World Market has a sweepstakes/campaign going on right now that is just amazing! The objective is to drive brand awareness for Cost Plus World Market and to give back to the community by giving away over $40k prizes. I was given a challenge to give back to the community this holiday season. I was recently provided with $200 in Gift Cards to make this challenge possible. My husband and I chose to give back to the nurses in Labor and Delivery that took care of us when we lost our daughter, Aubrey. You can read more about our story via the Anencephaly Awareness tab above. They took such great care of us. Linda, a sweet nice nurse specifically. She handled our Aubrey so gently. Several nurses came in and let me cry on their shoulder when they came in to check on us. What they do is beautiful. They have their joyful moments in helping a life come into this world, but the moment like with us- helping families cope when one is lost. 
We had a blast browsing ideas for Gift Baskets at World Market. They even have an area a the right of the store to choose baskets and filling. I chose a basket that cost about $25. 
We even found pink and blue filling to go with the theme! World Market has their Holiday Stuff out for Christmas! This made shopping so fun!
They have so many ideas for Unique Gifts too! We went "window shopping"  to try and figure out what all of the nurses would like in a basket! We found so much! My husband kept getting ideas as well!
 We filled our buggy up! I had to carry around the basket because it was too big to fit!
 I also had a $10 Reward on my World Market Explorer account. Which I wanted to remind you, check that often! You never know what kind of coupons there will be!
We headed home and were super excited to put our basket together! Below you can see everything that we bought! I wanted to share in three different pictures so that I can link you to purchase these items yourself if you wanted to! 
Putting everything together was a BLAST!!
Here is the card that that we bought. It was perfect for the moment! Perfect and means so much without having to say much! 
 And the finished product!
We waited till the following day to deliver, because it was so late. We got right up and dressed. Headed right up to the Hospital. It is only a short drive from where we live!
The basket was so heavy! I almost fell over!!
The nurses loved it! I am so happy that we were able to give back to our community! It was for a great cause too! 

 Sharing The Joy and giving back to your community, a person in need or even a teacher will make you feel great! The smallest thing will also make someones day! The Small Things is asking you- Share the joy! Come back here and tell me about it! When you do, share what you did on your social meida channels using hashtag #ShareTheJoy! While you are here, I wanted to tell you about an awesome sweepstakes too!
World Market has an amazing sweepstakes going on right now, their Share The Joy Sweepstakes  is awesome and simple to enter! You could be one of 4 winners that get a $5,000 American Express GC AND $5,000 to a charity of your choice! If I were to win, I would want to donate to March Of Dimers.  Another awesome thing about it is that Participants can earn bonus entries for liking their  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram & Tumblr brand pages for more chances to win. Enter HERE or click the picture below!
Be sure to follow Cost Plus World Market on their social media to stay up to date with the latest too!  
*Disclaimer: The Small Things was provided with gift cards to make this post possible.*
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  1. What a great gift basket?!! Its so cute and it looked like it was fun to shop for it !

  2. I LOVE World Market! My kids and their grabby hands keep me from shopping there more often, but I do stop by every chance I get. I love their selection on pretty much everything.

    Also, I wanted to say what an amazing thing it is to give back to people who've helped you (like you did with the nurses). I'm sure they didn't expect it, which makes it even better. <3

  3. This is a wonderful thing you were able to do for those sweet nurses. People often don't stop and thank people who help us out, nurses, teachers, parents, friends, etc, kudos to you for taking the time and to World Market for making this awesome #sharethejoy campaign possible.

  4. Great looking basket! Awesome job in giving back to others.

  5. World Market is a lot of fun. We used to go to the one in Kansas City and got excited when we heard they were coming to Tulsa. Except the didn't come to Tulsa. :(

    Your gift basket was gorgeous and I totally understand why you would choose nurses as the recipient. Last year at Thanksgiving, I almost lost my husband. The ICU nurses and staff were just amazing and very patient with me.

  6. What an awesome basket you put together! Loved all your pics. This looks like a fantastic store. Thanks for your post. Love to see people paying it forward!

  7. I had no idea they had a rewards program thanks for the heads up!


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