About Me & My Blog

 About Me and My Family
Welcome to my "other home". My name is Brenda. My friends call me Bre! I am a freelance blogger and editor, social media manager and most of all, I am a mom!  I am married to a wonderful man. My husbands name is Jonathan. I reside in the Nashville, Tn area!
 I am that girl you will see in a t-shirt and jeans! Most of all, I am shy but once you get to know me, you will love me! (I hope so, anyways!) I love horror and Disney. Yes, people can consider that weird but it is true.
 I love blogging and it gives me something to do since my husband has given me the honor of staying at home. I am an open book and I love meeting new people! I am a family person. My family is my #1!  I also have a Maltipoo, Max.  Say hi Max!
I also have a beautiful Black Lab, Beau!
If you would like to get to know me better, follow me on my blog here and subscribe to my emails or you can check me out on Facebook via my personal page!  I promise I am not crazy.. okay.. maybe a little! ;)
I want to also get the word out about Anencephaly Awareness! You can read our story via the Anencephaly Tab above, as it is very close to my heart and in memory of my youngest daughter, Aubrey. Thanks for reading! =) 

About My Blog
I would not put myself in one specific category of blogs. I love blogging about a little bit of everything. I am a brand ambassador for Nintendo and Geek Fuel. I love doing what I do! I also love to promote companies on social media and interact with my readers. You will also find me hosting giveaways because I love winning things, and giving back to my readers for being a big part of why my blog is successful makes me feel great! I do not limit myself to what I write about because I believe that having a variety of content and not limiting what I write will make my blog unique. Check out my PR Friendly section for more info about my blog and requirements. Be sure to stop by and visit my Media Kit too!
If you are interested in having an event or product featured, buying ad space or inquiring about a sponsored post- please visit my PR Friendly section of my blog. You can also learn more about my blog there! Thank you! Please Email me at bbrown@thesmallthings89.com if you have any questions or concerns.