As you all have seen, I have had the chance to work with Folica many of times. I was excited when I had the chance to work with them again and try the Simply Smooth Xtend Humid Shield Hair Spray that is on their website.
Wondering what Folica is about?
It's all about the hair.
We're hair junkies who are lucky enough to have access to the hottest hair trends and best new hair products and tools on the market. And, we're in it for you. From talking to our customers, expert stylists and industry insiders, to testing everything under the sun, our mission is simple: have fun in the pursuit of a great hair day, every day.

I have had my try at many hairsprays but nothing like this. This is just awesome!  The Simply Smooth Xtend Humid Shield Hair Spray is the best one I have tried so far. WHY? Because it esists humidity, repels moisture, and leaves hair touchable!
  • Botanically blended, keratin infused, weightless, non-flaking hair spray
  • Resists humidity, repels moisture, and leaves hair touchable
  • Light to firm hold, non-flaking formula
  • This Sodium Chloride free hair spray is formulated to benefit all hair types
  • Xtend humidity shield hair spray is unique in comparison to other sprays, as humidity shield will allow you to re-work with the hair as you desire
  • Xtend humidity shield hair spray is unique in comparison to other sprays. The fibers in the humidity shield are oval and small. Conventional hair spray overlaps long fibers in a mesh pattern to create a strong hold, and shorter fibersin a mesh pattern to create a light holding spray. The xtend humidity shield hair spray overlaps short oval fibers that can be sprayed on lightly for a light hold and more heavily for a firm hold. The fibers leave little room in-between them and this is what keeps the humidity out of the hair.• Humidity shield & intensify hair shine
Overall I am completely satisfied with this hair spray. It really smells great too! The hairspray does not feel sticky neither. That is a complete plus for me. I hate having sticky hands after doing my hair. This is a great product for anyone that loves your hair to be fixed and not poofy or fuzzy after a long day. You can buy The Simply Smooth Xtend Humid Shield Hair Spray for $25.00 on the Folica Website. Be sure to follow Folica on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with the latest news and products too!

** The Small Things was not paid in any form to review this product. I received the product and in exchange I gave my honest opinions of it in this review**
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  1. This sounds like my kind of hair spray! I've had trouble with most brands because my hair is so fine. Seems like when I get enough spray on to actually hold my hair, it's stiff as a board! This product may cost a bit more than I'd care to spend, but if it works as well as you say, it would be worth the price! Thank you for this info. :)

  2. I like the post about the hairspray not being so sticky! I find that most hair sprays are sticky and leave a film on my hair that I do not like! There products sound like they are made with high quality ingredients!

  3. Love that it doesn't make your hair hard.

  4. The last time I used hairspray was the early 90's, not only did it make my hair STIFF, it also would then leave flakes/chunks when my hair would move...GRRR!


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