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Monday, July 25, 2016

{Free} First And Last Day Of School 2016- 2017 Printables Grades PK-5

I love making graphics. 99% of what you see on The Small Things are made by me using my editing program. I spent a few hours tonight making you all these free graphics for you! These range from Preschool- 5th Grade. If you need any higher grades, just email me or comment and I will add them! I just ask that you do not edit or claim these as your own. These print on standard printer paper, or you can use cardstock! I made them 8x10 in my program, however,  you may need to trim when you print. Enjoy! Let me know if you take one! They can all be downloaded here on Dropbox. The links are also below the pictures to download! ENJOY!
What grade is your little one in this year? I would love to hear! 
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MARVEL'S DOCTOR STRANGE - New Trailer and Poster are Now Available

I am a fan of Marvel movies! I am excited to share with you that the new trailer and poster for MARVEL'S DOCTOR STRANGE are now available! You have to see this! 
I will have more info soon, but until then- ENJOY!
Marvel’s DOCTOR STRANGE is in theaters everywhere on November 4th! I will be going to see it! Will you? be sure to visit the social channels below to stay up to date with the latest! You can visit the Offical Website too! 
How excited are you for this movie?!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Amwell- Speaking To A Healthcare Provider Has Never Been Easier! #MOMSLOVEAMWELL

My family and I are users of Amwell. If you haven't heard of this AMAZING service, you are missing out completely. One of the many reasons that I love Amwell is that you do not have to deal with traffic, waiting rooms, or rescheduling—just you, your device (smartphone, tablet or computer) and a doctor. Amwell is the nation’s largest telehealth company, connecting users with board-certified, licensed doctors, dieticians and psychologists for immediate and live, online visits—day or night, on either mobile or desktop. Amwell doctors are available 24-7. Amwell has been called "The Amazon Of Healthcare".
My husband works in the heat for USPS and he never knows when he can set up an appointment anywhere, so that is when Amwell comes in handy for us. He has horrible allergies and nothing was helping. It was making him groggy and feeling down, and since he is the breadwinner of the family, he decided that it was time to call. I was happy that he did because we found out that it was NOT allergies, it was an upper respiratory infection! He was able to get meds called in to the pharmacy to start getting better. 
Have a question to ask a doctor? Get the care you need quickly - typical issues  that you can call for include: 
  • Bronchitis
  • Sinus infection
  • Sore throat
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Fever 
  • Pinkeye 
  • Flu Sprains and strains 
  • Cold 
  • Respiratory infection 
  • Headache 
  • Depression & Anxiety 
  • Weight concerns 
  • Smoking cessation 
& More! When you sign up or log in,  just choose the type of visit you are looking for and select a provider. Depending on the issue at hand, the doctor can diagnose, suggest follow-up and prescribe, when appropriate. Amwell takes your privacy very seriously. Your visit with the doctor is secure and HIPAA compliant. Amwell is accepted by many major insurers, with more added every day. Enter your health insurance information for a lower cost visit. Amwell doctor visits are now available in 46 states.
Check out the reasons people LOVE Amwell: 
1. Lower cost. Consumers expect online visits to be cost-savers; with in-office visits costing $82 for first-time patients according to the Healthcare Blue Book, Amwell offers a $49 physician visit – a savings of $33.  Great option for students in college looking for cost-effective healthcare or those between jobs and without insurance

2. Accessibility. After hours, on weekends and in the middle of the night (24/7/365) availability. Great for those who do have transportation or when you don’t feel well enough to drive and those who are newly relocated and don’t have providers yet.

3. Convenience. Consumers are looking for a faster appointment.  Now they don’t need to schedule an appointment nor do they need to wait to be seen, especially if on vacation or business travel. The doctor can be seen from the comfort and convenience of their own home.

4. Quick prescriptions. Consumers would rather have an online video visit than an in-office visit to average

5. Peace of mind. Rather than self-diagnosing or visiting a social forum for medical advice, users can obtain second opinions directly from board certified, licensed doctors.

