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How to Stay Safe When Viewing the Solar Eclipse

How to Stay Safe When Viewing the Solar Eclipse 
By Dr. Linda Chous, Chief Eye Care Officer, UnitedHealthcare

The first total eclipse of the sun to span coast to coast across the U.S. mainland in almost a century will be visible Monday, Aug. 21, for people in Portland, where eclipse coverage will reach 99 percent.

This rare celestial event is a spectacular occurrence; however, there are precautions people should take to help maintain their eye health while witnessing the spectacle in its full glory. Looking at a solar eclipse without proper protection can cause serious eye damage, including blurry vision that can last months, or even permanent problems.

The most important tip is to have proper eclipse-viewing glasses, which are heavily tinted – much more so than regular sunglasses – to protect your eyes as you look at the sun. Certified eclipse-viewing glasses will enable you to see the moon track across the orb of the sun until it creates a total eclipse, revealing the sun’s brilliant corona.

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon blocks any part of the sun.  But on Aug. 21, anyone within a roughly 70-mile-wide path from Oregon to South Carolina will be able to experience a total solar eclipse for about 2 minutes, weather permitting. Millions more, including people in Portland will be able to witness this.

In preparation for this rare event, UnitedHealthcare is donating 10,000 solar-eclipse glasses, as well as educational materials with tips to safely view the eclipse, to schools and  the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, including 1000 glasses in Portland at seven clubs. When? Monday, Aug. 21, 2017 10 a.m. (local start times to vary)

Here are five tips to help safely view the solar eclipse, according to the American Optometric Association:
  • It is unsafe for anyone to look directly at the sun at any time or during a solar eclipse, other than if you are located in the path of totality during the brief total phase of the eclipse.
  • Use approved solar eclipse glasses and avoid fake viewers that are being sold; a list of approved vendors is available here. Read and follow any instructions packaged with or printed on the glasses.
  • Do not look at the sun through a camera, telescope, binoculars or any other optical device while using your eclipse glasses, as the concentrated solar rays can damage the filter, enter your eyes and cause serious injury or blindness.
  • Eclipse glasses should be removed only once the moon completely blocks the sun along the path of totality. Once the sun reappears, glasses should be replaced immediately.
  • Visit a local eye care professional for a comprehensive exam if you or a family member experience discomfort or vision problems following the eclipse.

The upcoming solar eclipse should be a fun and educational opportunity as long as you take the necessary precautions. If you miss this spectacle, the next time a total solar eclipse will traverse the entire U.S. mainland will be on Aug. 12, 2045.

3 Tips For Revamping Your Bathroom


Nobody ever said revamping your bathroom was going to be easy. It requires time, patience, vision, and creativity. Plus it also requires a lot of thought and decision making on the right fixtures, the perfect shower head, and the ideal bathroom sink.

It may sound overwhelming but when all's said and done, your bathroom will look exactly the way you imagined it. Just be willing to put in the work and do not fear hiring the best experts to perform their jobs according to your vision.

As an example, when visiting, Long Beach, California residents can find the best plumber who can make their vision a reality. Feel free to use the search feature on the site to find the best plumbers in your community too. You should also hire the best carpenters and electricians to ensure your newly remodeled commode looks exactly how you want it.

With that said, let’s dive into our best bathroom remodeling tips without further delay.
1. Figure Out Your Budget

Before you can really dive into the nitty-gritty work of creating a floorplan or remodeling layout, you need to discover how much money you have available for this makeover. That will determine whether you can make certain remodeling changes. If you do not have the funds, you’ll need to forgo certain changes no matter how badly you want them.

Go over your finances and set a budget for the renovation. If you don’t have as much money as you need, think about getting the extra financing – i.e. materials, monthly payments to contractors – and see what you can do from there.

At the end of the day, it isn’t the end of the world if you do not have big bucks available to remodel your bathroom. Just work with what you have and see what you can do based on your current financial situation.

2. Developing Your Bathroom Layout


Now that you’ve discovered how much you can spend on your bathroom, it’s time to create a custom floorplan. By developing your layout ahead of time, you can fully analyze your space and determine your needs based on its size. This will make it easier than ever to determine the changes you’ll make and how you’ll implement them in your brand-new, fully remodeled custom bathroom.

Do you want a shower stall or bathtub? How many sinks are you going to have in your bathroom? Where is your tub faucet going to be? Where is the toilet bowl going to be located? Do you need to bring in a plumber to relocate the pipes?

Think about the answers to all these questions and use them to design your custom floorplan. Before long, you’ll have the perfect plan in place to fully realize your customized bathroom dreams.

3. DIY Or Professional?

Do you plan to remodel your bathroom yourself? Or are you hiring professionals to get the job done. If you do not possess the skills, licensing, and insurance to complete this job on your own, then you obviously have to hire professionals.

Use the internet or ask friends and family members to provide you with recommendations. Find top-notch contractors, plumbers, electricians, and more and ask for detailed quotes based on your guidelines.


It will be easier than ever to fully customize and remodel your bathroom if you use these three tips, so please do so at your earliest convenience.

