I recently had the chance to work with one of America's leading publishers of a few various things! Founded in 1928, they have been publishing fine gift books, humor books, compact references, travel guides, unique journals, quality stationery, holiday cards, and innovative children’s activity books. And they publish approximately 100 books and ancillary products per year.
Peter Pauper Press recently sent me a few items for review and I want to tell you all about them! One of the first things that I seen when I opened my box was their i-clips magnetic book marks.
The set of 8 i-clip bookmarks can be used as a secure page marker/bookmark, as a paper clip, as a refrigerator magnet, and more!
I chose to use mine with another item that I received for review!
Peter Pauper Press has a variety of i-clip bookmarks to choose from and can be purchased for $3.95.
One of the other items that I received really means a ton to me, especially after the loss our daughter. I received this beautiful journal.
 This journal is the Healing After Loss Journal. I have never seen anything like THIS before. It is just perfect for me. This is a hardcover journal. Healing After Loss: A Daily Journal for Working Through Grief includes insightful page-a-day affirmations, guidance, and thoughtful prompts for writing through loss. Daily meditations follow the course of a year, but the journal can be started in any month, on any day.

I love how incredibly perfect that this is. Everyday it has a topic to write about as well as something that always reaches out to me when I am having a bad time. As for example. Today's entry as you see above. This book is for anyone that has a loss but today's mentions the loss of a daughter. Today's affirmation reaches to me big time. This journal is a hardcover and is 372 pages long. The author of this journal is Martha Whitmore Hickman. I have to say that she is genius to come up with something so prefect. You can buy this journal for only $16.99. 
The last item that I received was something I plan to give my mother in law. It is so cute! 
This hardcover book is a small 72 page book called Aging With Attitude. It is so hilarious. Thie book is illustrated with hilarious full-color caricatures of sassy seniors run amuck. No matter what your age, you'll get a kick out of a generation that knows better but couldn't care less! 
 This is hilarious.

I got a huge kick out of it and I just know that she will too! Overall, I am so happy with the items that I received! Peter Pauper Press has a ton more to offer for everyone so you need to go and check them out! Be sure to follow them on their social media as well! 

Peter Pauper Press is kind enough to allow one of my readers the chance to win their own Healing After Loss: A Daily Journal for Working Through Grief. The details- Giveaway ends on 7/15 and winner must live in the US and complete the mandatory entry to be qualified. Winner must reply to the winning email with 24 hours. Completing all entries will increase your odds. Please only enter this giveaway if you are sincere and not just to get a "freebie". Peter Pauper Press will be shipping the prize directly.
Enter with the giveaway tools below and goodluck!

*Disclaimer: The Small Things received the complementary items above for free for this review. I received these items and return gave my honest opinions. All thoughts are our own and may differ from others.*
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  1. I lost my daughters almost six years ago....stillbirth. You think you will never be able to see beauty or joy again-but you do. Eventually. The loss does change you though in every way. Every aspect of life after loss is different. Thanks for this.....I would love a copy of the journal to collect thoughts and feelings!

    1. Jeanie, I am so so sorry for your loss. Thank you for entering. Our babies are playing up there together. <3

  2. I lost my son due to HELLP syndrome in november 2012. This is a beautiful journal and I think it would help me process this unexpected journey

    1. I am so so sorry for your loss. Thank you for entering!

  3. In 2011 I lost both my Dad and my daughter. My father passed in May unexpectedly, and the one thing that seemed to carry me through that grief was the anticipation of the birth of my baby girl. Unfortunately in November, I went to a routine check up and found that my precious baby no longer had a heartbeat. We were just 18 days away from my scheduled c-section. This journal looks like it could be a powerful tool to help process the pain of loss.

    1. Shannon,Thank you for entering. I am so sorry for your losses. =(

  4. I haven't lost a person (to death) in quite a long time now, only a previous marriage (shared friends, and now it seems like that whole chunk of time that I was with my ex because I am remarried), and now it seems that I not only have 'lost' myself trying to appease someone who already knew that I was not what they wanted from the beginning, all while I raise our daughter.
    I do remember the summer after 5th grade, my great-grandmother (that practically raised me until we moved from N.CA to the Central Valley) died on the last day of school (Friday, June 10)...I remember looking all over the house, yard, greenhouse thinking that I was lied to about her but I must have deep down known the truth too because I remember not admitting to what I was really doing.
    Besides that, it has only been my 'brother' (dog I got when I was 10, and buried on my 23rd birthday), and most recently my 'boy' (kiddo's 'brother' that I had to have euthanized on St. Patrick's Day). Both were with me through the good and the bad, some of it pretty bad. Every night kiddo and I go outside to say good night to Zeus, who now resides on the moon...it really did a job on her, poor kid :(
    Oh my gosh, I wrote a journal! Sorry

  5. I lost my mom last August, I feel the void in my life and miss her tremendously.

    Michelle Harasewicz


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