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Jingit- Earn Cash Back On Your Purchase & More! #Ad #Sponsored

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 “Disclosure: This is a sponsored giveaway with Mums the Word Network and Jingit. All opinions are my own.”
I don't know about you, but I love shopping. I have a zillion receipts in my purse. I recently found a way to earn cash back for the things I shop for- and it is super easy to do! Have you ever heard of Jingit? Jingit is a cash back app! By downloading the app (We will get to that shortly), you can earn cash back for qualified purchases. You can log in to your account online and earn cash toward eGift cards by taking surveys, watching ads and more! Let me show you how to get started. I have an android phone. I was easily able to find the Jingit app in the Google Play Store. To download the app, go here!
 Once I found the app, I made myself an account. It asked for my name, date of birth, phone number, email and password. 
 You can click on any item and start earning right away. For example: Check it out below!
If I went to Walmart and bought parries for Labor Day valued at $8 or more- I would get $1.50 cash back! If I bought Lydia more Crayola Crayons or markets for school, I would earn .50 Cents! Pretty EASY! All you have to do is save your receipt and scan it for proof- and start earning toward eGift cards! Check out another way to earn below. I logged in to my account on my desktop and was able to watch an ad and earn 10Cents. 
I know that doesn't seem like much- but if you see at the bottom there, you  can earn up to $20 an hour doing this!! What makes this app different from competitors, you just have to have your own phone with text messaging { Because it texts you to verify that you are you}, and you just have to be 13 years of age in the USA. ALSO more than one member per household can join! There is no fees to purchase gift cards either. What are you waiting for? Sign up for this free and awesome app and get started earning today! Visit them on their social media to stay up to date with the latest! 
Check it out! One reader is going to win $500 CASH from Jingit!!Giveaway ends 9/16!
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#CookingUpGood With Kraft! Easy Dirt Cups Recipe! #Sponsored #Ad

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"Disclosure: This is a sponsored giveaway with Mums the Word Network and Kraft. All opinions are my own.”
Are you on the hunt for delicious, family friendly, and affordable back to school recipes? Do you search Pinterest for hours and still can’t find the inspiration you’re looking for? Have you ever wondered how to save time in the kitchen?  If you said yes, then welcome to the Kraft Foods Cooking Up Good page! 
Kraft has a created fantastic page where you can watch technique videos from top-food bloggers to learn new kitchen skills and unlock coupons, create a collection of your favorite Kraft Recipes and be entered for a chance to win a $100, $250, or $1,050 Walmart gift card, plus find all the Kraft favorites your family loves.
Simple Summer Recipes
Cooking Up Good 
Watch the Lunch Bag Of Tricks video and unlock Kraft Foods Coupons! Home cooking pro Kristen Guy will show you her secrets to preparing for back-to-school season with easy and affordable lunch tricks! Check it out: I was checking out the recipes, and I found something that I could not resist making with my daughter. These adorable dirt cups!
 They are so simple to make too! Check out what all you need below in the picture! 
--1 pkg.  (3.9 oz.) JELL-O Chocolate Instant Pudding ( I found one slightly bigger, it worked)
--2 cups  cold milk 
--1 tub  (8 oz.) COOL WHIP Whipped Topping, thawed
--15 OREO Cookies, finely crushed (about 1-1/4 cups), divided (we used a few more!)
--10 worm-shaped chewy fruit snacks (Give or take depending on how many you want)
--Clear Cups

