Friday, December 2, 2016

Fashion Influences Your Success - Myth or Fact

If people think that they can up their style quotient by wearing fashionable outfits, the thinking seems to have an element of truth in it. In fact, there are a number of designers available now and they are capable of fusing their creativity with their craft. Thanks to their intuition, they come out with the most beautiful and highly aesthetic designs by wearing which people can have enhanced looks. But these designers do not hesitate to admit that they are inspired by successful people including celebrities who are very much into style and fashion. But now, the question is if style can influence the success of a person or it is a myth.
C:\Users\v.krotova\Desktop\images\pexels-photo-30267.jpgThe answer to this question is that fashion certainly influences the success of a person. Many people credit their success to the fashionable outfits they wear. This includes those who have achieved success in their careers. They say that their confidence levels go several notches up when they wear such clothing. As the saying in a college research paper goes, "if you have a good feeling about yourself, then you will have more self- belief." Not only that, initial researches have revealed that appropriate and stylish outfits can have a biological influence on humans. These researches are aimed to establish the importance of clothes in our lives.
This means if you wear such outfits, you will feel some sort of power both mentally and physically. From this, it is quite evident that if you wear trendy clothing, you can work with enhanced self-belief that may help you accomplish things.

Dressing appropriately?
But what do you mean by appropriate dressing, especially, when the question of trendy clothing is being discussed? Let us first take the examples of a professor and a young student. A young student may have liberty to try various types of outfits and no one may object to it also. On the other hand, if a professor who teaches in a school or a college wears different types of fashionable clothing, he may be ridiculed because he may create a bad impression in the minds of others. He may also be shown the doors by the college administrators. 
C:\Users\v.krotova\Desktop\images\tie-690084_960_720.jpgRules of Style
Similarly, there are certain rules that have to be followed even while wearing trendy outfits. The classic example is the way tennis players stick to white outfits when they are on the tennis court. Are they not fashionable? Can we forget Steffi Graf who used to look so charming and stylish in her tennis attire? We are not able to imagine how she would have fared had she been wearing not-so-fashionable and inappropriate outfits while playing. This is how fashion meets appropriateness. Simply put, the meaning of wardrobe can now be changed as a space in the home where stylish, appropriate clothing is kept.
Even young people who are fashion conscious cannot wear whatever they like when they visit certain specific places. For example, when they go for interviews while seeking jobs, they may have to dress up appropriately because otherwise, the interviewers may have bad impressions about them.

Success achieved by humans is all about emotions. We are not mere organisms not to have emotions. This means when your emotions get influenced, the chances of you achieving success increase manifold. That stylish outfits improve your confidence, that is an emotional feeling, has been proved time and again. When your confidence level goes up, you will be able to perform better.
Psychology experts and those professionals who are involved in the fashion industry firmly opine that good, fashionable dressing is itself capable of communicating because others judge us through the prism of how we look and this includes the clothing we wear. But while choosing trendy clothing, we should be certain that the clothing is suitable for us. Otherwise, instead of improving our confidence, it may sap it. 
C:\Users\v.krotova\Downloads\pexels-photo-46057.jpegNot only that, you should choose only those outfits that make you feel comfortable. Just because of your obsession for fashion, you should not wear clothes that make you feel uncomfortable. This will also undermine your confidence. 
Clothes Is Not All There Is to It
But everything comes with a price tag. In this case, those who think that trendy outfits influence them and their behaviors lose their independence. Though they may achieve success, they may feel less confident if they are forced to wear not-so-fashionable clothing. The only way to get over such an obsession is to develop other skills such as those related to good and effective communication, etc. Even acquiring expertise in a chosen field may also instill confidence in people.
To summarize, though fashion can influence your success, you must not develop an obsession towards it. You should aim for an all-round development because that will do a world of good for getting you what is known as consummate success.
Now, to the question whether fashion influences your success or not, the answer is an emphatic "yes" but you should complement your good looks with other skills also for achieving, not normal success, but phenomenal success.

About author:
Robert Everett: I am a freelance writer currently based in Chicago. Solving students career and university problems. Having an interest in marketing and business.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Happy Holidays With Sephora! Check Out The 2016 Sephora Holiday Gift Guide!

The Holidays are here and if there isn't one thing that I love, it is SEPHORA! They have SO many amazing products to offer and I want to share the best for this Holiday Season with YOU! The Small Things received a variety of products to show you for the season and I am SO excited to share them with you! I received each of these personally and I know that anyone that purchases them will adore them all as much as I do! If you did not know, today, Sephora is not only the leading chain of perfume and cosmetics stores in France, but also a powerful beauty presence in countries around the world.
Sephora stores – Sephora operates approximately 1,900 stores in 29 countries worldwide, with an expanding base of over 360 stores across North America. Sephora opened its first U.S. store in New York in 1998, its first Canadian store in Toronto in 2004. Sephora's North American headquarters is located in San Francisco, with corporate offices in New York and Montreal. They also have and Sephora inside select JCPenney stores.
I have made it easier for you to shop each of these items below! Please note that due to high demand, some of these products are no longer available. Happy shopping and I hope that you enjoy these products as much as I do! 

