bamboo is 3 degrees cooler than cotton and wicks moisture away from your body.
  • Clean & Green: Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic and one of the most sustainable resources on the planet.
Visit Cariloha and check out their other products today! We love our new sheets and cover and you will love it too! You can also check out Cariloha on their social media to stay up to date with the latest!  
Win it: One reader is going to win a set of sheets and a duvet color in the size and color of their choice.  Giveaway is open to Continental USA. Giveaway ends 8/14. See sidebar for complete rules. Enter below. Goodluck. 

*The Small Things received product to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own*
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CardNinja- A Wallet That Fits On Your Smartphone!

First off, thank you to CardNinja for providing this product to feature here on my blog! 
I love carrying my wallet and handbag, but sometimes I just don't want to drag it around! For example- Lydia will be starting Softball again soon and I don't want to drag my wallet to the field at the chance of losing it. I always have my phone on me though! I can change how I do things thanks to CardNinja! Check it out for yourself:
 This product is neat because all you have to do is clean the back of your phone and peel back the sticky tape.
 Place it on your phone and you are done! Not to mention, this can be taken right off easily and doesn't leave residue!
 It easily fits all of your cards and cash! The high quality spandex keeps everything tidy and right inside!
I just love it and I love using it! Most cases also fit on the phone with the CardNinja still attached. You can check out the CardNinja website to see what phones are compatible too! I love the concept of a Smartphone Wallet! If you want one for yourself, they come in  different colors and you can purchase it for $9.99! Check out their website to learn more info! The CardNinja is perfect for you! You can also visit their social media to learn more and stay up to date with the latest! 
This product would make the perfect gift for anyone! Completely affordable too! Do you foresee a CardNinja on your smartphone soon?
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Monday, July 27, 2015

July 2015 Geek Fuel Review!

It is that time again! Geek Fuel time!!! I love being an Ambassador and sharing my monthly features with all of you. If you haven't heard of Geek Fuel, they are a awesome geek monthly subscription box that contains PURE geeky awesomness. This month was pretty awesome if you ask me! When you subscribe to Geek Fuel, every month you will get an exclusive shirt and game code. Check out what came in this months box. 
 I received my Geek Fuel Exclusive T-Shirt. It is AWESOME. (Did you know if you post a picture of yourself wearing your shirt, with the hashtag #GeekFuel, you could be featured in Geek Fuel Magazine?)
 I received this awesome Mini-Pint Glass. Great timing for the theme, considering Ant Man is in theatres now!
 As I mentioned above, every month, you will get a game code. This month it came with candy! This is BURNSTAR.
Marvel #1 Issue- Civil War Comic Book. This is an exclusive variant cover as well! Some subscribers received a signed copy!
 Every month, you will get a Geek Fuel Magazine! It always has a theme and is a cool read!
 I also received this SHINY! button. "Pin this to your Brown Coat, channel your inner Mel, and set sail with the knowledge that serenity is always at your side.
 Aliens V.S. Vampirella Poster!
Overall, I LOVE everything that came in this months box! You can subscribe monthly, three months, 6 months or 1 year. 1 Month is $17.90 + $6 S&H / month. You can also cancel at any time. Check out Geek Fuel and join today! You won't regret it that is for sure! This will make the perfect gift for the "geek" in your family! I know that I love it! Be sure to visit them on their social media below to stay up to date with the latest! 
*Disclaimer: The Small Things received a complementary box to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own*
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Adventure Time the Complete Fifth Season on Blu-ray NOW and a Craft!