What do you think? Want to try Amwell yourself? You can use this code: TELEVISIT10 and your first visit is only $1. Visit their social media to stay up to date with the latest! Thanks for reading!
Have you ever used Amwell? Would you consider giving it a try?
Disclaimer: Compensation was provided by Amwell via MomTrends Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of Amwell or Momtrends Media

My Top 5 Favorite Destinations in Pigeon Forge & Gatlinburg, Tennessee!

I love living in Tennessee. My state has so many beautiful things to offer. Another thing that I love is visiting the beautiful Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Now I have been here many times and there is so much to do. It can be totally overwhelming. In fact, we are headed back there in August for a few days and we are going to be staying at Wilderness At The Smokies. I will have a more detailed post about that when the time comes.
If you are going to head there yourself, I am going to tell you now that you really need to plan ahead. It can get totally overwhelming at times if you do not. There are a ton of things to do at the spur of the moment, but planning is great. For me, planning is also a way to budget. You can look online for the many things that both have to offer. When you visit the area, many places will have those free coupon books and maps. GRAB them. You can SAVE SAVE SAVE on money when you use these. You can also visit the Gatlinburg Attractions website to see what they have on there. SO many things to do!  I have been so many times! As a matter of fact, it used to practically be my backyard. I am going to share with  top 5 favorite things to do there. I thought hard, and there is just too many things to do, so it was hard just picking 5!
1) If you are coming even just overnight, Wilderness At The Smokies is the place to stay. Not only do they have a variety of amenities, but they have THREE free water parks included in your stay. One of which is indoor. Wilderness is home to the Wild WaterDome, Tennessee’s Largest Indoor Waterpark, which features a see-through roof that will weather-proof your vacation and give you the opportunity to tan inside all year long. Along with year-round indoor waterpark fun, you will find two outdoor waterparks right outside your guest room door! And remember to check out the Adventure Forest dry, family adventure center. Featuring a 3 story ropes course, multi-level laser tag, black light mini-golf, mega arcade and much more! There are also plenty of places to eat inside! You don't even have to leave the place if you don't want to! (We are headed there next month! So keep an eye out for a more detailed post)
2) Ripley's Aquarium Of The Smokies + 7 Attractions. Now this is a MUST. You have to take at least ONE day to do all of these and be able to still have a good time so that you are not rushed. You can go purchase your tickets online, because it is cheaper that way and you get a discount vs paying full price at the door. You already get admission to the aquarium this way as well. Ripley's Aquarium Of The Smokies is a BLAST. From live animal shows, to habitats and more- you will be amazed. My favorite- THE PENGUINS!! SO adorable. Should you decide to get the +7 tickets, included is Ripley's Odditorium, Ripley's Haunted Adventure, Ripley's Mirror Maze, Ripley's Moving Theater, Ripley's Old Mac Mini Golf, Davy Crockett Mini Golf, & lastly, Ripley's Guinness World Records. All of these are a blast. Check out the details.
3) Hollywood Wax Museum in Pigeon Forge! The all access pass is a must. You get to do 4 different attractions. The wax museum is SO fun. Take funny photos with the celebs, and head to the observation deck to see the amazing view of Pigeon Forge. It is breathtaking. The all-access pass gets you access to Hollywood Wax Museum, Castle of Chaos, Outbreak, & Hannah's Maze of Mirrors. Castle Of Chaos is a neat 5D ride and interactive shooting adventure. It is a haunted theme in a castle. Outbreak is a zombie themed attraction. Pretty scary from what I hear. They added this within the last year. Hannah's Maze of Mirrors is a fun attraction. My 9 year old LOVES this. Find your way through the mirrored corridors of the Castle of Savannah. Discover 288 potential turns.
4) Visit the Gatlinburg Space Needle. The Gatlinburg Space Needle is a 407′ observation tower that overlooks beautiful Gatlinburg and the surrounding Smoky Mountains. The tower is served by two elevators with a capacity of 20 persons each. You ride the glass elevators over 400’ to our observation deck for a 360° view of the Great Smoky Mountains and Gatlinburg. Visit their website for ticket info. This view is breathtaking.
5) Dinner and a show at the Dixie Stampede! Dolly Parton’s DIXIE STAMPEDE DINNER ATTRACTION is considered one of the best. Dixie Stampede is an extraordinary dinner show with thirty-two magnificent horses and a cast of top-notch riders. They will thrill you with daring feats of trick riding and competition, pitting North against South in a friendly and fun rivalry. You will enjoy a barrel full of music, dancing, special effects and family friendly comedy along the way. Be sure to visit their website for show times. This isn't something you can just show up and eat at. It needs to be planned. 
I have so many other favorites. These are just a few. There are so many "hole in the wall" places in both Pigeon Forge AND Gatlinburg too. You have to take a drive and enjoy the view in the mountains. Writing this post has me even more excited to visit! 
Have you ever been to Pigeon Forge & Gatlinburg, Tennessee? If so, what was something that you did that you want others to try too? If you haven't, has my post inspired you to take a road trip? I would love to hear! 
Stay up to date on my social channels (top right corner) August 12-14th! I will be sharing my travels then! Thanks for reading!
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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