Marc Jacobs Beauty Style Eye Con No 7 Plush Eyeshadow Palette ITEM 1505171 $59 BUY ME

Marc Jacobs Beauty About Lash Night 3-Piece Mascara And Eyeliner Collection *Limited Edition*
 ITEM 1838101 $36 BUY ME 

Marc Jacobs Beauty Object Of Desire Face and Eye Palette
*Limited Edition, NEW*
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Too Faced The Chocolate Shop  ITEM 1859842 $58 BUY ME

SEPHORA COLLECTION Color Wonderland Eyeshadow Palette ITEM 1807700 *Limited Edition* $59 BUY ME
SEPHORA COLLECTION The Graceful Eyeshadow Palette ITEM 1802248 $24 BUY ME
tarte Kiss Bliss Tarteist™ Creamy Matte Lip Paint & Crayon Set ITEM 1859933 *Limited Edition* $46 BUY ME
Sephora Favorites Glow For It Out Of Stock due to demand. Limited Editon. BUY ME on Amazon 
KORRES Greek Yoghurt Winter Skin Rescue ITEM 1879873 *Limited Edition* $45 BUY ME
Atelier Cologne Nécessaire Nomade III ITEM 1836717 *Limited Edition* $45 BUY ME

The Estée Edit Gritty & Glow Magnetic Eye and Face Palettes ITEM 1859990 *Limited Edition* $58 BUY ME

GLAMGLOW Gift Sexy SUPERMUD® Set ITEM 1870815 *Limited Edition* $69 BUY ME

SEPHORA COLLECTION The Mini Team: Rouge Cream & --Shine Lipstick Set ITEM 1802206 *Limited Edition* $22 BUY ME

 Kat Von D MetalMatte Eyeshadow Palette ITEM 1848456 SOLD OUT. available on AMAZON $84.60 BUY ME
Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette ITEM 1671353 $46 BUY ME
Sephora 2016 Holiday Advent Calendar- SOLD OUT $45
Living Proof Spread Cheer & Perfect Hair Kit ITEM 1835123 *Limited Edition*  $25 BUY ME
First Aid Beauty FAB Delights ITEM 1851187 *Limited Edition* $18 BUY ME

SEPHORA COLLECTION Glitter Happy Brush Set ITEM 1836352 *Limited Editon* $85 BUY ME
SEPHORA COLLECTION Sparkle & Shine Brush Set ITEM 1836394 *Limited Edition* $54 BUY ME
SEPHORA COLLECTION Z Palette ITEM 1573211 *Limited Edition* $18 BUY ME
Kate Summerville Cult Favorites SOLD OUT. Available on brand website $75 BUY NOW

House Of Lashes- Lash Story- Not on website $14 BUY ME
First Aid Beauty FAB Beautique ITEM 1851120 *Limited Edition* $48 BUY ME

Formula X In The City - Nail Polish Set ITEM 1859537 $36.50 BUY ME
Dr. Brandt Pro‑Strength Solutions 5‑pc. Set *Limited Edition* ITEM 1845379 $95 BUY ME 

SEPHORA COLLECTION More Than Meets The Eye Eyeshadow Palette ITEM 1817238 *Limited Edition* $36 BUY ME

SEPHORA COLLECTION Objects Of My Perfection Bag ITEM 1835628 *Limited Edition* $20 BUY ME

Buxom Full-On™ Lip Polish ITEM 1590090 $20 BUY ME

SEPHORA COLLECTION Shimmer Stick ITEM 1802271 *Limited Edition* $10 BUY ME

SEPHORA COLLECTION Sparkle & Shine The Weekender ITEM 1834217 *Limited Edition* $38 BUY ME

SEPHORA COLLECTION Baby, It's Bold Outside Bag ITEM 1835636 *Limited Edition* $20 BUY ME

You can also visit their social channels below to stay up to date with the latest! 
Will Sephora be a part of your Holiday Shopping this year?! I would love to hear about it! 

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Spice Up Your Bedroom Life With 3Wishes This Holiday Season!

