I came across a blog that I fell in love with. The idea is pretty amazing. Since losing Aubrey, I have opened my eyes to the infant loss and anencephaly awareness community. You never know how many people are out there with stories until you experience it yourself. The founder of White Signs Of Grief , Lindsey Henke lost her sweet daughter Nora, Stillborn at 40 weeks, 4 days pregnant. She founded White Signs Of Grief to connect and see the faces of grief. Allow others to get their story out there. This is amazing. I have submitted my picture to her website, as it will take a week or so to get up there. I still wanted to share here. I was a mess crying my eyes out thinking about my sweet Aubrey.
The story behind what I wrote is simple. Aubrey did give me a purpose in life. I now spread the word about Anencephaly. She gave me a reason to tell people how important it is to take their folic acid and raise awareness to get the word out there about others.  Lindsey has a blog other than this that I recommend you checking out. It is called Stillborn and Still Breathing. Join us in getting the word out about  #whitesignsofgrief. Thank you for reading.
Still Breathing
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  1. It truly is amazing how you find out really how little that you do know once you experience something new, something that you previously never knew existed.


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