I have been out on a venture to try new things. As you all know I love doing my nail art but the acetone makes my hands rough. I did not have any sugar scrub on hand and well...let's face it..some are just too expensive!!  I thought to myself  "What if I just made my own?"! Making my own sugar hand scrub is just what I set out to do!
You need The Following
Read for full instructions:
I chose to use a container with a lid on it. If you want to get fancy, a small mason jar will work too! 
Fill your container 3/4 of the way full with sugar..
Fill the remainder if the container with the dish liquid of choice. You can do the same if you want body scrub using your favorite Bath and Body Works Body Wash! 
Mix with a spoon until the mixture is pasty! You may need to add more sugar OR even dishliquid.
Finished product! Isn't it beautiful? :D You can add some extract to make it smell even better as well! I chose not to.
 See how it looks on my hands when I start to scrub? I honestly have to say that this is a super frugal way to make sugar scrub!
 Let me know how it works for you! Don't forget what I said above! You can use your favorite Bath and Body Works Body Wash instead of dish liquid! ( Perfect for gifting to people!)
Overall, I love Palmolive! I thought out of the box and it now doubles for hand scrub and what is left in the bottle for my dish soap! 
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  1. We made a sugar scrub in my mom's group and I loved it! But I would probably never make it on my own, way too many things in it, and some of the stuff I would never use for anything else but the scrub. I will be making this one...many times over again!

  2. This is such a great idea and Palmolive is sooo gentle!!!

  3. I'm never gonna buy sugar scrub again and with this recipe I won't have to. I get excited just thinking of all the money I will save!

  4. I've made this kind of sugar scrub before and it's really nice!

  5. This is something I need in the winter. I think I might have to make it.

  6. I made this with sugar before and it was awesome! Might try a thick salt next!


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