*The Small Things received products to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own. This post contains faint adult content.*
I am a plus size girl. It is hard to "feel sexy" when it comes to bedroom life. When I found out about 3Wishes, I was super stoked because they have a selection for the plus size girl like me! 3Wishes offers an array of high-quality apparel including Lingerie, Sexy Halloween Costumes, Dresses, Clubwear, and much more! I received two items from them and I fell in love. The quality is AMAZING and the products are just beautiful. I would have took photos for my blog, however, I chose to grab these from the website instead, because they are styled better than I would be able to.
Image Credit: 3Wishes
One of the products that I received is the SHIRLEY OF HOLLYWOOD Sexy Elegant Plus Size Long Robe. This robe is available in red, white and black and let me tell you that THIS makes you feel SEXY! YES, I said it. This robe comes with pockets, and an inner tie. As you can see, it also comes with lace and is chiffon. I LOVE that it is long and floor length. This robe comes in sizes 1X-4X and is $79.95 on their website.
Image Credit: 3Wishes
The other product that I received is the SHIRLEY OF HOLLYWOOD Bedroom Bows Curvy Babydoll Lingerie. This was surprisingly comfortable. It has a badded bra with an underwire. I love that it has a satin bow to give it a cute look. It flares out at the hips and just makes you feel SEXY! It also comes with a G-String! The shoulder straps are adjustable as well. I love it! It is available in sizes 1X-3X and is available for $52.95.
 Overall, I am so excited that I received these products to spice up our bedroom life for the holiday. I can't wait to shop for more plus size lingerie from 3Wishes in the near future! They have COMPLETELY brought this moms sexy back and my husband LOVES it! Be sure to visit their website to see what other products they have to offer. You can also visit their social channels below to stay up to date with the latest!

How you can get stress free for the Holiday with Hallmark Crafters & Co. #LoveHallmark

*The Small Things is a part of the Love, Hallmark blogger program and received a package to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own. The Small Things is not responsible for prize shipment*
The Holidays can be completely stressful. I know that they are for me! I am a mom, I do my wife duties, and I also work from home and take care of two crazy dogs. My husband works full time for USPS so it is really all on me to get everything done and everyone relies on me. Sometimes it can get stressful and sometimes you just want to cry and ask for a few hours to yourself. Thanks to Hallmark Crafters & Co., I can unwind and have a stress free moment to myself. 
If you haven't heard of Hallmark Crafters & Co., you are missing out because their products are GREAT! From their website to introduce the brand to you:
Crafters & Co. celebrates the journey from the maker’s hands to yours. These products are made with the highest quality ingredients by companies who are passionate about how they do what they do. Their thoughtful processes, commitment to excellence, and pure love of making result in authentic goods that have stories worth telling.
They offer a variety of products including; hand creams, liquid soaps, bar soaps, candles, teas and teas sets and more! I am excited to have received several of these items to get stress free for the Holidays. I want to tell you a few of my tips to relax and get stress free!
  • Turn off your cell phone, all electronics and light a candle in a dark room while having a warm cup of tea or coffee. Not only can the soothing scent of an amazing smelling candle such as a Hallmark Crafters & Co. Cinnamon Bark Candle or even Hallmark Crafters & Co. Mistletoe Glass Pillar Candle smell good, but sometimes lighting a candle can be relaxing aromatherapy. Cinnamon helps with exhaustion and fatigue; wonderful effects on nerves; calms you down and makes you more aware.
  • Take a warm bubble bath and light one of the candles mentioned above. Wash off with Hallmark Crafters & Co. Mistletoe Luxury Bar Soap. It smells so good and often having a cup of tea in a bubble bath and washing off with a quality bar of soap will make you feel so refreshed and good! I can't wait to use my new  Hallmark Crafters & Co. Teacup and Saucer Set when I do! 
  • It is OKAY to get a sitter for the night. You NEED time to yourself every once in awhile. Don't fee guilty about it. 
Check out all of these products below to get stress free! They are pretty amazing if you ask me! 
Crafters & Co. Cinnamon Bark Candle, 16-oz: This classic holiday candle evokes the nostalgic treat of vanilla sugar blended with buttery caramel, cinnamon and creamy vanilla. This smells AMAZING. Did I mention it is SOY BASED?! It is a 16 oz candle. You can find this for $19.95!
Hallmark Crafters & Co. Mistletoe Luxury Bar Soap: Its cozy blend of red currants, cranberries, cedarwood, Frasier fir and embers is the perfect holiday de-stressing agent. It is also 99% natural and Made in America from certified sustainable palm oil, it comes wrapped in a beautiful artistic print from the Hallmark collection. A bar of this amazing soap will only run you $12.95!
Hallmark Crafters & Co. Teacup and Saucer SetThis dainty teacup will serve as a daily reminder to lean on your friends in stressful times with an adorable etching all over that reads “Friends. Because smiles don’t happen all by themselves. I just ADORE the colors and the font on this cup! You can purchase a set for only $19.95.
Lastly, a scent to match the bar of soap! Hallmark Crafters & Co. Mistletoe Glass Pillar Candle: Let the cozy smells of the season permeate your home with this high-quality candle. The natural vegetable wax blend burns cleanly for up to 50 hours! It smells just like Christmas too! This candle is $19.95! 
Crafters & Co. products are made exclusively for Hallmark! You can find them on their website or even in a Hallmark Gold Crown Store near you! Be sure to visit either for the latest products! All of which would make amazing gifts to not only yourself, but a loved one in your life this Holiday Season!!! Visit their social channels to stay up to date with the latest on things too!
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Give The Gift Of #Teleflora This Holiday Season! {Thomas Kinkade's Jolly Santa Bouquet} #YouDelivered

