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Reasons you should purchase @ENERGYSTAR at Best Buy @BestBuyCSR

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I am all about saving energy. Washing and drying clothes doesn't have to break your electric bill anymore I am stoked to share more about ENERGY STAR® products at Best Buy! Not only does saving energy help protect the environment, but shopping at Best Buy guarantees you will get the best of the best! Why? They are committed to sustainability. If you didn't know, ENERGY STAR certified clothes washers and dryers are 25% and 20% more efficient, respectively, than standard models. You can save $490 over the lifetime of an ENERGY STAR certified clothes washer and even more with an ENERGY STAR washer/dryer pair.

ENERGY STAR certified clothes dryers incorporate the following advanced features:
  • Low Heat Setting– Longer drying cycles on a low heat setting use less energy. When you purchase an ENERGY STAR certified clothes dryer, look for the cycle that uses the least amount of energy, sometimes known as the “energy-saving” selection.
  • Steam Cycles– Many ENERGY STAR dryers also include convenient features, such as a steam cycle that can help save time on ironing clothes by preventing wrinkles.
Clothes dryers that have earned the ENERGY STAR use approximately 20% less energy than standard models. · If all clothes dryers sold in the U.S. were ENERGY STAR certified, the energy cost savings would grow to more than $1.5 billion each year and 22 billion pounds of annual carbon pollution would be prevented. This is equal to the emissions from 2 million vehicles.

ENERGY STAR certified clothes washers incorporate the following advanced features:
  • Multiple configurations– ENERGY STAR certified clothes washers are available in either front-load or redesigned top-load configurations which include technology innovations that help save energy and water.
  • Sophisticated wash systems– ENERGY STAR certified top-load machines clean your clothing just like standard models without wasting water to fill up the tub. Instead, these machines use sophisticated wash systems to cycle clothes through a mixture of water and detergent, allowing the clothes to be cleaned without using excess water or detergent.
  • No central agitator– Front-load machines tumble clothes through a small amount of water instead of rubbing clothes against an agitator, while advanced top-load machines lift and tumble clothes through a reduced stream of water. Both designs dramatically reduce the amount of hot water and energy used in the wash cycle.
  • High spin speeds– Efficient motors spin clothes two to three times faster to extract more water. Less moisture in the clothes means less time in the dryer and less energy spent drying clothes.
  • Long live your clothes– Front-load and advanced top-load clothes washers’ sophisticated wash systems use a variety of methods to lift and tumble your laundry, lengthening the life of often-washed items. Additionally, because they are so gentle, many models can safely clean silk, wool and other hand-washables.
If all clothes washers sold in the U.S. were ENERGY STAR certified, we would save more than $4 billion each year and prevent more than 19 billion pounds of carbon pollution annually. This is equal to the emissions from 1.7 million vehicles. A new ENERGY STAR certified clothes washer will save you about $45 a year on your utility bills compared to a standard model.

I don't know about you, but ENERGY STAR has SO many benefits and I LOVE IT! These products are better for the environment! Saving energy means that ENERGY STAR certified washers and dryers help protect the climate, which means that your kids and the planet will benefit for years to come. Learn more on the Best Buy Blog. Be sure to check out this video too.

Visit Best Buy to find out more info! You don't want to miss out! Need help? Look for the guys or gals in the blue shirts! 
Visit Best Buy on their social channels below to stay up to date with the latest! 

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Planning Your Wedding Ahead

Choose a Destination!

Destination weddings are romantic and exotic and create meaningful memories. Many destination weddings take place in beautiful tropical paradise that the rest of the world only dreams of.

The Cayman Islands is a much-coveted location for a destination wedding. With more than 1200 resorts and hotels, you are sure to find a venue that offers everything of your dreams. The Cayman Islands are famous for its 7-mile white sand beach, Stingray City, diving, and breathtakingly beautiful natural resources.  There is plenty to do for the honeymooners and wedding guests.

Another beautiful and tropical experience for your destination wedding is Hawaii. Hawaiian tours show you all the unique and fascinating sights of this paradise. From beaches to volcanoes, luaus to romantic dinners. A Hawaiian all inclusive package is a great honeymoon choice.

