Since I had my first daughter, I have had a problem with thinning hair. I am not sure why it happened but I do know that pregnancy changes your body. I do think that thin hair runs in my family. Andalou Naturals uses fruit stem cell science, this helps renew and prepare and regenerate. I recently had the chance to work with them on reviewing a great selection of products! I love the fact that Andalour Naturals is the First Beauty Brand to achieve 100% Non-GMO Project Verification. I had the chance to work with them on reviewing the Age Defying Thinning Hair System. I love it because this is exactly what I needed to have thicker and healthier hair. The Age Defying Hair System stimulates cell renewal, sustains healthy growth cycle, and helps protect against chronological aging!
 I was excited when I opened it up to see that it was a three part treatment system. The packaging is quite eye catching. I love the blue bottles! The Age Defying Hair System is sulfate free and color safe. That is a plus for me because I do color my hair monthly. It did not dull the color when I used it at all. What does this hair system do?
-Fortifies Hair Fibers against Split Ends
-Amplifies Hair Texture and Body
-Strengthens Strands to Reduce Breaks
-Conditions and Stimulates for Growth
-Actively Nourishes for Healthy Shine
 I love how it best prepares hair and scalp, washing away toxins, debris, and excess sebum that can block follicles. The first product in the hair system to try was the Age Defying Shampoo. This can be purchased for $9.95 ( 11.5 fl oz) separately from the kit. 

 To use the shampoo you apply to wet hair, massage to rich lather. Rinse thoroughly. Optimum benefits with regular use.
The second product that I tried from the kit was the Age Defying Conditioner. The conditioner is 11.5 fl oz and can be purchased separately for $9.95.
 The Age Defying Conditioner is simple to use as well. You apply to clean wet hair, working from ends up, and rinse.
The last product that I tried from the hair system was the Age Defying Scalp Intensive Treatment. This is a 2.1 fl oz bottle and can be purchased separately for only $14.95. 
 This product is as simple as the rest to use, you part towel dry hair into equal sections, apply a few drops to scalp and massage gently. Style as usual. You can reapply before bed to have night time benefits as well.Overall, I am so happy with my decision to get the Age Defying Thinning Hair System. It has changed my hair dramatically and I am looking forward to having thicker and healthier hair. This kit retails for $34.95 but can be purchased for $29.95!
Check Andalou Naturals out for yourself to see what else that they have to offer. Be sure to follow them on their social media and sign up for their newsletter to keep up with the latest.
*Disclaimer: The Small Things received a complementary Age Defying Hair System for review. All thoughts are my own and may differ from others.*

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  1. I don't need more hair, but would love all of the other benefits that come with it!

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