Mod Lacquer Nail Polish Review

by Bre, 3:33 AM
 I have been wanting to try "Indie" Nail polish for a while now! If you were wondering what Indie means, it means independent. Mod Lacquer LLC personally hand blends all of her nail polish using micas, pigments, glitter and a 3 free suspension base. She has so much to choose from and I honestly have to say that they ARE one of a kind! I approached her to see if I could review some of her nail polishes on  my blog and she said yes! I was stoked!! I anxiously waited for the mail to run and opened my package to this:
Can you say BEAUTIFUL!!!? These polishes are so pretty!! I will start from left to the right.
This beautiful nail polish is called"Lavender Festival"
Lavender Festival is a pale sheer lavender jelly base with a variety of colors and different sizes of glitter. This is too pretty! I used three coats on my hands below with one layer of top coat.
Lavender Festival is a 15ml (.5oz) bottle and can be purchased for only $9.50 plus $3 Shipping. There is a mini version of this polish for $4!
Now another polish that I received is beautiful too! 
 This nail polish is called Satire Coral. Satire is a bright sheer coral/pink jelly base with bright yellow glitter It is just perfect for the summer!!!
Here is what it looks like on my nails! 
I used three coats of polish to take this picture. I love the color and I love how it looks against my skin!
Satire Coral is a 15ml (.5oz) bottle and can be purchased for only $9.50 plus $3 Shipping.or you can buy this in a mini version for $4 and $3 Shipping!
My husband especially loved this next polish! My husband said that this nail polish reminds him of the original Willy Wonka movie when the boy turns pixelated! 

 The name of this polish is called 8Bit Digits. 8-Bit Digits is a fine multi-color neon glitter polish in a clear base. It IS recommended to use a top coat because this polish dries as a matte texture. I chose to try this polish with random base coat colors because it is just a clear base glitter. It is SO PRETTY! I love how it has a different look with every color!!! I only needed two coats of glitter to achieve my desired result!
 The polish that I received was a mini but you can buy 8Bit Digits in a 15ml (.5oz) bottle for only
$9.50 plus $3 Shipping. 
 The last polish that I tried was just as gorgeous as the rest!
The name of this polish is Galactic Aura! Galactic Aura is a Duochrome nail polish that is primarily teal that shifts to blue and purple with tiny sparks of rainbow colors from the micro holographic glitter. It IS recommend that you use a top coat to make it have a sparkle effect too! 

See how pretty this is? I love love the color! The duocrome effect is seen more in person than in the picture. This mini 4ml bottle of Galactic Aura can be purchase for $4 and $3 shipping!  
Currently Mod Lacquer is offering a coupon code on her shop for *FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS $25 AND OVER! USE CODE FREESHIP25*
Check out Mod Lacquer LLC on Facebook because she posts often and you don't want to miss out on new polish releases from her!!  Check out her Instagram page too! 
Now that you know all about the polish that I received visit her shop and tell me, what is your favorite item that you see? =)
** Disclaimer: The Small Things was not paid to write this review. All thoughts are my own and may differ from others. I received these products and in return gave my honest opinion of them**

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  1. I don't often polish my nails, but this is very interesting. If I had something special coming up, I would certainly consider going this route!

  2. I really like the smaller glitters (the last 2 that you have posted)!

  3. These colors are gorgeous. I love trying new nail polish. I do my own nails at least once a week and these look great.

  4. Wow these are really awesome colors!! I will definitely be checking her out!! Thanks for the review I love nail polish!!

  5. This is some of the prettiest nail polish I have ever seen. Thank you for your review.

  6. Awesome nail polish, especially the glitter one! Lovely colors! :)


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