All Tea Lovers Unite! July 21st is FREE TEA DAY at McAlister's Deli!!

I love visiting McAlister's Deli! They have the BEST deli sandwiches! If you love Tea- you re going to LOVE THIS! McAlister's® Deli, a leading fast-casual chain, will celebrate its 7th annual Free Tea Day on Thursday, July 21st! Guests who visit any of the participating McAlister’s locations will receive a free 32-ounce glass of McAlister’s Famous Tea. How cool is that?! Snap a photo of yourself and share to social media with FREETEADAY2016, for a chance to win $5,000 too!
All entries must be received by 11:59:59 PM ET on July 21, 2016. Share an original photo or video in which you (the “Entrant”) show how you enjoy McAlister’s tea and why you are the ultimate Tea Freak (the "Entry"). You must post your Entry via your Instagram® or Twitter® account and include the hashtag #FreeTeaDay2016. Enter the STATE CHAMPION-SIP too.  To enter this, also add the s#TeaFreak__[add your two letter state abbreviation]. For example, mine would be #TeaFreakTN because I am in Tennessee.
What is up for grabs on this? State Champion-Sip: Twenty-six (26) State Winners (one from each eligible state) will receive a McAlister’s Deli Tea Freak Prize Package ($100 McAlister’s Deli Gift Card and a Tea Freak t-shirt) valued at One Hundred Twenty dollars ($120 US). Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of prize. Visit the official rules HEREYou can also visit McAlister's Deli on their social channels to stay up to date with the latest! 
McAlister's Deli on Facebook | McAlister's Deli on Twitter | McAlister's Deli on IG
Will YOU be taking advantage of FREE TEA DAY?! Tell me!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

3 Effective Tips for Parents of College Students

When it's time for your children to enter college, you need to prepare for it. As parents, it is tough to see your children move out from your home and leave for university life. No matter how you want to turn back time and stop this moment from happening, you still have to deal with it. You will never get rid of this event, for your children are growing up and need this one to achieve their dreams in life.

As a parent, all you need is to support and guide your college children. You know it is tough to enter college for the first time, but it’s a part of life and you have to survive it. With this, you have to inculcate to your children that college life is truly challenging. However, if you will strive hard, then you will be able to get through it.
Hence, here are some helpful tips for parents to make their college student children's lives more bearable:

Never pick your children's college course
It is essential to guide your children in choosing the ideal course for them, but not to the extent that you decide for them. You have to let them pick the course they want to pursue. If they want to have a Diploma of Counselling, Accounting, Engineering, or any other course out there, let them. It has been proven that when you let your children select the course they really want, they are more likely to succeed in it and be able to overcome the struggles that will come their way.

Show your children that you care
You will always be the parents of your children. No matter how young or old they may be, you still need to show them your unconditional love and care. Everyone knows how hard it is to enter college, so you better let your children know how much you care for them in times like this. It will be easier to endure this phase if they see your concern and compassion all throughout their college years.

Always keep in touch
Since you won't see your children more frequently as they start their college days, you have to keep in touch with them. Communication is the only key to know how your children are going in the university. That is why you have to communicate with them as much as possible. You can set a day when it is the best time to talk to one another and ensure that your children are doing great. It is also a nice idea to start using the many forms of technology, such as video calling or chatting.

