Hot Iron Holster Review

by Bre, 3:22 PM

I get so frustrated when I use my straightener and it falls into the sink. It really freaks me out. I always think I am gonna get electrocuted or something.  I found something that cures my problem completely and you are going to love it. The Hot Iron Holster is a perfect gift for anyone! Know someone with hot styling tools? Get this for them! I get so frustrated when I burn everything with my styling tools or they keep falling and I burn myself when I try to catch it. This is the neatest product that I have had so far!
The Hot Iron Holster is a heat resistant, silicone pocket that holds curling irons, flat irons or hair dryers. It is made of 100% silicone and consists of two parts: A roomy pocket for holding styling tools and a flap that grips household surfaces. Combined, they provide a clever and simple solution for managing your hot styling tools and hair accessories.  All Hot Iron Holsters are heat resistant to 500° Fahrenheit. You must place it on a clean and dry surface.
 This is amazing. Want to read more about how it came to be? Check it out! From a Hot pad and oven mit! Currently you can buy this product in Purple, Pink, Black and White. You can purchase it for $24.95. This is a perfect gift for the Holidays!
Wanna know how to clean it? Simply clean it with water and alcohol. You can use the Hot Iron Holster on almost any surface. Counters, Sinks and tables. Pretty Neat huh? If you want to stay up to date with the latest news from them check out their Facebook, Twitter and view their Pinterest board and Instagram too. You can view more facts about it online too.

*The Small Things was not paid to review this product, I received product in exchange for my review*
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  1. This is definitely going on my Christmas Wish-list!

  2. I've seen hand crafted items on Pinterest similar to this - also made from pot holders. I love products that are useful!

  3. Once I get a curling iron and/or a flat iron I'm going to need this, I'd be in so much trouble if I burned the countertop!


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