Hey guys! I wanted to share with you all a yummy treat! I made candy dipped chips today! They are delicious! They make a perfect party food as well! Turn those boring potato chips into something awesome! You can buy Wilton candy chips at any craft store. Walmart has them too!
What do you need?
- Lay's Wavy Original Chips
- Wilton Candy Dip (or a bag of chips)
- Sprinkles of choosing
- Wax paper
I went to the craft store and happened to see Wiltons White Candy Dips! I grabbed them and used my mobile coupon to get 50% off. They were only $3 and some change originally. I had some colored sprinkles! I used the ones I had! You can get colored candy chips to make a "themed" party chip as well! Some sprinkles to match a Holiday would be cute too!
 The directions told me to put it in the microwave for 1 minute on 50% and 20 second intervals until smooth. I did that and and then started dipping my chips!
 When I dipped each chip I sprinkled the sprinkles on the front and back of it.

I placed all of them on a plate on top of wax paper and placed in the fridge for not even 5 minutes. They hardened up quick!
 They turned out SO GOOD! I am telling you the sweet and salty mix is just delicious!!
 You can also buy party favor bags and put a handful in each to give out at a party or a get together! These are a cute treat and will turn any boring potato chip into fun! Sprinkles to a themed party would be amazing! I have a ton of pregnant friends- so pink and blue sprinkles would be so "sweet" too! If you like this post can you do a me a favor and hover over one of the photos to Pin to Pinterest? You can click the "Pin It" button at the top left too!
What do you say? Are you going to get the supplies to turn your boring chips into a salty/sweet awesome treat?

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  1. I happen to have a bag of these Lays right now but not the chips. This would be interesting to try the combination of sweet and salty.

  2. this sounds pretty darn good right now ,but dont have no chips..will have to try soon..


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