On the whole, there is no reason for you to worry about your children once they go to college. As parents, you have been at this stage already and you know how it feels. Thus, you simply have to assist your children in obtaining their life goals and make sure that you keep in mind these things mentioned above at all times.

Come and check out my #HPMillennials Influencer welcome kit! This printer is amazing!

Disclosure: As an HP Millennial Influencer Panel member, I receive products, promotional items and educational material to use and share as I see fit. However, any opinions expressed by me are honest and reflect my actual experience.
I am SO excited to be a part of the HP Millennial Influencer Panel! This is such a great experience for my blog and self. I received the best welcome kit, and it includes an all new printer that is just down right AMAZING. You have to check out all of the items that I received! I so so grateful to be a part of this group and experience.
Items that I received in my welcome kit are:
  • HP DeskJet3755 All-in-One printer, the world's smallest all-in-one printer designed to fit your space and life.
  • HP Roar Mini Wireless Speaker, ultra-portable, easy to connect and some serious sound.
  • HP Social Snapshots
  • HP Tervis Tumbler
First, I want to introduce you to this awesome printer. This printer is called the HP DeskJet3755 All-in-One printer.  Let me show you why I love this printer so much. Not only is it appealing, but it is wireless, compact and neat.
When you connect this printer to your wifi and set it up and such, you will be introduced to HP Instant ink. I never knew that this existed until now! The printer comes with a 3 months free offer for HP Instant Ink, but to take advantage of this offer it must be retrieved upon printer set up. Additionally, HP Instant Ink is currently running another 3 months free promotion with promo code SCHOOL3. By signing up now as you set up your printer, you could potentially receive 6 months free! 
There is no annual fee, and you can change or cancel your plan online at any time. If you have an HP printer, you can still sign up and get three months free! This service allows you to save up to 50% on ink! Plus, you’ll never run out of ink again, since your printer orders and ships you ink, before you run out. Plans start at just $2.99/month and include ink, shipping and cartridge recycling. You will need to create an HP Connected account and enter credit card information in order to take advantage of this great offer!
Another reason I love this is that HP Instant Ink sends you ink BEFORE you run out. Your printer will be connected to wifi, so it sends a notification to let your account be notified of how many pages you print, and when you are running low. This is amazing because it is already at your door before you run out! How cool is that?! If you sign up HERE, you can get an additional month free on top of that.
Now, more about this cool printer! This printer allows you to wirelessly print, scan, and copy what you need quickly and easily with this affordable all-in-one. You can also connect your smartphone or tablet directly to your printer, and easily print without a network. I have already done this so many times. I work from home and this has already come in handy! I haven't had it but a week and I have already used and printed 80+ pages, and I have my replacement ink on the way!
I think that this printer is pretty neat. It also matches my beachy themed bedroom, which is a plus. It prints great photos too! The HP DeskJet3755 All-in-One printer retails for about $69.99. Check out a retailer near you. 
Another cool product that I received are the HP Social Media Snapshots! These are too cool! Lydia, my 9 year old claimed these to build a photo wall. You just download HP Social Media Snapshots app from the App Store® and Google Play™ to easily print your photos! This gives you a chance to import photos from Instagam, your phone and Facebook! You style to your liking, change text and print wirelessly! The paper is 4x5 and has a peel back that sticks easily to any space. How cool is that!?! You can find these for the retail price of $9.99!
 My HP Tervis has been claimed by my husband. He uses it on the road because he works for USPS and it keeps his tea cool! I also received the HP Roar Mini Wireless Speaker and this speaker is just the neatest!
The HP Roar Mini Red Wireless Speaker has a "roar" that I did not expect. This speaker is compact and light at 3"x 3", so your music goes wherever you go. It is also easy to connect with Effortless Bluetooth® technology wirelessly connects your tablet, PC, phone or gaming device. The battery lasts about 28 hours after a charge too! It also has a mic on it so that you can take calls! How neat is that?! You can find this at a local retailer for the retail price of $39.99. 
Overall, I am so thankful to be a part of this amazing program and I love the products that I received. The school year is about to start and I just know I will be using this for so many amazing printables and more! I can't wait to keep you all in the loop with this program and share with you all of the info that I can! Follow #HPMillennials to stay up to date with everyone in the program! You can also follow HP on their social channels for the latest! 