Tips to have in mind

  1. Having in mind the average price of a wedding, we recommend you set-up a wedding registry that is going to benefit both of you in your new life together! Blueprint Registry is a great site that allow your guests, family, and friends to gift your wedding and engagement online!  All you have to do is think about the things that you both really need! Anything for your honeymoon? For your house?

  1. If you are having a destination wedding - choose your destination carefully! If you are able to, visit the location first. If not, trust a qualified wedding planner or travel agent to guide you to the best venues and vendors for your wedding.

  1. Think of your guests. Guests are traveling to attend your wedding, and it is not an inexpensive endeavor. Choose a hotel within 10 minutes of the venue you choose that is inexpensive and make reservations for the guests that want to stay there.

  1. If you are planning to do group activities, make sure you publish an itinerary for the guests. If they do not know you expect them to attend, they may make other plans. This also allows you to take advantage of group rates.

  1. Hire a professional. Never has a wedding planner been more needed than in a destination wedding. Check out local pros who know the area and know how to save you money. Check references and speak with people who have used their services. Make sure you are clear on what you are hiring them to do.

  1. Do not check the wedding dress on the airplane. A lost wedding gown will ruin everything. Take your dress on the plane with you. Make sure you have someone lined up at your destination who will press and prepare the dress for the wedding.

  1. Sometimes the hotel will accept packages for you. You can UPS or Fedex packages to the hotel allowing you the option of taking the dress onboard the plane.

  1. Take advantage of items that are natural to the destination. In a winery, it is inexpensive to decorate the tables with grapevines. Look to the area you choose for your wedding and chose flowers and decorations that are unique to the area. You will have a beautiful wedding, without the expense of shipping plants in.

By planning early and paying attention to details, you can pull off a destination wedding without issue. You can have everything you dreamed of without blowing your budget. You just have to prepare for it.


Author Bio
Wendy Dessler

Wendy is a super-connector with and who helps businesses find their audience online through outreach, partnerships, and networking. She frequently writes about the latest advancements in digital marketing and focuses her efforts on developing customized blogger outreach plans depending on the industry and competition.

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Your photos in your living room – now see them on your Amazon Fire TV

Thanks to Amazon for sponsoring this post.

I don't know about you, but I love taking photos! I also love saving all of my photos so that I can store them for future use. Have you ever had company come over and wanted to show them pictures? Dragging out your laptop can be a hassle. 

Having cords everywhere, not to mention having to pass the thing around. Did you know that you can now view your Amazon Prime Photos from the comfort of your couch? You can view them on your Amazon Fire TV. You can see your photos and even play a slideshow of your albums! Just ask Alexa and it is done! Prime members can also search for people, places, and things, with phrases like, “show photos of dogs,” “show photos of Wyoming,” or “show photos of Jane.”

I love being a member of Prime Photos! Prime members can search for people, places and things. Prime members receive unlimited photo storage, free with Prime, and all customers (including Prime members) receive 5 GB free photo, file, and video storage. Like Amazon Fire TV, the Echo Show can showcase all the photos in your Prime Photos account, with voice commands like, “Alexa, show my photos.” In fact, all the same commands work with Echo Show – just add “Alexa” to the beginning of each one. It is EASY! Check out more ways to use the Prime Photos Fire TV app Check out this video to learn more!

WIN IT: Enter for a chance to win a $500 Gift Card, or one of five $100 Gift Cards. See terms and conditions here.
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The Adventurers Guild- A Fantasy Action Book FULL of Fun! #Giveaway

Disney-Hyperion sent me a copy to check out, and is partnering with me for a giveaway!

My 11-year-old is my favorite bookworm. She would rather have books than toys! When I heard about this book, I could not pass it up! The book is called The Adventurers Guild. I am stoked because this seems so interesting! The Adventurers Guild By Zack Loran Clark and Nick Eliopulos is in stores October 3rd, 2017. This book is recommended for ages 9-12! Read more about it below, and win your own prize pack too!
Few ever asked to join the Adventurers Guild. . . . Their members often died young. In one of the last cities standing after the world fell to monsters, best friends Zed Kagari and Brock Dunderfel have high hopes for the future. Zed desperately wishes to join the ranks of the Mages Guild, where his status as Freestone's only half-elf might finally be an asset. Brock, the roguishly handsome son of merchants, is confident he'll be welcomed into the ranks of the Merchants Guild. 