*The Small Things received product to facilitate this post. All opinion are my own*
 My 8 year old LOVES Adventure Time! Did you know that the 5th Season is out on Blu-ray NOW?!! YES! Get the kiddos excited because this is pretty awesome if you ask me! This awesome Blu-ray includes 52 episodes:
1. Finn the Human 
2. Jake the Dog 
3. Five More Short Graybles
4. Up a Tree
5. All the Little People
6. Jake the Dad
7. Davey
8. Mystery Dungeon
9. All Your Fault
10. Little Dude
11. Bad Little Boy
12. Vault of Bones
13. The Great Bird Man
14. Simon and Marcy
15. A Glitch Is a Glitch
16. Puhoy
17. BMO Lost
18. Princess Potluck
19. James Baxter the Horse
20. Shh!
21. The Suitor
22. The Party's Over, Isla de SeƱorita
23. One Last Job
24. Another Five More Short Graybles
25. Candy Streets
26. Wizards Only, Fools
27. Jake Suit
28. Be More
29. Sky Witch
30. Frost & Fire
31. Too Old
32. Earth & Water
33. Time Sandwich
34. The Vault
35. Love Games
36. Dungeon Train
37. The Box Prince
38. Red Starved
39. We Fixed a Truck
40. Play Date
41. The Pit
42. James
43. Root Beer Guy
44. Apple Wedding
45. Blade of Grass 
46. Rattleballs
47. The Red Throne
48. Betty
49. Bad Timing
50. Lemonhope (1)
51. Lemonhope (2)
52. Billy's Bucket List
If you haven't heard of it, you are missing out! It comes on Cartoon Network. The series follows the adventures of Finn (voiced by Jeremy Shada), a human boy, and his best friend and adoptive brother Jake (voiced by John DiMaggio), a dog with magical powers to change shape and grow and shrink at will. Finn and Jake live in the post-apocalyptic Land of Ooo. We had a chance to create Jake with different backgrounds!
 Lydia was super excited and here are her results:
 Not too bad if you ask me! How cute?!
Run time for Adventure Time the Complete Fifth Season on Blu-ray is about 572 minutes. It is rated TV-PG and is available at a retailer near you for SRP: Blu-ray $39.99 DVD $29.97. Purchase this hilarious show today!  My daughter is obsessed with this show. She loves it and she can watch it more and more now!
Do your kiddos watch Adventure Time? Tell me about it!
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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Easy No-Bake Peanut Butter Pie- Courtesy Of Buzzfeed Food

I was browsing Facebook this morning and something amazing came across my feed. I decided to send my husband to the store to get what we needed and this is the end result:
 Easy and Delicious Peanut Butter Pie! OH MY! This is SO rich and delicious and just yummy!
You are probably like, okay? Tell me about it. Check out the video below for yourself.
No-Bake Peanut Butter Pie // BuzzFeed Video
Posted by BuzzFeed Food on Wednesday, July 15, 2015
No-Bake Peanut Butter Pie
You are going to need for the crust:
  • -10 Oz Crushed Graham Crackers
  • -1/4 Cup Sugar
  • -1 Cup Melted Butter 
  • Mix well and smash together into a pie pan.
  • - 3/4 Cup Peanut Butter
  • - 4 Oz Cream Cheese
  • - 8 oz Whipped Topping
  • - 1 Cup Powdered Sugar
Whip together with a hand mixer until well mixed, spoon on to crust and set in fridge for a few hours, then Enjoy!
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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Headed To College This Fall? Stay Safe With Mace! Check out these awesome products!