Making them is really simple and easy! First thing you need to smash those Oreos.. if anyone needs help with this.. you can see Lydia didn't have an issue with it! HA!
BEAT pudding mix and milk in large bowl with whisk 2 min. Let stand 5 min.
 Lydia had fun doing this!
 Stir in COOL WHIP and 1/2 cup cookie crumbs. 
 Spoon into cups and put them in the fridge for 1 hour before serving! 
Add worms and enjoy!
This recipe makes 10 cups! This is a great and family friendly activity for everyone to do! It is so simple! These would be great to bring into Lydias class for her Birthday treat this month too! If you are planning on serving to kids, don't fill them up as much so there is enough portion control and they don't get overwhelmed. The stuff was inexpensive to buy to make them as well! Have you tried something like this? Do you plan to after seeing my post?
You can Win a $100, $250, or a $1,000 Walmart gift card! How? Simply create an eCard with your favorite top-Pinned Kraft Foods recipes, fill out the entry form, and then share your card. Not only will you be entered for a chance to win high value Walmart gift cards, but you’ve also created a delicious collection of recipes you can share on Pinterest!
Win one of 5- $50 Walmart gift cards! Enter with the form below! Goodluck!
Kraft Foods Hub August
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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

#MammaChiaMagic Feed Your Soul With Mamma Chia {#Review} {#Giveaway} #Sponsored

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Disclosure: This review and giveaway was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Mamma Chia. I was compensated for my participation in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine.
Until recently, I had never heard of Mamma Chia. I didn't even know what it was until I was introduced. A brand just for us ladies! Just what I need! I am a busy bee. My daughter Lydia gets up at 7AM, I then start housework and do my blogging. I also go pick her up from school at 2:40PM. I wait in the line until 3:30 PM and that is when we get home. We do our homework while eating a snack and by 5:00 PM, she is headed off to Softball Practice! By time I do all of that, I need a boost! Mamma Chia provides sustained energy to power your soul’s purpose. I was introduced to these Chia Squeeze Vitality Snacks and they are amazing!
Check out the back story- It started on a small farm in rural San Diego, where Mamma Chia founder and CEO, Janie Hoffman, in her quest to find an ideal diet for her own health, fell in love with the magic of chia. Janie quickly discovered this amazing little seed was providing a powerful vitality boost and was instrumental in addressing some challenging health issues related to longstanding autoimmune disorders. In the summer of 2009, fueled by her passion for chia and her commitment to be of service to humanity and the planet, Janie founded Mamma Chia — the first organic, chia-based food and beverage company. Leave it up to an awesome woman to create something this amaaazzingg!  If you are wondering- there are six flavors in the Organic Chia Squeeze Drinks. Flavors consist of Apple Cinnamon, Blackberry Bliss, Mango Coconut.
 There is also Wild Raspberry, Strawberry Bananas and Green Magic.
 Check it out! Every pouch has 1,200 mg of Omega 3's! The equivalent to eating a single serving of salmon. They also have 4g of Fiber (25% of your daily intake), 2g compete protein, 70 calories per pouch (Mango Coconut has 80), AND it is 1 PointsPlus on Weight Watchers! How cool is that! Best of all,  Each pouch retails for $1.79! Completely inexpensive if you ask me. My favorite flavor is Blackberry Bliss!
 The texture is something that you will have to get used to. At first it is a slimy taste. I will just compare it to when you eat the inside of a tomato. Chia Squeeze Vitality Snacks are Organic Certified and Non-GMO Verified too! Who doesn't love that?!
There are some other products that Mamma Chia has to offer as well! Organic Vitality Beverages! They contain Mamma Chia Vitality Beverages pair the highest quality organic chia seeds with delicious organic fruit juices and is lightly sweetened with a touch of organic agave nectar. The pleasing appearance of the chia seeds suspended throughout the beverage adds a compelling quality full of heart and brain-healthy Omega-3s, powerful antioxidants and dietary fibers, as well as complete protein, calcium and magnesium. Combined, these nutrients create a vital force that delivers the power to live the life you’ve always wanted. I received 9 coupons to score these drinks! Can't wait to try them too! You can score these for the MSRP of $2.99.
 They also offer Organic Chia Seeds and their newest Organic Clean Energy Drink! The Mamma Chia Clean Energy Vitality Beverages are coming in September 2014! They are the FIRST Chia- based energy drink! Mamma Chia Vitality + Energy organic beverages combine the powerful nutrients of chia with the pure, clean energy of Guayusa and refreshing organic fruit juices. The result is a delicious beverage that delivers 2500 mg of Omega-3s, 90 mg of natural caffeine (about as much in an 8 oz. cup of coffee), twice the antioxidants of a cup of green tea, along with fiber and protein. Stay tuned and be on the lookout for them! 
Where can you find these products? You can find them at any major retailers nationwide including Whole Foods, Target and most grocer retailers. Overall, I love the products that I received! These are GREAT cold too! Visit their website via one of the links in this post and be sure to stop by their social media below to stay up to date with the latest!
Win it: One reader is going to win this awesome Mamma Chia Prize Pack! This giveaway will consist of the following:
  • One full bag each of Mamma Chia's NEW black and white chia seeds.
  • One week's worth of Chia Squeezes (7)
  • One week's worth of beverage vouchers (7)
  • One copy of Janie's new book- Chia Vitality
Winner must live in the USA. This giveaway will run until 9/10/14 at 11:59 PM CST. This giveaway is not affiliated with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram! Entrants must complete the mandatory entries on the giveaway tools to qualify.  Completing all entries will increase your odds. No purchase necessary. Enter with the giveaway tools below!

