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I don't know about you, but I love sitting around in my pajamas and having some slippers on my feet. I recently had the chance to work with a great company on reviewing some cute slippers. Bunny Slippers is your source for all things bunny and bunny-slipper related! They have a ton of slippers to choose from but they are known for their classic bunny slippers for the whole family! 
When I was told that I could review a pair of slippers, I was stoked! I was able to choose from several pair on the list and I chose the Orange Tiger Paw Slippers.
 I have to say that I am so so happy with the slippers that I was able to review! They are so comfortable and adorable! It is so cold here in Middle Tennessee and when I put these slippers on, my feet immediately warm up! These slippers are so cute. I am satisfied with my choice in what I chose! 
These slippers come in adult sizes as well as childrens! They come in a Women's 6-10.5/ Men's 5-8.5 and a Large Men's 9-12. The Toddler's Orange Tiger Paw Slippers are a one size fits all. One size fits toddlers ages 1-4; insole measures 6" in length. You can buy the adult sizes for $24.95 and the Toddler's for $19.95. I have to say that is not a bad price at all!  The insoles on these slippers are so fluffy and thick. It makes my feet comfortable when I walk in them. They do not make my feet to hot and it keeps them just right.  Check out the Bunny Slippers website and see what else they have to offer. I know the majority of my readers have children so check out their Children's Slippers menu! 
 Be sure to follow Bunny Slippers on Facebook to keep up with the latest news! If you go to their website and sign up for their newsletter, you can be entered in to their monthly drawing for a $50 Gift Certificate. 
Which slippers would YOU like if you had a chance to have any pair that you like? 

*The Small Things was not paid for this review. All thoughts are my own. I received product and in return, gave my honest opinions.* 
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  1. These are so cute! My older sister had some just like your's when I was very little. I've always wanted a pair like it and never knew where until now! Thanks for sharing, great review!


  2. Boy, they have all kinds of slippers, and even some non-slipper items

  3. Oh my goodness I love these. They are so sweet and cute :) Any child would love these, I would wear them. lol


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