I live in a College town and not far from Nashville, it isn't a secret that crime goes on, but every town has their crime rates right? I had the opportunity to work with Mace on a review here on my blog and I am thrilled to share all about it with you.
Mace is pretty much the one stop shop for personal defense items. Since 1970, it has been the original trusted brand for personal defense sprays, while continuously adding high quality security products to the brand line through the year. The first item that I want to share with you is the newest product, Mace Alert 911
 This product is really cool, because at just the touch of a button, you can be connected to 911. There are NO monthly fees. The only price you pay, is the one time price to purchase this product. This product works via cellular connection. There is also a cancel button in the side. The test button to see about the batteries is on the right side of the device. It takes 3 AAA batteries, and it comes with a belt clip and "necklace". This product is really neat and is a great gift idea for anyone. I think this would make the perfect gift for the elderly too! Going on a long walk or walking home from College? With a push of a button, you can connect and get help! The Mace Alert 911 can be purchased for a one time price of only $249.00!
 I have this product in my purse. It is the Mace Exquisite Rhinestone Purse Pepper Spray. It is available in three colors. This is Mace Maximum Strength Formula… 10% OC Pepper! Keep in in your bag or on your keys! It also has UV Dye so that the bad guy can be caught even if he gets away. This can be purchased for $29.99.
 The last item that I want to share with you is the Mace Pepper Gun. This product is in my glove box right now. This Mace Pepper Gun features a trigger activated LED light that helps aim at your target in the dark. The design allows you to shoot and get the attacker from 20 feet away! Each gun includes (1) Water Practice cartridge (1) OC Pepper Spray cartridge! The water is blue and the Pepper Spray is Red. Flip the switch and pull the trigger and you are ready to go. The Mace Pepper Gun is only $59.99 on their website!
 Check out my nifty sticker that I put on the car. Pretty cool huh?
Overall, I love the Mace products that I received for review! Visit their website to learn more info and see other products that they have to offer. Thanks for reading!
Stay safe and consider Mace! Do you have Mace products to keep you safe? Tell Me about it!
Visit Mace Brand on their social media to stay up to date with the latest! 
Win it, one reader is going to win a Mace Pepper Gun and Rhinestone Spray. This giveaway is not open to NY, MA, DC because of State Guidelines. Giveaway is open until 8/10/15. All entries will be verified before emailing a winner. Winner will have 24 hours to respond. Failure to respond will result in being blacklisted on future giveaways. See sidebar for complete rules. Goodluck.
*The Small Things received Mace products to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own*
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Friday, July 24, 2015

Coming To Chattanooga? Visit the Tennessee Aquarium!

We live just a little over an hour from Chattanooga! I was super stoked when we were given the opportunity to visit the Tennessee Aquarium! I have been once before, however Lydia hasn't! When you visit, you can go to the ticket booth and purchase your tickets. You can choose to go in the River Journey Building first, or the Ocean Journey. It doesn't matter, however when you visit you still have to go in both to see everything. Inside the River Journey building, visitors are delighted by feisty river otters, colorful frogs, amazing turtles and freshwater fish species such as beautiful trout, giant catfish and prehistoric-looking sturgeon. While exploring Ocean Journey, guests come face to face with big, toothy sharks, beautiful butterflies, playful penguins, mesmerizing jellyfish and thousands of colorful reef fish.
You will see all kinds of exotic plants and animals! You can check out more about the Exhibits here
 My favorite are the different kinds of Jelly Fish! They are so fascinating!
The Penguins are SO fascinating as well! They are SUPER cute! Check this out- There was a Macaroni Penguin that was the first to hatch in 2015, now there are a trio of babies! 
Check out this from the press release:  Two of the chicks are actually siblings, but are being raised by different penguin mothers. “When Bug and Big T’s first egg hatched, they were having a tough time keeping both the second egg and the chick underneath them,” said senior aviculturist Loribeth Lee. “Biscuit and Blue did not have a viable egg this year, so we were able to move the second egg into their nest. It hatched a couple of days later and they have done a beautiful job caring for their adopted chick.” This is the first time a baby penguin has been raised at the Aquarium by surrogate parents. In the past, aviculturists have supplemented feedings for any chicks that were not receiving enough nourishment from their parents. “We always prefer to let the parents raise their chicks, but we’ll intervene whenever necessary,” said Lee. “Since Biscuit and Blue have been diligent parents in the past, we believed they would do a great job caring for Bug and Big T’s chick and they have.”
Our family had such an amazing time at the Tennessee Aquarium! It took about 2 1/2 hours to go through it because we took our sweet time. If you want to visit, Admission is $29.95 per adult and $18.95 per child, ages 3-12. Each ticket purchased helps support Aquarium conservation programs. The IMAX® 3D Theater is next door to the Aquarium. Ticket prices are $9.95 per adult and $8.50 per child. Aquarium/IMAX combo tickets are $35.95 for adults and $24.95 for children. Excursions aboard the new River Gorge Explorer depart daily into “Tennessee’s Grand Canyon.” Cruise tickets are $32.00 per adult and $24.50 per child (3-12). Advance tickets may be purchased online at www.tnaqua.org or by phone at 1-800-262-0695. The Aquarium, located on the banks of the Tennessee River in Chattanooga, is a non-profit organization. Open every day except Thanksgiving and Christmas, the Aquarium and IMAX are accessible to people with disabilities. 
Visit them on their social media below to stay up to date with the latest! Thanks for reading!!
Have you visited the Tennessee Aquarium before? It is such a blast! Tell me about it: 
*This post is sponsored by The Tennessee Aquarium. We received tickets to facilitate our post. All opinions are my own*
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Get The Latest Trends And Fashions For Back To School With Kohl's!