But just as it seems the boys' dreams have come true, their lives take a startling turn . . . and they find themselves members of the perilous Adventurers Guild. Led by the fearsome Alabasel Frond, the guild acts as the last line of defense against the Dangers-hungry, unnatural beasts from otherworldly planes. And when the boys uncover a conspiracy that threatens all of Freestone, Zed, Brock, and their new allies-Liza, a fierce noble, and Jett, a brave dwarf-must prove their worth once and for all. This start of a thrilling new series is sure to be a hit with readers who like their fantasies clever and action-packed, with tons of humor and heart. 

About the Authors:
Zack Loran Clark and Nick Eliopulos are both editors based in New York. Best friends, they take a coffee break together every day and play Dungeons & Dragons every week. Zack fervently hopes that magic is real; Nick desperately hopes that monsters are not. The Adventurers Guild is their first novel.

Keep this book on your list for the Holiday too! Books make perfect Christmas gifts/stocking stuffers! 

Embark on an Adventure! One (1) winner will receive: 
  • Copy of The Adventurers Guild 
  • branded bookmark 
  • branded baseball cap and hoodie 
  • and a $50 Visa gift card to embark on your own adventure! 

Open to US Addresses only. Prizing and samples provided by Disney-Hyperion. All entries will be verified. Giveaway ends on 10/16/17. Enter below. Goodluck!

Prep For The Holidays with @SamsungUS at @BestBuy

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The Holidays are almost here, and I don't know about you, but I LOVE TO COOK! I LOVE TO BAKE and I love the HOLIDAYS! When you do all of this cooking and baking, you need a dependable range to cook it on and a dependable fridge to put it all in. Have no worries, Best Buy has it all! When it comes to prepping for the Holidays, you can count on Best Buy to find the best appliances for you! They also get you the best price! I have two products here that I couldn't wait to show you!

The Samsung - Microwave Combination Wall Oven with Flex Duo™ SKU 5747500 is perfect to get all of your baking and cooking done. This oven is THE COOLEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN!
Why is this oven so cool? It has WiFI Connectivity! That is right folks! Remotely monitor your oven for peace of mind. Turn on/off, preheat, and adjust temperature or time from your smartphone for the ultimate cooking experience. I am always on my phone and I am SO forgetful to turn off the oven so this is ideal! I can also preheat the oven from my phone when I am unloading groceries into the house! By time my food is prepped, the oven will be ready to go! 

The other product that I wanted to show you is This Samsung Family Hub 4 Door Refridgerator. (Sku:5796738)

This thing is amazing! You can create shopping lists for all of those groceries and recipes for the Holidays! Get updates on your groceries. Create shopping lists and peek inside your refrigerator from anywhere. You can even set expiration notifications to keep all your food fresh. YES, this also connects to wifi. How cool is that! Taking a last-minute shopping trip? Don't remember if you have milk? You can use the app and peek inside of it from the store! 

Visit the Best Buy Website HERE to prep for the Holidays! You won't regret it. They have so much to offer! You can also get 10% Off When You Buy Four or More Samsung Kitchen Appliances! Look for one of the blue shirts in store to get help. Be sure to come here and tell me what you buy! You can also visit Best Buy on their social channels to stay up to date with the latest.