Monday, July 18, 2016

Ice Age: Collision Course Giveaway! Win a giftcard to buy tickets & more! #IceAge #CollisionCourse

*The Small Things received the same prize pack to facilitate this post. Prizing and samples courtesy of 20th Century Fox*
If you don't remember, or missed it on the blog, a few days ago, I shared with you about Ice Age: Collision Course is coming soon! You can see that here. To give you a small recap about what the movie has in store:
Scrat’s epic pursuit of the elusive acorn catapults him into the universe where he accidentally sets off a series of cosmic events that transform and threaten the Ice Age World. To save themselves, Sid, Manny, Diego, and the rest of the herd must leave their home and embark on a quest full of comedy and adventure, traveling to exotic new lands and encountering a host of colorful new characters.
Director: Michael Thurmeier 
Co-Director: Galen Tan Chu Producer: Lori Forte 
Cast: Ray Romano, John Leguizamo, Denis Leary, Seann William Scott, Josh Peck, Simon Pegg, Keke Palmer, Jennifer Lopez, Queen Latifah, Adam Devine, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Max Greenfield, Jessie J, Nick Offerman, Wanda Sykes, Stephanie Beatriz, Michael Strahan, Melissa Rauch, Neil deGrasse Tyson.
I can't wait to see this movie, but most of all, a few of my favorite actors/actresses and such are in it! Check out my picks that I adore! 
Jessie J as the voice of Brooke
Wanda Sykes as the voice of Granny
and lastly, Queen Latifah as the voice of Ellie.
That is just a few of my favorites! The whole cast is great! This movie is going to be such a great date night with my kiddo! You have to see this "Buck Is Back" clip below!
Do you plan to head and see this movie? All heads on deck. Get your tickets to see Ice Age: Collision Course in 3D, in theaters Friday!  http://fox.co/IceAgeTicketsVisit Ice Age on their social channels below to stay up to date with the latest! Visit the ICE AGE official website too! Like ‘Ice Age’ on Facebook & Follow on Twitter and Instagram. You can also follow Scrat on Facebook.
Win it:
One (1) winner will win: 
*$25 Visa gift card to see Ice Age: Collision Course in theaters 
*Back to School prize pack including a Notebook, Pen, Stationery Set & Lunch Bag.
Open to US mailing addresses only! Prizing and samples courtesy of 20th Century Fox. The Small Things is not responsible for prize shipment. Enter below. Goodluck.

Miracles From Heaven Family Movie Night prize pack giveaway! #MiraclesFromHeaven

*The Small Things received the same prize pack in return for this post. Prizing courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment*
Do you believe in miracles? Let me introduce you to a movie that the whole family is going to love. Miracles From Heaven. Based on the memoir by Christy Beam & Starring: Jennifer Garner, Kylie Rogers, Martin Henderson, John Carroll Lynch, with Eugenio Derbez and Queen Latifah. This movie is Rated PG. If you did not know, Miracles From Heaven is available on Blu-ray and DVD!
When Christy (Jennifer Garner) discovers her 10-year-old daughter Annabel (Kylie Rogers) has a rare, incurable disease, she becomes a ferocious advocate for her daughter’s healing as she searches for a solution. After Annabel has a freak accident and falls three stories, a miracle unfolds in the wake of her dramatic rescue that leaves medical specialists mystified, her family restored and their community inspired.
 This movie is just amazing and let me tell you, you will shed a few tears!
Bonus content on the MIRACLES FROM HEAVEN Blu-ray and DVD releases include two featurettes, as well as commentary. Join Jennifer Garner, Queen Latifah, their costars and crew for a behind the scenes look at the making of this very special film, in “Miracles Abound: The Making of Miracles From Heaven.” Viewers will also meet the real-life Beam family and Dr. Nurko, learn about the casting of the film and the challenge of “the tree.” Shot at the Beam family ranch in Burleson, TX, “Bearing Witness,” features the Beam Family, their pastor, friends, first-responders and community as they gather around the tree and celebrate their faith and the miracles that brought them together. In the “Your Words” montage, experience some of the film's most touching and memorable moments set against Third Day's powerful rendition of the inspirational song.
The Blu-ray release exclusively contains deleted scenes and the featurette “Accounts from Annabel,” where Christy and Anna reflect together on their past, present, future, faith and bonding over the past four years since the incident.
Blu-ray & DVD Extras include: 
· "Miracles Abound: The Making of Miracles From Heaven" 
· "Bearing Witness" · Creating Heaven: Concept Art Exploration 
· "Your Words" Music Montage Commentary with Director Patricia Riggen and Screenwriter Randy Brown 
Additional exclusive Extras to the Blu-ray include: Deleted Scenes Featurette: 
· "Accounts From Annabel" 
Check out this Miracles From Heaven Vignette - The Beam Family Miracle.
You can purchase your copy of the DVD at Walmart now!  Be sure to visit the Official Website and Like on Miracles From Heaven on Facebook and  Follow Miracles From Heaven on Twitter to stay up to date with the latest .
Win it: One (1) winner receives: Miracles From Heaven Family Movie Night prize pack including: 
  • $25 Visa Gift Card to purchase snacks 
  • Popcorn 
Open to US mailing addresses only. Prizing courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. The Small Things is not responsible for prize shipment. Giveaway ends 8/1/16. Enter below. Goodluck!

