My husband has everything. When I say everything, I mean I do not even know what go get him on special occasions. He is a foodie and loves to try new things, unlike me he doesn't really care what it is because he will try it once and not think twice. I recently had the chance to work with a company that has food for men! I was able to receive a subscription to The Mantry Company. Mantry is a service that one month, three month or six month subscriptions of boxes filled with food for men! Packed in a handmade wooden crate, each Mantry includes 6 full size artisan food products delivered right to your door! I mean how neat is this? A food of the month club that allows you to discover artisan food?!
My husband received Octobers box and it happens to have products focused toward one thing many men love- BEER! This box is called Craft Beer Belly! I think the idea of this subscription is just awesome! Us women have our beauty subscriptions and our fitness box subscriptions, but for a man to have something all to himself is perfect! 
As soon as he received his package, we were so excited to see how neatly packaged everything was in the unique wooden crate! My husband and I both agreed that this is the perfect touch to any gift a man would love! He carefully unwrapped everything with a huge grin on his face and told me it was like Christmas for him!
 And this was what was in the wooden crate!
It is the jackpot of all things made with beer. I mean I have never in my life heard of these before! The Mantry came with so many things that are completely unique and awesome! It also came with a flyer that told about each products and ways you can eat with them. Pretty neat ideas if you ask me.
Items that came in October's Mantry box are-
  • Beer Flats Crackers- These are made with beer and are perfect to eat with a cold beer and cheese!!
  • P&H Soda Co. Sarsaparilla Syrup- Where do I start? Grab a cold mug and serve with Ice cream, the syrup and an ounce of burbon!
  • Liddabit Sweet Beer & Pretzel Caramels- Made with Brooklyn Brewery Ale stirred into caramel made with locally sourced Ronnybrook Dairy Cream.. AND has chunks of pretzels. IF that isn't unique and mouth watering, I don't know what is!
  • SlantShack Jerky- Bronx Pale Ale Jerky- From the mouth of my husband can you say "Holy Shi*?"! He is a Jerky lover but LOVE this! Made with Bronx Pale Ale and Tin Mustard! 
  •  Anarchy In A Jar- Spiced Beer Jelly. - In a nutshell, it is jelly made with beer. Can you say DELICIOUS? Completely amazing and awesome! Goes perfect with this next item too!
  • Broabent's Dry Cured Peppered Bacon- This peppered bacon is dry cured a special way and rubbed with an amazing cure! PERFECT on a sandwich with the Spiced Beer Jelly.
How many of you have seen something like this? I haven't! Overall, my husband is completely thrilled with his Mantry box! We WILL be buying another in the future! Now, you are probably wondering, what will buy this box of PURE awesomeness? Check out the subscription options. One month of Mantry is only $75! This is free shipping in the USA too! The most popular option is three months subscription. It can be purchased for $225! The last option is 6 months subscription! It can be purchased for $450. 
This is going to be an item that I want in my Holiday Gift Guide! Why?  This would make the perfect gift for that special man in your life!! They have a giveaway!! Check it out by visiting! There are some AWESOME things to be given away! Be sure to visit Mantry on their social media, you never know what else they are going to have up their sleeve! What do you say? Do you think Mantry is a great idea for a gift too?
*Disclaimer: The Small Things received a complementary Mantry for review, all thoughts are our own and may differ from others.*
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