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Essential Tools for Keeping Your Brow on Fleek

Never underestimate the power of beautifully done eyebrows. It shapes, defines, and adds character to your face. With a little effort and the best tools inside your beauty bag, you can easily get brows that are perfectly on point. You do not need too much to get your eyebrows done, and it changes the way you look for the better in an instant. Below are 5 of the most essential tools that will keep your brows always on fleek.
1. A dependable brow pencil.
Several products can be used to fill in your brows, but for beginners, a pencil is the best tool as it is more forgiving when it comes to adding or taking away product. If you are dark haired, pick one that is two shades lighter than your hair color. If you are light haired, go slightly darker. Apply it on the brows by filling in gaps or bare spots. Use quick, small lines to get a natural look. Start off light and gradually darken. Remember that a brow pencil is not meant to draw lines on your brows!
If you have added too much, use the spool at the end of the pencil and rub the makeup out. Be gentle as you do not want to pull out hair. You can also use a disposable mascara wand for the same purpose. Check out the Skinny Brow Pencil from Innisfree for the best results.
2. A good brow brush.
Shaping the brows come next after filling them with a pencil. Start with an angled brow brush. Get one that is stiff and angled and use its slanted edge for shading and the tip to outline. Then, use a thick bristle brow brush or a spoolie to collect misplaced hair and remove patches of color. Always brush your brows upwards.
3. A nice brow gel.
Curly and unruly brows are best kept in place with a nice brow gel. It separates hair and keeps them flat. There are two available kinds: clear gels work for everyone, but there is a place for tinted options, too. For instance, if your brows are fine or going gray, a light tinted gel will add bulk to your brows, cover the gray hair, and create a natural look.   
A brow gel is applied after you finish filling your brows. However, you can skip it if you are using creams or pomades on your brows as these rub off during gel application.
4. A subtle highlighter.
For the perfect finishing flourish, a highlighter is a must. It gives you that open and bright look that never goes unnoticed. A subtle swipe of highlighter under the brow is all it takes to open your face and draw more light into it.
5. A sturdy pair of tweezers.
Not all tweezers are created equal. Test a few and select the one you are most comfortable with. What you are looking for is a good sturdy grip. Check the tip. There are different kinds that serve various purposes. Choose the ones with pointed tips if you are looking for precise plucking. Meanwhile, tweezers with flat tips are better for grabbing multiple hairs at once and are easier to use in general. A slanted tip is a mix of both.

However, if you want bolder brows or are looking to reshape them, put down the tweezers for at least a month to allow new growth. Wait as long as possible and be patient with your brows in case they appear a bit wild. It is only a matter of time before you tame them into fabulousness anyway!

Top 12 Halloween Patio Decor Picks At Cost Plus World Market + Enter To Win Giftcards

This post is in partnership with World Market, a brand I love. All opinions here are my own.

Halloween is coming up and I love shopping at Cost Plus World Market for decor! I visit my location in Murfreesboro, TN and they have so much to offer! You can check to see if there is a location near you HERE too! I visited their store this week and I was so stoked to see the Halloween product in stores!

They have so many Halloween Decorations to choose from at Cost Plus World Market!  I am in awe of their Halloween Entertaining products too!  In fact, I have my Top 12 Halloween Patio Decor picks for you below!  I thought this was a perfect time to share with you! It is SO exciting! See below for yourself!

Why I chose these items: 
You can't decorate for Halloween without having a Halloween Wreath! The Black Feather And Skull Wreath is so cool! When you decorate for Halloween, you have to have spooky lights around your door! It is a must! It completes the look. That is why I chose the Dangling Dog Skeleton Lights! You need a guard dog too! This small skeleton dog is guarding the door, he will alert anyone that comes around! He has a "bone" to pick with anyone that tries to come in!

Watch out! Zombie flamingos are on the loose by your door! These are too spooky to pass up. I mean, who doesn't want a zombie flamingo to scare off the kids?!  These faceless ghouls will help the look! Who doesn't like creepy hanging outside of their house for Halloween? Perfect to hang in the window! I recommend hanging these spider webs to complete the look! You can't have Halloween without spiders and webs!
Grab a table, put it by your door and decorate for the kids! You need a spot for all of the Halloween candy! Thitableclothth is so cute! Spooky too! This candy bowl is amazing for treats! You can complete your table look by adding these skeleton items! The spider and rat is too creepy! These Glass Apothecary Bottles With Skull Stoppers will be a great addition too! Complete the look with these LED Skulls. Kids and neighbors will be talking about your decor and you can be proud of it!  Shop this post below to score all of the items! You won't regret being the coolest house on the block! 