*The Small Things is not responsible for prize shipment*
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He Starts His Day With Dove Men+Care Fresh Awake Antiperspirant Deodorant! #Sponsored

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*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post sponsored by Global Influence. All opinions are my own*
Image 1 
Laying in bed after I get my daughter to school and being woken by the smell of my husbands shower gel is just amazing. It smells up the house. He has his routine. He will get up, play on his phone for a bit- Head to the bathroom and shave, hurry and shower and then he pecks me on the lips and goes on his way. I love those morning kisses! I also love it when he wears his Dove Men+Care Fresh Awake deodorant.
Dove Men+Care Fresh Awake antiperspirant deodorant provides long-lasting freshness in an energizing scent. It's specifically designed for men with a clinically proven non-irritating formula. Jumpstart your day with its unique combination of one of the most effective ingredients for 48-hour protection against odor and wetness plus 1/4 moisturizer technology. 
Check it out! For my readers! Click here to print a coupon for $1 off Dove Men+Care deodorant at Walmart. Does the special man in your life have a routine? Does he use Dove Men+Care Fresh Awake Antiperspirant Deodorant? Tell me about it!
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Salonpas Provides Powerful Relief When and Where It's Needed {#Giveaway}

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Hisamitsu AmericaThe Institute of Medicine reports that nearly a third of Americans experience long-lasting pain, which is costing the nation at least $558 billion per year in medical bills, sick days and lost productivity. Hisamitsu America, a division of Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Co., Inc., and the manufacturers of Salonpas®,, the one and only over-the-counter ("OTC") pain patch that is FDA approved and clinically proven, today announces the release of three new pill-free OTC products to alleviate pain. Salonpas' new pain relieving products are available at leading retailers nationwide, and include:

  • Salonpas® Pain Relieving GEL-PATCH HOT-L introduces the healing powers of pepper, representing a medical advancement in patch therapy by featuring capsaicin (0.025%) and menthol (1.25%) in a soothing cloth that is ideal for relief of minor aches and pains in the shoulder, upper back and lower back.
    "Capsaicin is an ingredient found in some hot peppers, including cayenne peppers, which makes the peppers spicy hot," says John Incledon, President & CEO, Hisamitsu America, Inc. "When capsaicin is used on the skin topically, it helps relieve pain by first stimulating and then diminishing the intensity of pain signals in the body," says Dr. Ken Kronhaus, M.D., Ph.D. and Host of Good Day Health with Dr. Ken. "The Salonpas Pain Relieving GEL-PATCH HOT provides up to 8 hours of pain relief."

