My daughter Lydia loves to be crafty. She can also read really well for a 7 year old. She can follow directions to pretty much anything. The Choose Friendship Company recently introduced a new product called My Boondoggle Lanyard Maker. Choose Friendship products come with everything kid crafters need to unplug from digital distractions and explore their connections to each other. I think it is great for her to sit an hour or so and do this and step away from her tablet or Wii.
Lydia was excited to receive her My Boondoggle Lanyard Maker. She has never had a product like this before so I was excited to see how she'd do with it.
 She wanted to get started right away! We sat at the kitchen table and I watched her go to work!
This product stores all of her items so that she won't lose anything! It comes with enough products to make 5 landyards! 10 different colors of plastic lace, beads and 5 key rings. Making the lanyard is easy. This is Lydia showing you how to make a spiral lanyard.
Pick two colors and align them on the key hook. Place the key hook in the center of the boondoggle maker.
Place one of the colors in slots 5A & 5C  (Pink) and the other color in 5B & 5D. (Purple)
Now, take 5A (pink)  and wrap it around 6A & cross it over the center of your maker. Secure the lace into 4C! Take 5C (Purple) and wrap it around 6C and cross it over the center. Secure that lace into 4A. 
Now take 5B ( Purple) and cross it over the first two pink laces and under the third. Secure that lace into 4D. Take 5D and do the same. Secure into 4B. As you can see her fingers are releasing the loops made on 5A and 5C. Release it. 
After you release, pull the laces from 4A and 4C tight! (The Pink) and do the same for 4B and 4D! After you do this each time, you need to reset your laces back into 5A & 5C  (Pink) and the other color in 5B & 5D. (Purple)  until you run out of lace and you get this:
You can add your beads however you want and tie the end and you are done! I think this is a cute product! She chose to gift this to her nana, my husbands mom. I love how easy this was for her to understand and how great it was to watch her put it together. It took her about an hour the first time! She is now working on another for my husband. You can purchase this product on their website HERE for only $19.99. Check out their store locator to see where else you can buy their products at! You can find them at Michaels, Joanne, Toys "R" Us and more! Check out their website to see what other awesome products they have to offer! Be sure to visit them on their social media to stay up to date with the latest! 
*Disclaimer: The Small Things received My Boondoggle Lanyard Maker to facilitate this review. All opinions are our own*
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  1. What a great craft kit for kids. I remember making lanyards when I was young but we never had a kit. This is awesome.

  2. Oh my goodness, that looks like a ton of fun! I loved making lanyards as a kid. I love the light in her eyes! You can see how much she is enjoying making those.
    I used to be obsessed with making potholders. I had far too many of those Loom kits you can get to make them with. It's a fairly similar activity. I wonder if she would enjoy that as well?! xox

  3. How cool is that!? I didn't even know what a lanyard was until I read this. I just love it. It's great for increasing dexterity too it seems. I like to make things like this too. It could be used by an adult to make gifts as well. Thanks Lydia for the great review!


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