I am picky when it comes to shopping for back to school items for Lydia! The shirts, shorts, back pack and more! I also love shopping at Kohl's! (We love Kohl's Bucks!) Recently, I was given $100 to shop with for Back To School items for my daughter and I wanted to share our purchases with all of you!  Kohl's has all of your needs when it comes to shopping back to school! They have the shoes, the socks, every article of clothing imaginable and they have THE SALES! We took advantage of that last week! 
I am so excited because she already has so many pants, and shorts. She really needed some shoes, a back pack and all though it wasn't a necessity, she wanted some shirts. When you shop at Kohl's, one thing you need to remember is that when you see something online on sale, JUMP and go because the price can change the next day! I want to share with you prices and sales!
 First off I wanted to share these shoes that she picked out. These are FILA® Countdown Girls' Running Shoes.  They are on Sale (7/24/15) for $29.99/Original $49.99. When we bought them, they were on sale for $24.99! 
 The next item that I want to share are these shorts. These are Mudd® Core Denim Bermuda Shorts. They are a size 8, and come in 7-16. They are on sale (7/24/15)  $17.99/Original $36. They were that same price when we bought them as well.
 I joke with my daughter that every time we shop, she has to get a cat shirt. Because YES she does. Every single time. It is hilarious. This is the Mudd® V-neck Graphic Tee. It comes in a variety of styles! This is called Freak Meowt. It is on sale 7/24/15 for $9.99/ Original $20. When we purchased it, it was $12.99.
 This is a cute Tee, "Sorry I'm Not Sorry". It is a Fifth Sun High-Low Tee. It comes in a variety of styles. It is on sale 7/24/15 for $9.60/ Original $24.00. When I bought it, the price was $11.99.
 My pretty girl was SO stoked to show off what she picked out herself!
 These are SO® Slubbed Mock-Layer Rhinestone Tee's. They come in a variety of styles and colors! They are on sale $11.99 as of 7/24/15 and Original $24.00. They were $13.99 when we bough them.
 As you can see, prices change quick so it is a good idea to purchase while you can and when you can! We earned $10 Kohl's Cash and were able to use it the next day. Lydia couldn't find a back pack she wanted in store so we used it online and chose one! 
 It is super cute and SO her! This Hello Kitty® Backpack was $17.99 when we bought it but now it is on sale for $14.99 as of 7/24/15. The original price is $29.99. We scored a deal regardless!
Overall, we are so thrilled with our purchases for back to school! Thank you Kohl's! When you shop online or in store, you may hear about Kohl's Cares.  Since 2000, the Kohl’s Cares® cause merchandise program has raised more than $257 million to support kids' health and education initiatives in communities nationwide. Purchase one of these items HERE for $5 and 100% of the net profit donated to support kids' health and education initiatives in communities nationwide! Visit their website or store for more information. Make Kohl's a part of your Back To School Shopping this year! Visit their social media to stay up to date with the latest! 
*The Small Things received a gift card to shop in store to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own*
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