  • Nothing beats a good massage... until now. Hisamitsu America introduces Salonpas® Pain Relieving Massage Foam which delivers a new pain relief sensation for tough pain. "Combining the benefits of self-massage with a powerful, clean-drying medicine provides relief for even tough pain," says Dr. Kronhaus. "With active ingredients menthol (3%) and methyl salicylate (10%), the Salonpas® Pain Relieving Massage Foam is an easy-to-use topical analgesic that delivers pain relief in seconds. For the temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain associated with strains, sprains, bruises, simple backache and arthritis, simply spray the foam onto the fingertips or palm for no longer than 3 seconds, and massage well on the affected area until the crackling sound stops."
  • Pain sufferers can now experience a blast of cooling pain relief with Salonpas® Pain Relieving Jet Spray. When you experience pain, you want fast relief. With active ingredients menthol (3%) and methyl salicylate (10%), the Salonpas® Pain Relieving Jet Spray is an easy-to-use topical analgesic for the temporary relief of minor aches and pains associated with strains, sprains, bruises, simple backache and arthritis. Using a highly pressurized jet force, the Salonpas Pain Relieving Jet Spray delivers a strong cooling effect to the skin minus any greasy feeling or messy drip. Tuck the Salonpas Pain Relieving Jet Spray into your gym or sports bag, and get a fast blast of pain relief anytime, anywhere.

"Achieving good health, freedom from pain, and a lifestyle rich in vitality is the foundation for all we do at Hisamitsu," says Incledon. "While most Americans turn to OTC pills to relieve pain, topical analgesic pain relief -- as found in patches, creams, foams and sprays -- is gaining greater market recognition, and we are proud to have been voted the 'Best New Topical Analgesic in 2012' by Better Homes & Gardens."

"While transdermal and other topical drug therapies are more popular in Europe and Asia, the United States is still predominately a pill culture," says Dr. Kronhaus. "When people self-medicate with over-the-counter pain pills, they run the risk of potential drug interactions that can lead to unintended or unsuspected dangerous side effects, such as liver failure or heart damage. 
A locally-acting transdermal patch is designed to deliver controlled-release medication slowly through the skin for a long period of time. By relying on transdermal pain patches, topical foams, sprays and gels for pain relief -- without the use of pills -- you can be assured of making a safer choice." Hisamitsu America is also proud to announce sleek new packaging for their marque pain patch products: the SALONPAS® PAIN RELIEF PATCH and SALONPAS® ARTHRITIS PAIN PATCH, which are the first and only FDA-approved OTC pain relieving patches, and manufactured using new ultra-thin Comfort Stretch™ technology that provides effective pain relief for up to 12 hours
 WIN IT: One lucky reader is going to win $100 worth of Salonpas products. Products will include: Salonpas® Pain Relief Patch, Salonpas® Arthritis Pain Patch, Salonpas® DEEP Relieving Gel, Salonpas® Jet Spray and Salonpas® Pain Relieving Gel-Patch Hot and Salonpas® Original!
Winner must live in the USA. This giveaway will run until 9/10/14 at 11:59 PM CST. This giveaway is not affiliated with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram! Entrants must complete the mandatory entries on the giveaway tools to qualify.  Completing all entries will increase your odds. No purchase necessary. Enter with the giveaway tools below!
About Hisamitsu America:
Hisamitsu America is the US division of Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Co., Inc., founded in 1847, which has specialized in transdermal drug delivery system technology since the introduction of its Salonpas line of patches in 1934. The SALONPAS® product line, which gained early acceptance in Asia and now sells in 50 countries, has pioneered the development of transdermal patches to relieve everyday aches and pains. Today, the Salonpas Pain Relief Patches are the first and only FDA-approved OTC pain patch. For more information, visit and
 *The Small Things received a gift pack in exchange for this post. The Small Things is not responsible for prize shipment*
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Create a professional photo book with a single click using's One-Click Photo Book. Select photos of any size from Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, or your computer and they will instantly suggest a clean, professional layout that you can further customize.
Deal: Use this link for 51% off a 20-page 11.5"x8" Hardcover Photo Book From
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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Candy Club- The PREMIER Candy Of The Month Club {#Review} {#Giveaway}

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Everyone loves candy! I know that I do! Recently I came across a Candy Subscription Box- and I am in love! CANDY CLUB is the best place to have premier candies delivered to your door. You can enjoy our brand name candies yourself, share them with your family or send them to a friend. 
 You can choose from several options! Whatever you choose- you will have 2-3 lbs. of your favorite candies right at your door! 

