Nothing cushions like WonderGel because the further you push into other cushions, the harder they push back. Because of its pressure threshold technology, WonderGel cushions ‘know’ where to stand firm and where to give way in order to eliminate pressure hot spots and at the same time provide support and alignment to the body. 

n 1995, a team of U.S. inventors created and patented the first hollow-column buckling gel cushions with engineered pressure thresholds, and immediately applied the technology to the most urgent need: cushioning for medical patients. Since then they have worked non-stop to bring the same pressure relief, spinal alignment, and back support to the rest of us. And they've done it. Not only is it the most comfortable, but it's also one of the longest lasting cushioning surfaces, it is completely non-toxic, environmentally friendly, breathable, and won’t make you feel hot.

I was given the chance to review the WonderGel Sof-Pillow. I have to say that I am in love. The pillow is so comfortable!
Here are a few facts about it:
  • Multi-purpose pillow provides unsurpassed comfort
  • Perfect for sleeping and relaxing and positioning
  • Unique shape provides optimal lumbar, leg, and neck support
  • Ultimate home or travel pillow – goes anywhere you go

Overall the pillow is great. The cover is so soft and velvet like. It feels so great on my neck and gives me the support that I need. You can buy this awesome pillow for $29.99 on the WonderGel website. Feel free to follow them on Facebook and Twitter too!!

* I was not paid in any form to review this product. All thoughts are my own*

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  1. This pillow is amazing! I would love to try to sleep with this pillow! I bet it is really comfortable! A person's pillow is so important for a good quality sleep, and this pillow looks like it is high quality!

  2. I like the idea that it doesn't make you feel hot but I'm not sure if I like the shape of it, I sleep all over in all positions and by the morning am sharing the bed (and my pillow) with my 3 year old daughter.


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