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NASCAR Acceleration Nation is a great new way to share motorsports fun with your kids! Win NASCAR prizes! too

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Do you have kids that love cars? Let me tell you about an amazing website and app that they will love then! Have you heard of NASCAR Acceleration Nation?! This is an AMAZING way to share this car passion with your kids! If you are wondering what it is, keep reading because this is amazing! Kids can go on the website or download the free NASCAR Acceleration Nation App (get it here). 
NASCAR Acceleration Nation is a fun way for your kids to learn NASCAR! This is SO entertaining and educational! Kids can learn about NASCAR drivers the tracks through the Acceleration Nation website and app! They can even learn about the science of speed and more through videos! HOW COOL IS THAT?! 
I love that the website and app both feature fun kids games, info on races, details on cars, and learning materials about the science of racing. This really is an amazing way to get kids involved in the sport!
Fun fact: Kids 12 and under are FREE to all NASCAR XFINITY & Camping World Truck races! Take advantage of it! Download the FREE Acceleration Nation app today at the App Store or Google Play Store.
Don't leave yet! There’s a fantastic giveaway too! The 1st prize of $400, 2nd of $150, and 3rd of $75 of NASCAR gift cards. Open to residents of US & Canada, and ends Sept 8th, 2017. The contest is open to US and Canada only. 18 and over.NASCAR is sponsoring this blog post/providing the gift card prizes! Enter below. Goodluck!
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NASCAR® and its marks, including NASCAR Acceleration NationTM, are trademarks of the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners

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Check out the 20 for 20 at Chuck E. Cheese's!

We love Chuck E. Cheese's! My family goes often. We should totally be known by our names by now! I am stoked to share with you a new offer! During the month of August, Chuck E. Cheese is rolling out their most exciting gaming offer yet. On weekdays only, guests who purchase $20 or more in games (Play Pass points) will receive $20 of FREE gameplay. As summer starts to come to a close, Chuck E. Cheese wants to keep the fun going.
How exciting is this?! Visit the Chuck E. Cheese's location on their website to see a location near you!
 Be sure to stop by Chuck E. Cheese's on their social channels to stay up to date with the latest below! 

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{Free} First And Last Day Of School 2017-2018 Printables

I love making graphics. 99% of what you see on The Small Things are made by me using my editing program. I spent a few hours tonight making you all these free graphics for you! I just ask that you do not edit or claim these as your own. These print on standard printer paper, or you can use cardstock! I made them 8x10 in my program, however,  you may need to trim when you print if you want to put in a frame.  Here is last years to give you an example. I updated last years posts with current versions for this year!
Please let me know if you take one! ENJOY!
Please enjoy and don't forget to share!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Check out The Grossery Gang Season 3 & Their MOVIE! #GrosseryGangMovie #PutridPower #Ad

This post has been sponsored by Moose Toys.  All opinions are my own.
Kids love toys, kids these days love collectible toys! Lydia loves it all. I love the look on her face when she opens one of the "blind bags" and giggles when she gets something that she doesn't have! Have you heard of The Grossery Gang? These little collectible toys are the coolest and just amazing! Lydia and I had the chance to work with Moose Toys on featuring Season 3 of The Grossery Gang here on The Small Things.  Your kids may already know about them. They are popular on YouTube for their cartoon series! Speaking of, on 7/29 the Grossery Gang Putrid Power Movie (Clean Team vs. Grossery Gang) will be on live! Watch it at the bottom of this post!
 Lydia was stoked to receive a variety of Season 3 products to feature here on The Small Things! She wouldn't stop asking me to open them all! Season 3 is The Grossery Gang Putrid Power! These are pretty amazing! They are messier than ever with this season! There are 150 ALL NEW characters in this collection! You can swap, squish and play with them! There are even new Big Mouthed Biters and Metallic Characters!

Season 3 is different! Season 3 is even more exciting! There is an evil force in Cheap Town known as THE CLEAN TEAM! These guys want to wipe out the Grossery Gang for GOOD! OH NO!!!! The gang must band together to transform into the ultimate disgusting dudes to fight off clean power! Watch it all go down in the movie on YouTube!

Check out our video here. (I am sorry my head was cut off. We did not realize until after we were done AND we were nervous!)

You can collect and even play games with them. The collector card in the trash cans tells how to play. Each pack has different products. The packs all have something different to offer. The 16 pack has two special finishes such as shiny and trash stained. The trash stained is exclusive!
The 5 pack has the chance to get LIMITED EDITION GUNKY GAS STATION GROSSERIES! The trash can packs include two. We call them blind bags because you never know what you have until you open them. They have special finishes that include Shiny, Oil Stained, and Vermin Biters! The Grossery Gang is separated into different collections within. They have characters that belong into each! Trash Alley, Fish Market, Vile Vermin, World Food, Cruddy Sport, Gross Greasies, Junk Yard, Barf Room Supplies, Stinky Snacks, Clean Team (These are the SHINY SERIES) AND they have the Gunky Gas Station. Those are LIMITED EDITION. Here are the ones that Lydia received from all of these packs!

Visit a local store near you to see if they have The Grossery Gang! You won't regret it. These are so much fun! Don't forget to watch the movie too! You can watch it below!

 You can visit their website to learn more about them, get downloads and more! They have so many activities to enjoy! Check out the entire line of Grossery Gang products via Moose Toys too!
You can check out more on the Grossery Gang by checking out the channel: Be sure to subscribe to new videos too! You can also visit their other social channels below to stay up to date with the latest! Don't forget to watch the Grossery Gang Putrid Power Movie (Clean Team vs. Grossery Gang) on 7/29 via YouTube! Tanks for reading!

Do your kids collect these characters? I would love to hear!