Check it out! Candy Club is giving my readers a promo code! Get 35% off first month’s payment by using the code 35offjs2b13! How does it work? Choose a plan, join and get started! It is simple!  Check out the deliciousness that we received!
 The Bonus Treat- Butterfields Peach Buds! These are SO delicious! I am telling you! They taste amazing!
 Haribo Gummi Techno Bears- These are cherry, sour raspberry and apple. They taste awesome!
 Gimbal's Sour Gourmet Jelly Beans- These are mouth-watering gourmet jelly beans. There are 12 flavors!
 Sweet's Salt Water Taffy- Cotton Candy Flavored! My husband and daughter loved these!
 Sour Power Wild Cherry Belts- I think we all know how these taste! These have been around for what seems like, a LONG time!
 Overall, we are thrilled with our box and you will be too! I am happy with the variety we received. For the price, I do with shipping was included but it is $5 extra. That would be my only complaint!  Visit them on their social media below to stay up to date with the latest! 
Win it: I am giving away 1 gift box to 1 lucky reader! Winner must live in the USA. This giveaway will run until 9/9/14 at 11:59 PM CST. This giveaway is not affiliated with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram! Entrants must complete the mandatory entries on the giveaway tools to qualify.  Completing all entries will increase your odds. No purchase necessary. Enter with the giveaway tools below!
*Disclaimer: The Small Things received a box in exchange for this  review. All opinions are my own*
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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Let your daughter express herself with #LittleMissMatched {#Review} {#Giveaway}

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I love fun clothing for my daughter. I love stuff that  looks different and out of the ordinary. It gives her a chance to express herself.! With LittleMissMatched, my daughter can express herself and have fun doing it! I love that they  have socks, tops, dresses, bottoms, baby items, loungewear shoes and more! They also have a variety of sizes. Check out their awesome story below:
LittleMissMatched started with a very simple mission: Build a girls' clothing brand that is FUN, inspires CREATIVITY, embraces individual STYLE and CELEBRATES SELF EXPRESSION.
In the LittleMissMatched World, matching is mundane, but mixing patterns and colors is monumentally cool. Our girls' clothing line started with colorful girls' socks sold in packs of three, and then we realized that there's a whole world of girls who share our passion for showing our creativity and self expression through our clothes. We may have started with socks, but now the LittleMissMatched line includes bold girls' clothing and beauty accessories, colorful bedding, sporty arm and leg warmers, and awesome backpacks, handbags and slippers. Be bold and think outside the socks. Fashion is fun!
Go crazy with your creativity, be as MissMatched as you wanna be...but most of all, let YOU be YOU!
They have so many items on their website but I was drawn to a particular one. Fall is about here and Lydia needed a new hoodie! I found a super cute one for her to review!  She chose a sequin hoodie.
 I love the fun colors! The little sequins flip and she has plenty of room. It is a tad big, but she will grow into it!
 As you can tell, she loves it too! Silly girl!
 The Flip It Sequin Hoodie is 100% Cotton and is available on the LittleMissMatched website for only $49. I do think it is a tad high of a price but for the quality and my daughters happiness, it is worth it.  It is also available in XS-XL! Overall, we are thrilled with the product we received! Another couple of cute ones I plan to buy and stuff in her stocking this Christmas are these scented socks! HOW CUTE?!
And the Cotton Candy Scented Socks are only $9 and change too! Visit LittleMissMatched on their social media below to stay up to date with the latest! You can also visit them on their website via one of  the links here in this post! 
WIN IT: I am going to pay it forward and give away ONE item up to $50 from the LittleMissMatched website! Winner must live in the USA. This giveaway will run until 9/7/14 at 11:59 PM CST. This giveaway is not affiliated with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram! Entrants must complete the mandatory entries on the giveaway tools to qualify.  Completing all entries will increase your odds. No purchase necessary. Enter with the giveaway tools below!
*Disclosure: Thank you LittleMissMatched for sponsoring this review. All opinions are my own*
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