Since as long as I can remember, I have always loved flowers from Teleflora. They have gorgeous products and bouquets for every occasion and every season. When you purchase an arrangement from Teleflora, you won't have to worry about assembling from a box yourself because Teleflora has over 11,000 member florists in North America that will hand deliver your arrangement to your door or wherever you desire. I received one of their many holiday products and I am so happy with how beautiful this is!
I received Thomas Kinkade's Jolly Santa Bouquet and look at how beautiful it is! From their website:
A tribute to Thomas Kinkade, the Painter of LightTM, this latest installment to Teleflora’s exclusive, bestselling holiday collection brings to life all the special memories of childhood sharing holiday wishes with Santa. Featuring a gazebo at the North Pole, this hand-crafted, hand-painted holiday scene illuminates and lights up amongst the scene of parents and their children eagerly awaiting their chance to visit with Santa. As a collector’s dream, this is the perfect holiday ‘must-have’ to celebrate the timeless holiday tradition of Kinkade.
 I love the details. It is so unique and beautiful! 
This beautiful arrangement includes red roses, red spray roses, white miniature carnations, variegated holly, flat cedar and noble fir. It smells SO good too! This collectible is something that I can keep for years and I love that!
I love that each flower is so gorgeous and the colors are perfect for the holidays! 
The details really do matter when it comes to a centerpiece! Check out a few of my other favorites from their collection!
Teleflora’s Sparkling Star Centerpiece (Available on for $69.95) Deliver a dazzling surprise for your holiday hostess and add some sparkle to their holiday table with this gorgeous centerpiece. Teleflora’s mercury glass bowl arrives brimming with fresh red roses, white cushion spray chrysanthemums, festive greens, and accented with silver ornaments, white snow-tipped pinecones and red tapered candles to make this a statement gift to remember.
Teleflora’s Snow Day Bouquet (Available on for $64.95) Indulge your family and friends with memories of nostalgic holiday traditions with this delightful 2-in-1 floral gift that also doubles as an adorable holiday cookie jar. Share the spirit of the season with this playful snow-themed container filled with lovely roses, miniature carnations, and holiday greens nestled amongst candy canes and shiny decorative ornaments. This hand-glazed ceramic cookie jar is FDA- approved, food safe and dishwasher safe. Your loved ones can fill it with holiday treats for many white Christmases to come.
Teleflora’s Gift Wrapped Bouquet (Available on for $59.95) Deliver a holiday crowd-pleaser for everyone on your gift list with this joyful bouquet that arrives ready to enjoy. This sparkling display of holiday décor is bursting with red roses, white carnations, chrysanthemums, and greens nestled amongst clusters of red berries and silver ornaments. The limited edition ceramic jar also serves as a great collectible for holiday entertaining or displaying your favorite ornaments or sweets.
Send a Hug® Christmas Cardinal Bouquet (Available on for $49.95) As the newest addition to Teleflora’s best-selling Send a Hug® collection, this precious bouquet warms the heart. Adorned with hand-painted crimson cardinals, this oversized mug is filled with a lush array of red roses and carnations, and holiday greens, with accents of red berries and cinnamon sticks. This cheerful ceramic mug is FDA-approved, food and dishwasher safe and is a festive accompaniment for enjoying your favorite hot holiday beverage.
Teleflora’s Silver Christmas Bouquet (Available on for $49.95) Send your heartfelt love and appreciation for those living near and far, and deliver the magic of Christmas with this holiday bouquet. This classic red cube vase features dancing snowflakes and glittering snow amongst vibrant red and white flowers, with the fresh scent of eucalyptus and white pine. Long after your flowers have been enjoyed, the snowflake vase adds sparkle to any room serving as the perfect candleholder for the season.
As you can see, this is just a few of the many products they have to offer! When you order from Teleflora you can expect to get a beautiful product and often you can get delivery the same day! If you would like to also have Thomas Kinkade's Jolly Santa Bouquet, you can get it starting at $79.95, with the option to upgrade. Visit Telefora on their social media below to stay up to date with the latest!  
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