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Must Have's While On The Road And What Keeps My Family Hydrated During The Summer! #Switch2BODYARMOR #BringIt #ad

This post is sponsored by BODYARMOR. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Summer is one season that my child loves to play outside. We love to do outdoor activities and we also love to take road trips! There is one thing that plays a common role in our lives when it comes to staying hydrated. BODYARMOR is a premium sports drink with no artificial flavors or sweeteners. We love to drink these and we always have them on us! They keep Lydia, my daughter, hydrated when she is outside playing softball, or when she is running the yard! My 10-year-old says they are super refreshing, and she is right. My husband is a USPS driver, and he keeps them in his cooler when he is on the road too! We always keep them in our cooler for road trips!
When we are on the road, we always have to have the following essentials with us to make it a success:
  • Games- Games are a must to have when you go on a road trip. We all know kids can get annoying when they start the "Are we there yet?" questions. Having games on hand can help with the boredom. Get the entire family involved and make it fun! 
  • Snacks- Snacks are a must. Pack little baggies of crackers or fruits. You don't want things that are high in sugar or even major junk foods such as chips or cookies. Packing little sandwich bags with fruits, raisins or even trail mix can help curb your appetite until you stop for a real meal!
  • DrinksBODYARMOR provides superior hydration and comes in 9-great tasting flavors: fruit punch, orange mango, strawberry banana, tropical punch, blackout berry, mixed berry, grape, watermelon strawberry and lemonade. These are a must have when you are on the road! Not only do we love these when Lydia is playing softball, she loves them on the road. BODYARMOR water is a premium sport water designed by athletes, for athletes. BODYARMOR is the brand of choice for athletes and has assembled an impressive team of young, superstar athletes such as James Harden, Mike Trout, Dustin Johnson, Andrew Luck, Richard Sherman, Dez Bryant, Anthony Rizzo, Buster Posey, Skylar Diggins and several others. These drinks are potassium-packed with electrolytes, vitamins and coconut water. We can find it at Kroger local to us!

  • Giftcards- Save those Visa giftcards that you get throughout the year for your road trip. You spend less money out of pocket this way and many retailers and gas stations accept them!
  • Baby wipes- YES baby wipes are PERFECT to clean up EVERY mess there is when kids make messes in the car while on the road. These are a must to have in the car!
  • Blankets- You need blankets for the kids that say "I am cold" while the rest of the car is enjoying that cold air conditioning. When everyone is happy, mom is happy. When the kids don't complain, we have a good road trip!
  • Change of clothes- If your road trip doesn't involve staying the night and you don't have clothes packed, I recommend you pack one extra pair for each person anyways. There have been so many incidents when the kiddo failed to tell us she HAD to go, and she held it and ended up having an accident. Running into Walmart with pee soaked clothes so that we can buy a change of clothes is NOT FUN. Trust me. You will thank me later. ANYTHING can happen.
A reminder for the drinks in the car or when the kids are playing- head to your local Kroger to purchase BODYARMOR. Be sure to keep the following deals in mind! Available at Kroger (or appropriate retailer) on promo the following dates: 
  • 4 for $5 on the following dates: 6/21 – 6/27 
  • 10 for $10 on the following dates: 6/14 – 6/20: 10/$10 | 6/28 – 7/4: 10/$10
Score your coupons HERE too! 

I am super excited that I found a healthy and great alternative for our family to replenish their bodies when on the go! Are you going to purchase BODYARMOR now that I have told you about it? 


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  1. I've had the Fruit Punch and it's delicious. I think the next flavor I'd try would be Strawberry Watermelon.

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  3. I want to try the tropical punch flavor.

  4. I'd love to try the orange mango flavor.

  5. I would like to try the tropical punch.

  6. I would like to try the lemonade flavor.

  7. I'd love to try the orange mango flavor.

  8. I'd love to try the fruit punch or mixed berry flavor most. They look good

  9. I would love to try teh fruit punch flavor the most, but they all look so tasty!

  10. Izayah (my son) absolutely loves these!! I have never tried one but I really want to try the Mixed Berry. I love anything berry flavored! Great post! :)

  11. I would like to try the tropical punch flavor.

  12. I would like to try the watermelon strawberry flavor first.

  13. I would like to try the Strawberry flavored drink as my choice!

  14. I want to try the fruit punch.

  15. We shop at Kroger every week, it's my favorite grocery store. I've seen these there before, and considered giving them a try. I want to try the strawberry banana one most, but they all sound good Me!

  16. I would want to try either the watermelon strawberry or the strawberry banana.


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