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New Orleans is a special place of its own. Bran and I went together  last year and it was my first time going! We ventured streets, went to bourbon street, walked the french quarter and had some absolutely delicious food. The memories that we made will last an absolute lifetime. There are some things that you should know though if you are a first-time traveler!

Don't take your designer handbag. It isn't worth carrying. No one cares! Get one of the bags you see above and be minimal. You don't want a bunch of weight on your shoulders! You want to be as comfortable as you can!

Speaking of comfort, wear comfortable shoes, because yes- you will be walking a shit ton. The streets are uneven and there are a lot of holes. You won't want to walk that shit in heels, that is for sure.
Take in the view, plan to be there for several days, take one day to not worry about photos, scout the good spots and plan a day for photos next. You want to enjoy the moment. There is SO much to see here! 
Tip the street performers! They make a living here and believe me, they will get livid if you try to take a photo without a tip. Even just $2 will make them happy! 
 The frozen daiquiri places are more bang for your buck. $13 for a souvenir cup and $9 for refills. 
Want some badass seafood? Like- LEGIT food? Visit New Orleans Creole Cookery! 
It is by Decatur. 
Let me tell you this was LEGIT ya'll!
Bran loves oysters so he enjoyed raw and charbroiled!
 I enjoyed crab legs, sausage, shrimp and more! SO YUMMY! Now, yes it was $125 but the price shouldn't matter when you come to NOLA because you will spend money for th good food!
Another tip is most of the bars will give water for free so you need to stay hydrated! Especially if you are going to party on Bourbon! Another thing that I will tell you is yes, there are people sleeping on streets and begging for money. IGNORE IT. ENJOY your time there and have fun. Go and explore- take in the moment and be sure to stop for a beignet! IT IS A MUST for anyone, especially a first timer! (These are even better when you have a hangover!)

 NOLA is a gorgeous place! Enjoy the photos I have below! 

Don't forget to venture outside of bourbon and the french quarter. There is SO much to see! The graffiti around town is AMAZING! Check it out below for yourself! 

Overall, I had an absolute blast! Let me tell you, if you are going to go- you need a fat wallet because shit isn't cheap! The memories will last a lifetime though. Mardi Gras may be in our future, that's for sure!  Have you ever been to NOLA!? I would love to hear!

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