If you have been following my social media streams, you know that I have been participating in the awesome #VZWLife! I wanted to share with you all an awesome NEW and FREE APP that I have been recently learning about and using! Those moments of locking your wallet in your car or being in line at the grocery store with a buggy full of groceries, only to realize you left your credit card at home are all over. ISIS Mobile Wallet holds virtual versions of many things your existing wallet does, including your credit cards from participating providers. Another great thing about it is that offers and loyalty cards are held in it too. You are probably wondering- how do I get it? How does it work and how do I use it? 
Make sure your phone is in the Verizon Wireless coverage area and can make calls and access data. Go to your phones settings and Turn on your phone’s NFC. Download and install the Isis Mobile Wallet app for your Android device from the Google Play Store app. 
Launch the Isis Mobile Wallet app and Tap the Get Started link at the bottom of the Welcome screen. You then View and agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.  You can then enter an email and password you’d like to associate with your Isis account. It will then ask you to create and confirm a 4-digit PIN for your Mobile Wallet.
Adding a card is simple! You just Log in to the Isis Mobile Wallet and tap Add a Card or the plus (+) button.  You can select a bank or card issuer website to complete the process. Visit the bank or card issuer website to complete the process, and when the card appears in the Isis Mobile Wallet, it is ready to use.  Please remember that this process can take up to 24 hours to complete. You can also view the closest retailer near you that allows you to use ISIS Mobile Wallet, most touch to pay will allow you, but it is always great to see this feature too! 
Tap to pay with Isis anywhere you see the symbol above- that's over 20,000 locations nationwide.
 You can also save with offers using ISIS Mobile Wallet! 

You can "Like" a retailer by "hearting it" to get offers! For example, my Coke Loyalty card gives you an offer to get the first three free! 
 If you are wondering what happens if you lose your phone? Well, only you know your PIN,  don't give it out to anyone because this protects you! If you happen to lose your phone, you can call or click to freeze ISIS Mobile Wallet. Just go here and freeze it were to happen! Another feature that I love is the little number (cvv) on the back of a credit card that you have to use when you make purchases online is not on here! Why? To make it easier to protect against credit card fraud and changes every time you use it!
What do you say? Do you think you will be using ISIS Mobile Wallet to make your Holiday Shopping a little easier this year?
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Disclosure: I am a member of the Verizon Wireless #VZWLife team and received a device as part of this program. I am a (long time) Verizon customer and all opinions are my own.
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  1. This is a seriously good idea! My 19 year old honest to god loses his wallet at LEAST twice a month but has NEVER lost his phone. This is perfect for him! Thanks so much. (jenny at dapperhouse)

  2. This looks like a great app. I love that it is not just a wallet but you get offers too. Thank you for sharing. My sister doesn't like to carry a purse or wallet but her phone is always in her pocket. She needs this!

  3. I always get so scared using these type of things though...I'm an ATT customer, but man...I keep it all at home and try to keep cash nowadays....which ppl are always laughing at me for.....I think it's a great idea...I'm just leery of it! lol I think there's something similar with an iphone right? I'm soooo not the most techy person there is

  4. This looks like a great app to use to shop with! Too bad I don't have a phone to use the app. :(


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