Our Aubrey sent us a rainbow.

by Bre, 12:58 AM
Since the loss of our sweet daughter in April, I have not seen a rainbow. We do have odd signs that reassure us she is with us, things that happen at REALLY odd times, I mean REALLY ODD. Well today we were driving to a friends house because my hard drive went out yesterday in my laptop. He fixed it for us free of charge, which was a really sweet gesture! ( THANK YOU AGAIN)! On the way there  it was nasty and rainy and I was telling Jon I wish I could see a rainbow. And talking about how much I missed Aubrey. Well, we were at their house several hours and as headed toward home, we decided to stop at Walmart to grab something for dinner. On the way there, I kid you not..look what we ran into:
I am still in tears. I still keep thanking my sweet daughter for sending this to me. Sending this sweet sign that she heard me and she knows. There have been days it has stormed, poured and is nasty but it was SO ironic that I mention not seeing one and yet on the way home one is THERE right in my face. I know some people thinks that my "theory" is silly but I know in my heart that it was my daughter sending this to me. A sign. She is here. I miss her terribly but this makes me smile so big! Mommy misses you sweetheart! 
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