New Potato Tech has the best products to fit your needs. They have a variety of things for a great cost. They design, develop, and deliver to market state of the art, high quality, low cost, and easy to use communications and technology products.With all of their products, you download a free app to use! I love the concept. It is hip and the new "in". New Potato Technologies allowed me to work with them on reviewing a product that I have never seen before! 
I was able to review the Tunelink Home! This is the most advanced and highest fidelity wireless Bluetooth stereo audio and Infrared remote control solution for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android available. TuneLink Home is an advanced Bluetooth transceiver that adds wireless streaming audio and dongle-free universal remote control capability to your iOS or Android device. Replace every remote in your house and turn your entertainment system into a wireless music system! This product is awesome! It connects all of your devices into one! It is NEAT! How does it work? Download the FREE app from the app store!
Plug the audio inputs into your stereo system!

Simply connect the TuneLink Home to any USB port or power source using the including USB cable or use the included AC USB adapter (North America and EU models only.)
Now, you need to go and turn on your Bluetooth.
Connect your device. The Tunelink will start flashing blue and stop when it is connected!
Now you can add all of your systems onto the app. You can add your TV, Stereo and more!It has over 80,000 IR pre-programmed remote codes.
 You can also select themes for everything! I liked that feature!!
After you have it all set up play with it and get a good feel! It is pretty neat to use! TuneLink Home can control IR devices up to 45 feet away. TuneLink Home works with essentially all audio apps. This includes most Internet radio apps, games, audio book apps, and more. I love it! TuneLink Home will pair with any device that supports the A2DP Bluetooth stereo audio standard including Blackberry, Android, or other capable mobile devices.
I made a simple video with more about it! I even showed how it works for a few things.  Check it out! Don't giggle too much, yes I was nervous.

Tunelink Home can be purchased for only $99.99! Where can you purchase? Well not only can you buy on their website, they have other places that you can buy too! Check it outThey have a one year warranty that begins on the original date of purchase and ends one year from that date. Warranty policies do not cover damage due to misuse, abuse, unauthorized modifications, or damage due to exposure to the elements or external causes such as acts of nature. Check out New Potato Tech to see what else they have to offer. They have some pretty neat "techy" things!!  Be sure to visit them on social media too! New Potato Tech on FB|New Potato Tech on Twitter|New Potato Tech on Youtube
Check out my review of the FLPR Universal Remote Review  from New Potato Technologies too! 
*The Small Things received a complementary Tunelink Home device and in return I wrote this review. All thoughts are my own and may differ from others.*
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