Use Crowdfunding to Fund Your Next Family Reunion

Family reunions are always fun and exciting. For many of us, we get to see long-lost relatives that we haven’t seen in years. We also have a chance to meet the youngest and newest members of the clan that will carry on the family name long after we’re gone from this earth. These reunions are always a wonderful experience for everyone, big and small.

Getting everyone together for the big event is often a major challenge. And finances unfortunately play a bigger role in determining whether or not family members will be able to attend the event. Many of the members of your family might live all over the country and coming up with the money to pay for plane tickets, hotels, the venue for the reunion and other expenses isn’t always easy.

Crowdfunding is an excellent way to gather donations and generate support for a successful family reunion. The costs for this event might be too high if you have a large family. Crowdfunding will help by giving family members and friends the opportunity to support the event through online donations.

Coming up with the best ways to use crowdfunding for a family reunion is never easy. We have some suggestions that we’d like to share with you today. If you implement the suggestions, you’ll have a much easier time raising the money needed to fund your private gathering.
4 Ideas to Help Crowdfund Your Next Family Reunion
  • Choosing the top crowdfunding website – before diving into the rest of our ideas, choosing the best crowdfunding website is the first thing that needs to be mentioned. At this point in time, there are numerous online fundraising websites to choose from. These sites aren’t all created equally. When deciding on a site consider the fees associated. If you’re looking to avoid fees which will then allow you to keep more of the gathered funds, consider looking into Plumfund. Plumfund is the only truly free fundraising website online today. Plus, they have an excellent reputation that far surpasses everyone else in the industry.
  • Setting fundraising goals – to have the perfect family reunion, you’ll need to discover how much money you need to raise so that you can set the right fundraising goals. So take some time to discuss this topic with every member of your family attending the reunion. Determine everybody’s wants and needs and then set your fundraising goals accordingly. This will ensure that everyone’s expenses are paid for and nobody will accidentally get left out.
  • Family reunion brainstorming for ideas – not only is it important to set fundraising goals, it’s also important to brainstorm with other members of the family to create the best family reunion possible for all parties involved. Some of your family members will envision a very different family reunion than you. You’ll need to come together as a group and brainstorm ideas on many different topics. You’ll have to determine where the reunion should be held. You’ll have to figure out how many people will attend the reunion so that you can find the right venue to accommodate everyone. Will the event be catered? Or will it be held potluck style? There are so many questions that need to be answered. And family reunion brainstorming is the best way to make this happen.
  •  Generate crowdfunding campaign awareness – last but certainly not least is the need to generate awareness for your crowdfunding campaign. The best way to get eyeballs on your crowdfunding page is to share it through your favorite social media sites. Post a link about your campaign on Facebook. Share it via Twitter. Put up a picture of your last family reunion on Instagram and share a link to your crowdfunding page.

At the end of the day, crowdfunding is the perfect way to fund your next family reunion. Use these suggestions and make your family reunion a smash hit this year!