MG: The First Portable Gaming System for the Android Market. Pledge and Save!

The first 2,000 people to pledge MG's Kickstarter campaign will get to pre-order an MG for $99 and save $70 off the suggested retail price of $169!
I bet you are wondering what this hype is all about huh? I am going to tell you more about them.
PlayMG™ Corp. is a new start-­‐up company formed in July 2012 with the mission to fuel the redesign of gaming™ to affordably harness the play power of the dominant Android app gaming platform. PlayMG has assembled a team of leaders in their field to bring to market this holiday season a first-­‐of-­‐its-­‐kind portable gaming device that fits in your pocket but still has a big 4-­‐inch touchscreen for massive gaming fun on the go. They call it MG™. Meet the architects of this meta gaming revolution who are dedicated to bringing more game to the portable gaming masses.
This thing looks awesome. I cannot wait to try it. The MG (more game) - the first dedicated portable Wi-Fi gaming system for the massive 60,000-plus Android freemium app games market. MG eliminates the need for packaged games or expensive data plans that come with smartphones, and caters to the 63 million kids under 18 years, 39 million of which - like mine - do not yet have smartphones. With MG, kids get to enter the world of freemium Wi-Fi App gaming while parents can safely and affordably give it to them. And finally, we parents won't have to share any more and can reclaim our tablets and smartphones. 
 Another great thing about it is The MG Family Collaboration System—a new feature in the portable gaming space—includes “Digital Wallet” and “Remote Trust” notification functions. The MG “Digital Wallet” lets parents create "game allowances" through reloadable BillMyParents SpendSmart prepaid MasterCard

 Now that you have read about it, Head on over and Take The Pledge  and save. This is gonna be a HIT for Christmas this year!! Be one of the first 2,000! What are you waiting for?! You can pledge $1 or more!

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