Thanks to Binxy Baby for providing product on hand to test!

Being a mom to a new baby can be stressful when it comes to going to the grocery store. I mean come on, those car seats are SO bulky and not to mention, they are a hassle to manuver around the store on the buggy. I am so short. I can hardly see around it. Not to mention, my baby hates being strapped down any more than she has to be. I was recently introduced to Binxy Baby and let me tell you- this is a lifesaver. If you have not heard of them, you are missing out. Binxy Baby was invented by a busy mom of 4, Lisa Pinnell. She is so clever!

From their website:
She started researching and learned something startling: Falls from shopping carts are among the leading causes of head injuries to young children? About 24,000 kids a year are treated in hospital emergency rooms because of shopping cart-related injuries. She also learned that placing an infant car seat on top of a shopping cart is a big no-no. Those infant seats are big and heavy and besides making the cart top heavy, they tend to fall face first when bumped. Lisa was determined to figure out a solution to her problem. After many late nights, some very ugly prototypes, every safety test you can imagine, and a little help from her mom, the Binxy Baby® Shopping Cart Hammock™ was born. The end result was a fun, easy, convenient, and most importantly, simple way to safely hold a baby plus a basket full of groceries!

Check it out. This product is so easy to use. You just clip the plastic to each end of the buggy, strap the velcro straps, strap baby into harness and you are ready to shop! Best of all, it has a 50 lb weight limit so this can be used for quite sometime! There is also a strap on the bottom so you can strap your carseat as well.

It is easy to put on the cart one handed as well. As you can see below, here she is with her blanket and without it so that you can see how she fits. She is only 6 lbs.

From the first view, it doesn't look like she is strapped in, but she is. She is comfortable and hanging and not to mention, pushing the buggy lets her be rocked as well. 

This product is amazing and I can't believe it wasn't around when I had my firstborn 14 years ago. This has to be a lifesaver for moms everywhere, thats for sure! 

There are a variety of styles to choose from, and they even have cart covers to match as well. Check out the selection of Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock's here. These are only $49.95 and if you don't have a baby to get one, this will make an AMAZING babyshower gift too. Lilly Grace is shopping in style thanks to Binxy Baby. Will you plan on buying one now that you seen this post? Do let me know. I would love to hear!

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