If you are in the Nashville greater area. and are looking for some cool, family fun- look no further! Gaylord Opryland Events Center has an event for you!! ICE!, which anchors the holiday festivities at Gaylord Hotels’ four massive resorts, is back and bigger than ever in 2013 with more than 2 million pounds of ice carvings at each location and new themes depicting scenes straight out of classic holiday tales. Here in Nashville, Tennesse- Join Frosty, everyone’s favorite snowman, and his friends on their quest to the North Pole in a colorfully frozen retelling of this original Christmas classic! Favorite scenes come to life in more than two million pounds of hand-carved ice sculptures and slides. This all NEW attraction is an interactive bonus ice area that transports families to the iconic holiday sights and sounds of New York City. Your awe-inspiring adventure concludes with the wonder and majesty of a full Nativity of stunning crystal clear ice. ICE! presented by Pepsi is hand carved by 40 artisans from Harbin, China. Forty Chinese artisans arrive at each location in mid-October and will spend approximately 40 days creating extraordinary works of ice, enhanced with lights and natural dyes to create a series of brilliantly colored panoramas. Many of the artisans also work to build displays at the world-famous Harbin Ice and Snow Festival.  
Upon entering, my husband and I were greeted by employees with smiles on their faces! Immediately to our left, we noticed the entrance for ICE! 
They take you in a big room to watch a small video to learn about this years theme and how ICE! is created! It was neat to learn about the process and hard work these people were able to do! So talented!
 We were then directed to a room where we were able to take a picture and get parkas to wear. ICE! is kept at 8 degrees with 10-inch-thick walls! These parkas are a lifesaver if you ask me! All Guests are provided calf-length, hooded parkas to keep them warm. Parkas are available in all sizes, including children and infants.
 What I found the cutest was that the displays of ice tell the entire story of Frosty The Snowman!
 I loved walking through this beautiful tunnel of ice too!
Professor Hinkle and Hocus Pocus
Karen and the children greeting Frosty!!
 My husband loves watching the classic movie during the holidays, as you can see by the dimples on his face, he loved it!
 Isnt Hocus Pocus Adorable??
 Remember Frosty coming to life in the movie saying "Happy Birthday!"?
 This sculpture was out of place, but adorable!
 The children and their snowman parading through town!
 The slides at the event. I was disappointed they were closed. I was looking forward to this! What can ya say though? They are beautiful as well.
 How adorable are these?
Karen trying to get Frosty to the North Pole on the train but Professor Hinkle snuck a ride too!
 Karen is freezing and Hocus sees! He gathers with a group of woodland creatures to build a fire for her.
Frosty sees that Karen was freezing and knew she needed to go home. Hocus decided to enlist the help of Santa Claus to transport her there.
If you remember in the movie, Professor Hinkle blew our Frostys fire when he wanted his hat back. Frosty took Karen down the hill to the green house to get warm.
 Hinkle locked frosty inside with Karen, when Hocus came back with santa, it was too late! =(
 Santa Revives frosty with the gust of wind!
 As we all know in the end, Santa stood up to Hinkle and threatens to never deliver another present to Hinkle in all his life if the magician dares to harm Frosty in any way. He also tells him that he'll find a new hat in his stocking  if he writes a letter. Frosty and Karen tell each other goodbye and Santa brings Frosty back to the North Pole. He kepts a promise that he would be back someday. If we all remember,  Hinkle is seen with a new top hat and Frosty is singing "I'll be back on Christmas Day!"
 Another feature this year was the NEW  interactive bonus ice area that transports families to the iconic holiday sights and sounds of New York City!
One of the first things we noticed was this taxi cab! so cute!
 New York is the Big Apple!
 My husband says he was acting like a grumpy taxi driver. So silly.
 A beautiful sculpture of the Statue Of Liberty.
 Children Ice Skating!
 After the event is done, you walk to a room with this GORGEOUS Nativity Scene! This is an amazing way to end things!
 This Angel is beautiful too!
 One of the 3 kings.
 The 3 Kings
 So beautiful!!
 When you are finished, you give back your Parkas and run into this amazing gift shop!
 We also bought our pictures!  
 You can also visit Gingy and decorate cookies and buy gifts!
Overall, my husband and I had an experience that we will remember for a lifetime! This is an amazing event to do with the entire family! Prices for ICE! Vary! You can see them below!
 If you are looking to POP The Question at ICE! They offer a package for that too!! You can view that here. They also offer VIP Guided Tours! You can view the website to learn more about that as well as the hours they are open! Be sure to see what other Holiday Festivities they have going on! Tickets and holiday getaway packages are on sale now. For more information, visit www.ChristmasAtGaylordHotels.com. You can also visit the website to see which Gaylord near you has the ICE! Event! Be sure to follow Gaylord Opryland Resort on their social media to stay up to date with the latest! 
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*The Small Things was provided with complementary tickets to experience the ICE! Event. All thoughts are my own and may differ from others*
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  1. This is SO impressive! I wish it were closer to me so I could take my kids. It's really amazing how they put it all together so well! (And is that Turbo? Love him too!)

  2. I would love to take the kids to see this. I wish I lived closer! Tomorrow we are going to Disney on Ice though and we can't wait! :)

  3. I have only heard the most positive things about this, and I would so love to go!!! Your pictures are great. :)

  4. This looks truly beautiful. I have seen ice carvings before but don't ever recall seeing them in 'color."

  5. Such beautiful displays. Will definitely be seeing this movie.

    MIchelle F.

  6. This looks like so much fun. My kids would love it! We watch the movie every year :D

  7. This is so awesome!! We love Frosty!! I love the colors!!

  8. To be so creative I wish I were. I guess I will just enjoy the beauty that other people create.

  9. Wow. This is really awesome and I absolutely love your photos! I love the Gingerbread Man from Shrek!


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