I told you these products were amazing! I also wanted to share with you something AMAZING! 

Cost Plus World Market is celebrating the season by giving away $4,500 worth of World Market gift cards. Sign up now and share the campaign with friends and family. If they opt in, we'll send you an early notification letting you know when the 67 gift cards and special offers will go up for grabs so you can be ready to act fast. What does this mean? I will explain more to you!

Quickly is all about speed! It is 100% free and when you sign up, you click "I Want In"on the landing page. You can connect via FB or Email. You will need to confirm your phone number if this is your first time. Don't worry- this is to be sure that each participant is signing up once. You will receive a claim link via SMS or Email and you need to click AS FAST AS YOU CAN to claim this! 

The FASTEST 2 people will get a $500 Cost Plus World Market GC, 3rd-7th FASTEST will get a $250 Cost Plus World Market GC, the 8th-17th FASTEST will get a $100 Cost Plus World Market GC and 18th-67th FASTEST will get a $25 Cost Plus World Market GC. 

This could be the perfect opportunity for a seasonal shopping spree! But not to worry - everyone will walk away with something! Sign up now before it’s too late. 
Shop This Post Below
I have gathered all of the items in the collage above for you to easily shop these below! Happy Shopping!
Black Feature And Skull Wreath
Buy It $24.99
Dangling Dog Skeleton 
10 Bulb String Lights Buy It $19.99
Small Dog Skeleton
Buy It $19.99
Black Zombie Flamingo 
Lawn Ornaments Buy It $24.99
Faceless Hanging Ghouls
 Set Of 3 Buy It $29.97
Black And White Spider 
Webs Set Of 2 Buy It $13.98
Spiderweb Lace Tablecloth
Buy It $9.99
Gold Skeleton Hands Ceramic 
Candy Bowl Buy It $19.99
Rat And Spider Skeletons 
Set Of 2 Buy It $7.98
Glass Apothecary Bottles With 
Skull Stoppers Buy It $23.97
Metallic LED Light Up 
Skulls Set Of 3 Buy It $44.97
Black And Gray Poseable 
Spiders Set Of 2 Buy It $15.98

Are you going to visit Cost Plus World Market? I would love to hear! I am going back this week to get more Pumpkin Food products for the house! You can also visit Cost Plus World Market on their social channels below to stay up to date with the latest!

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If you’re a foodie, McCormick wants to hear from you! Do not miss this opportunity to help usher in dramatic change to the food industry!

This is a sponsored post. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

If you’re a foodie, McCormick wants to hear from you! Do not miss this opportunity to help usher in dramatic change to the food industry!

McCormick has partnered with C Space to create a private online community, for people like you, to give feedback and influence their product development decisions. The goal of the Foodie community is for McCormick to gain a greater understanding of the needs and challenges consumers face and to help them decide where improvements can be made to enhance the culinary experience for consumers. 

Those who qualify for membership will be invited to join this exclusive virtual community as advisers. Members will be asked to give their opinions and impressions on a variety of interesting lifestyle and cooking topics. Your feedback will be heard by McCormick executives and will make a difference!

• Fast and Easy – Share your opinions in just 5-10 minutes a week
• Influence – Your ideas will inspire change and new service developments. How cool is that?
• Learn New Things – Tips & tricks and more with other people as excited about food as you are
• Earn Rewards – Make your opinions worth something and earn rewards Amazon gift codes

Membership is by invitation only and spots are filling up fast for the Foodie community, so take this quick survey today to see if you qualify:

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Nintendo: Ever Oasis Is Amazing- A Review From A Kid For Kids

*I am a Nintendo Kid Reviewer, I received product for this post*
My name is Lydia. My mom is the owner of this blog, but you will see posts from me on occasion now too! My mom surprised me when a package showed up. Inside was the new game Ever Oasis.
Ever Oasis is a really cool game. I loved it. The story is about a tribe called Seedlings. There are special seedlings that have powers! In the game, the desert was invaded by an entity known as chaos. He turns the souls of living creatures to make them monsters! You will play a male avatar (Tethu) or female (Tethi) It is your job to keep the Oasis safe! Esna is a water spirit and she has a bug that carries a water ball and that is how she speaks to you. You have to work with her to save the Oasis!
In the game you can build your Oasis. You will meet new travelers on your journeys too! You can get these people to move in and grow your Oasis. You have to persuade them by doing tasks for them. Once they become residents they can build their own shops called Bloom Booths. You can earn dewadems by completing tasks and you can use these to level up. You can also get supplies for Bloom Booth. These look so cute when they sprout!  

