*Warning*  This post contains girl talk. AKA That time of the month- If you are a prude, this post is not for you.
As you all know I have talked about our trying to conceive journey. I am not a prude at all. I am an open person and since the majority of my readers are female- I thought this was a great fit for you all! This company has seriously made that time of the month not so dreadful. Period Panteez was invented by a sweet woman, Vida! After five years of research and development, countless prototypes, and extensive product testing, Period Panteez (commonly known as period panties or menstrual underwear) finally made it to the marketplace! She has forever changed how I will look at having a period.I am one of those women that are miserable because I end up leaking. Period Panteez provide support and peace of mind, protect clothing and bedding, and prevent accidents and embarrassment.
These are so neat! When I wear them, it feels like I am wearing a body shaper. It hides the bloat completely too! I chose black! Here is a peek at what they look like! I washed them as the tag says to do and wore them.
As you can tell by the stitching in them above- they completely HUG you where you need it. I did not have one leak at all when wearing them. That is saying something! Why? With regular panties I have at least 2 leaks. I have Endometriosis and if you have it, you know how bad it can be. I dread washing the sheets or not being able to go out of the house without worrying about leaking on myself. When I wear these, I can sleep comfortably and go out of the house with confidence. How do you use them? securely place the maxi pad, mini pad, or panty liner of your choice, centered, tape-side down inside your Period Panteez. Period Panteez are also perfect in conjunction with tampons, menstrual cups, any cloth pad, and pads with wings, providing extra security, protection, and confidence. There are other awesome uses for them too!  You can wear them after having a baby, when you have Light Incontinence and more! Check out other uses on their website! They are a lifesaver and they are worth every penny! 
Period Panteez are also made in the USA from hand-picked, fine quality fabrics! They are Eco-friendly and machine washable and there is a 100% Money Back Guarantee. You will not be needing that though because this is an amazing product! 
 Now, you are probably wondering what sizes do they have? How much are they?  Period Panteez are engineered to hug your body and  have 2 - 10 inches of stretch-ability, depending on the  size (less for smaller sizes and more for larger sizes). If your measurements are on the cusp, for a more  snug fit, choose the smaller size and for a more  loose fit, choose the larger size. NOTE: Due to their  functionality, a snug fit is preferred! They offer XXS-XL! I am a plus size woman and XL fits PERFECT! Check out their size chart to see what is best for you! Period Panteez can be purchased for only $28! This is a wonderful investment because think about all of those other panties that have gotten thrown out because of leaks and stains. They are great for everybody! What do you say? Are you going to change the way you look at your period with a pair of Period Panteez? I promise- You will not regret it! Be confident and secure! Visit them on their social media to stay up to date with things!
WIN IT: One lucky winner is going to win a pair of Period Panteez for herself! Winner chooses their size and color! Giveaway is open until November 18, 2013. OPEN TO Continental USA ONLY. Winner will have 24 hours to respond to winning email. Completing the mandatory entry will qualify you to win, but completing all entries will increase your odds! No purchase necessary to enter. Must be at least 13 years of age (because pre-teens can use this item too!) . Enter with the giveaway tools below and good luck!   
*The Small Things received a complementary product for review. All thoughts are my own and may differ from others. The Small Things is not responsible for prize shipment*
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  1. I would get the poppin purple. They are very shiny.

  2. Either classic black or shiny nude

  3. I would like the classic black.

  4. I would most likely choose the classic black...though the purple are nice too.

  5. The black... tho I almost wanna get white just to test them bad boys out & see how they worked, lol... neat product!! Thanks for showing it!! And thank you for the chance!

  6. I would love to have these in black.

  7. I would either choose purple or black, I think.

  8. I'm diggin the black ones, for practical reasons, but would probably pick the purple period panties, just to brighten an otherwise blah period.

  9. These are so awesome!! I could definitely use some of these!! Thanks for the review!!


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