Today was such a SPECIAL day for my husband and I. We went to the hospital and walked the March Of Dimes walk in honor of our Aubrey! My awesome in laws and my husbands friend Sherry walked with us. It was the first time I had met her and she came out of her way to walk for our Aubrey! The ceremony was great. There was someone that had to kiss the pig as part of a fundraiser and that was pretty neat! The part that was the most emotional was then they had everyone raise their bandannas. We were given three choices- Dark purple for healthy babies- light purple for premature babies and white for angel babies. We chose white at that moment for Aubrey. 
During the ceremony they told everyone to hold them high and look around then explained what they meant. I held my white bandanna and cried my eyes out. Everyone was looking and you can see peoples eyes get all teary eyed. All though I did not have a pic took, I still have a pic of my bandanna. Which I plan to put in Aubreys memory box.
My bandanna with Aubrey's ashes in my pendant.

I am proud to say that we raised a good amount of money for the March Of Dimes. Every penny goes to the babies and to help prevent birth defects, infant death and premature labor. I wanted to say THANK YOU again to all that donated~!!!!
There was a big amount of people walking for their babies and teams walking with eachother.
We were more at the beginning of the line. =] I am so happy that we walked in honor of our sweet Aubrey! This means so much  to Jon and I!
My husband and I at the walk
Walking for Aubrey!!!
My husbands friend Sherry came and drove almost an hour to walk with us! I broke down crying while walking and she held my hand and talked me through it. I feel so honored she came to be with us!
When we crossed the finish balloons my husband held me while I cried some more. I just let it all out. WE DID IT! WE DID IT FOR AUBREY!!!!!
He is so amazing and awesome!
Kisses from the best husband EVER!!!!
 As you can see it was a bittersweet and emotional day for us! We enjoyed every minute of it! All because it was for our sweet babygirl!
My father inlaw, husband, myself and mother inaw
Sherry, myself and husband

This picture is great too because this is my nurse that took care of me at my prenatal visits with Aubrey. She randomly spotted me out and came and gave me a hug and asked me how I was doing. =] I found her after the walk and asked for a picture with her.
My nurse and I
This is the Wall of Wishes at the walk. I thought this was pretty neat. 
Wall of Wishes
No person should ever go through having a child with a birth defect, having a baby that is premature or that has a NICU stay and they should never have to go through losing a child. Walking for Aubrey means so much to us because Aubrey had the birth defect that took her life at 20 weeks. We have been there, we know how this feels. It HURTS. PLEASE PLEASE take your folic acid if you are not preventing pregnancy. This will reduce your chances of a birth defect and will reduce Trisomy/ Anencephaly. If you have been touched by infant loss, please do not hesitate to reach out to me on here or my facebook page. I will be an ear to talk to you and if you are local, I can be a shoulder too!
Thank you for reading about our walk and I will continue to share our story every day! 
- In memory of our sweet princess Aubrey Elizabeth Brown-

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