To level up your Oasis, you have to keep your residents happy and you can see how happy they are in the game. They have a smile meter. The goal is to keep them happy.  In the game, there is a rainbow and it helps your Oasis and grows bigger each time you level up. It protects the Oasis. As long as the residents are happy, the rainbow will be there. This is why you have to watch their smile meters. 
When you go to the desert, the Chaos monster attacks you. You have to battle. I don't like going out there at night because they are stronger at night. The desert has puzzles and treasure. You collect stuff each time you defeat one. These items can be used to restock, creat outfits and even new weapons. You can also solve puzzles to get in new areas. This is fun too. 
I love this game and I still play it. I am sure there is more that I did not tell you. I recommend it to anyone that has a Nintendo 3DS because it is really cool and fun. I have never played a game like this before! Did you know that the Nintendo EShop has a free demo of this game? I played it before my mom got me this game and it was so cool! Visit HERE to buy today or you can visit a game store near you too. I also loved that this game is not just for kids. Anyone can play it! It will make a good Christmas present too.

Top 3 Awesome RC Toys to Buy

Despite the different challenges surrounding auto racing, it’s one of my hobbies. It’s of course quite expensive as one day with my car on the track costs me a lot. It’s even more challenging when it comes to preparing a car for a race. Over the last few months, I’ve found that RC racing is one of the most fun and exciting alternatives. Unlike auto racing, you only need just enough cash to get you on the race track. 

I recently sat down with the folks at Rc rank best cars and shared some few reviews of the top three amazing remote control cars. But before I show you what I learned, it’s good that I mention some of the benefits of having a good racing car. 

Reduced Costs Of Repair
When I first bought my remote control car, I was happy to get one at a low price. I thought I’d gotten the best deal. Unluckily, just three weeks later, I was forced to take it to the repair shop. Once you go shopping for an RC car, look for one that’s not that cheap as it may often require several adjustments.

The question you need to ask yourself here is, can it last longer than most others? Remember to buy a remote control car that can serve you and your family for many years. Don’t worry about spending more because you’ll enjoy the best services for a very long time! 

The two reasons above are my most important features once I go shopping for a racing toy car. Here are my top three best selections of RC cars: 

I never thought I’d come across a racing car that puts together the words “best” and “electric.” I was wrong; the Traxxas Rally VXL has a precise handling system that simply makes it the top of my list. Since I love speed and the thrill of out racing my opponents, its acceleration was maybe what convinced me of its impressive quality. 

It moves very quickly, and you can even adjust its top speed from 30 to 50mph. It’s one of the best cars when it comes to drifting, racing and just doing the standard 1/16 scale honing. You can even get it with a certified Ken Block Ford Fiesta Exterior Body. 

You might also be looking for an all-round type of racing toy car. If so, then my perfect advice for you is the Traxxas Jato 3.3. It can race through rough roads or smooth pavements at a shocking top speed of 65mph. Its appearance is also fantastic as it tends to resemble the formula one cars. Driving it makes you feel like Fernando Alonso during the Spanish or Italian Opens. 

When I first came across the Baja, I was impressed with its hard body and speed. As I was racing it through the rough road, it was clear that not even rocks or potholes would put this beast down! Its engine runs on regular gasoline, just like a real car. How is fun that? 

I’ve based my selection on quality and durability. I know that you’ll come across Best RC Drift Cars for Sale – Top 10 Reviews in your search for the awesome RC cars. If you love features such as drifting, then you’ll probably get a car that has perfect drift. The bottom line is, know the features that you want your car to have and don’t settle for less!