As a member of PTPA Media, I get to occasionally test products out so that us parents can give our opinions on them. If these products "pass evaluation" They will become a PTPA Winner! With that said, I received something amazing for review! I did not have to put it on my blog because I just submitted on the website, but I wanted to anyways.  I was sent a product from PTPA Media on Baby Brezza's behalf! More about them:
At Baby Brezza, our goal is to make mealtime for infants and toddlers a breeze with unique, innovative product designs and functions that will enhance the lives of busy moms, dads and caretakers. Whether giving babies their first bites of solid food, or feeding that all important middle-of-the-night bottle, we hope to help parents and caregivers share the joy of mealtime with their children.
Our commitment is to provide convenient, high quality, and safe baby feeding products to you and your family. Our products are BPA and Phthalate free, and if we do our jobs right, stress free too!
I was so excited when I was chosen for this evaluation but all I knew was that the product was to mix formula. The little man that I babysit for is formula fed so I thought he would be a perfect fit! I opened the box to see the Baby Brezza Formula Pro! There is nothing like having a baby scream his head off and you are trying to rush to make a bottle ..but you drop the can in the floor..well this is going to solve your problems!!
 I got everything out of the box and threw it aside so that I can put this baby together. After getting out all of the pieces I was sure to wash them!
There wasn't much to it. It was pretty simple! I followed the directions and did everything as it said. I am telling you that anyone can put this thing together! The Formula Pro is so neat because you
fill water to the fill line and put your formula in the top! The water tank is easy to remove and put back on. After you turn the switch on in the back, there is a light on the top that will flash yellow. When it is GREEN, the water is heated. YES you read that correctly! This is neat because it heats to body temperature and there is NO need to heat yourself!! This machine works with all sized bottles. It has a removable tray that you can put onto the Formula Pro.

One awesome thing about this product is that it makes 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 ounce bottles!! With the push of a button it makes a bottle in just seconds! Now before you use it, it will tell you to do a test run with just water and dump it.
The Formula Pro is a lifesaver for the formula feeding mom! I will tell you- I still had to shake my formula. No matter what I did or how many ounces. It honestly defeats the whole point and no way would I have spent $150 for this out of my own pocket. I did shake at the end out of habit, but it is frustrating that it is advertised "Prepare the perfect bottle in seconds! No measuring, no mixing, no fuss" When in fact, you do have to shake to mix because it doesn't want to mix for you.
If you know a mom that formula feeds, or a pregnant mom that isn't planning to breastfeed, On October 1, 2013 you can purchase the Formula Pro! Maybe you will have better luck than I did on it mixing better. The Formula Pro will be available for $149.00! My babysitting experience is going to be so much easier now! Check out my quick video on how I used the Formula Pro!
Be sure to follow Baby Brezza on their social media. You never know what else they will have up their sleeve!
What do you think about the product? It is like a baby Keurig!
*Disclaimer: I am a member of PTPA Media. As a member you can get chosen to evaluate products. I was chosen to evaluate this product and I received a complementary product for review. All thoughts are my own and may differ from others*
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  1. Have you received any reports of this machine mixing formula and water with the wrong proportions? We have the machine and it seems like the formula is thinner than the hand mixed, and our baby is urinating a lot more than usual.

    1. The pamphlet tells you what orange piece works with the formula you are using. If you use the wrong one, it will cause this issue. I had that happen at first, then fixed it.

  2. I think this is totally awesome and I sure wish they had something like this when my son was an infant. I have 2 nieces that are expecting and I just know they would love it!


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